If you knew your husband didn’t want to be with you, but also didn’t want you to leave, what would you do?

Leave. Point blank its that simple. He’s basically using you and it’s a case of, he doesn’t want you, but he doesn’t want any one else to have you either. That’s not fair to you or your kids.

Sounds like hr wants an open marriage , “wants his cake, and eat too”

:v:you’re worth someone who will love you unconditionally, despite your faults. You’re worth someone who brings out the best in you, and you in them. You’re worth your best friend. You’re worth someone who makes you strive to be the best version of yourself, but doesn’t judge you when you fall short. You’re worth someone who wants to be with you— pimples, stretch marks, grey hair, etc and all— someone who makes you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. And your kids are deserve a mom who is happy. Anything less, you are settling. Don’t settle. Be the example of the woman you want your daughter to be or your son to find.

I would make him leave.

If he wants someone else its already over. I get my shit get tf. Out


What kinda life will that be…put your big girl panties own and tell him bite your ass it’s going to be the last time he sees it…kids dont need to see stuff like this it tells them it’s ok its normal…Its not…a yr. From now you’ll be in a happier place just make up your mind.

Know your worth let him go

If you have to even ask this question you should already know the answer. If not you need to find your self respect.


You don’t have to say out loud all the thoughts that come into your mind. Bye

Leave he cant have his cake and eat it to.

Girl, I’d leave. I wouldn’t waste my time with someone like that. You deserve better. Someone who will treat you and love you for you.

Leave! Life is too short!!

He wants to have his cake and eat it too, Boy Bye.

Have you thought about an open relationship? Maybe he doesn’t want to leave at all but is having those feelings about wanting to be with someone else. Maybe he does want to still be with you unless he said otherwise.
My now husband brought up polyamory years ago and I was so against it because I took it as me not being enough or not able to please him etc. we ended up breaking up and during that 2 1/2 years ago(wasn’t married yet) he grew a lot as a person and so did I unfortunately during that time we both lost our moms(mine passed 7 1/2 months before his) so with them passing it focused us to grow in ways we never imagine but thankfully it also brought us back together. During that time I was single and messed around with a few people, one of them sparked something in my soul and I learned that even though I still loved and was in love with my ex(now husband) that it is very possible to love and be in love with more than one person, I learned that one person alone can’t fulfill my desires and needs(I don’t mean sexually). I discovered that I myself could no longer be in monogamous relationships because I wasn’t happy at all when I was. Anyways sit down in a calm setting and talk to him, be open and honest with each other and allow him to know and feel it’s a safe place. Don’t yell or raise your voices, be calm and try your hardest to listen twice as much as you talk. Make each other feel heard, use I feel statements and don’t make the other feel like there is something wrong with them etc. if you’d like someone to talk with my inbox is always open. There’s no judgement and it stays between us(it’s your story not mine to tell).

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Sounds like you need to have a sit down with him. Sometimes what we think is actually the furthest thing from what’s really happening. You’re two adults, sit down and have a heart to heart talk. If not, see a counselor together. People are telling you to leave. Why would you leave if you never addressed the problem? Personally I feel that if you’re married and have children it’s both of your job to try to make the marriage work. I’m not saying to stay and be miserable. I’m saying to first trying fixing it ( both of you ) before you decide to walk.

Explore someone else? That’s called cheating :woman_shrugging:t5:. If you mean that little to him, what’s the point of your marriage?


You deserve better kick his ass out

You are worth soo much more please more on

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U do the same… build a life for urself… Once u do that… u will feel ten times better

Sounds like you deserve better!

Sounds like he’s on meth!

But did he say this? Have you vented to a friend and maybe they put this idea in your head? Did you read a message? I’m just trying to understand why you “know” this unless he outright said it??? Men can be burnt out from family / kids life and especially if he works, too. Not just mom burn out exists. Sit down and have a conversation before a bunch of strangers on the internet convince you to leave a marriage that might not need to be left!!! Just the fact you’re even writing this suggests some couples therapy and ALONE therapy can do a lot for you.


If a discussion with my husband proved to be your, I would leave, no matter how difficult. You have just one life to live…for yourself…not for someone who does not want you. You are worth being happy…Of course this is a blanket response and various factors can tip the scale for staying with your spouse or not.

Once your out it’s s breath of fresh air ask your loved ones for support