Ideas for baby's first Christmas?

I’m having a baby close to Christmas what could I get him for Christmas?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Ideas for baby's first Christmas? - Mamas Uncut

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Honestly baby doesn’t need much as a newborn. I’m having min in 2 weeks and I’m only getting her tethers and little stuff. When the baby is 1 is when you should do like learning toys and stuff.

Hand and foot print!!! He won’t remember it!!

Idk still lol. My older daughter was born on December 22, when went home from the hospital on Christmas Eve that year.

My son turns 1 December 15th. When he was born, he didn’t get anything but a stocking

Start a retirement account.Best gift you an give that keeps on giving

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Outfits, things the baby needs like pacifiers or home made blankets little keep sakes

Things you’re going to need for the baby! Diapers, blankets, clothes, etc .

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You could get something small or something they need or an ornament for the tree as a keepsake but they arent going to remember it and you have the next 18 years to go broke at Christmas. My daughter got diapers an outfit and an ornament on her first Christmas. Give yourself a break. Im sure friends and family will get the baby all kinds of stuff it doesn’t need or will never get used because they grow so fast

One of our children was born 18th December . At the time we got him a play mat , a cot mobile and some buggy toys. We had older kids so Santa had to come for all of them.

Hand and foot print in a mold… handwritten letter of current events, cost of milk, top song, pandemic facts… random stuff about 2021… give it all back to them when they graduate


Make his first ornament with bracket and hat inside. Or a foot print one. Or buy an ornament were you can put a sonogram on it. Many ideas. I made my sister one. For her first baby when he was born. With the first picture she took at the hospital.

Fleece blanket sleepers

Mine got clothes and things he needed.

A Christmas ornament. If u get him one each year he will have enough for his own tre


Start him/her an email and send him pictures, letters, memories, home videos

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A bank account & an email address. The amount of people that will buy him stuff will be crazy so personally I wouldn’t buy much. My daughter was born 21st Nov. I didnt bother with much that first year x


Baby’s first Christmas ornament. Keep getting the baby one each year they can collect them until they are 18.

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My baby is due Christmas Day :grimacing: tentatively scheduled for 12/20, so I haven’t the slightest clue either

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My December baby got clothes and a Christmas ornament

My first was born in Dec 18, 1993. My mom bought him a musical Winnie the Pooh Hallmark ornament. We still put that ornament on our tree. My mom passed in 1996.

My baby will be almost 2 months old and idk what to get her

Christmas ornament with baby picture or engraved.
Bank account, open with minimum. We deposit 100$ a year ( more when we can).
If others are buying gifts… ask for things you can use in freezer months like feedings supplies, sippy cups, placemats, chip in for highchair… makes future work easier

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Baby sunglasses

This brand is awesome! We have 4 pairs and I have given them for birthdays and baby showers! Love love them!

A personalized 1st Christmas ornament and blanket. A bank account, savings bond, or stocks. Baby will get enough gifts from family.


Something with smell or sound to signal Christmas magic feeling! Start the magic young!!


My daughter was born 12th of December, she got baby clothes and blankets some toys which I only gave her the following Christmas. My son is due this year the 13th December

My daughter got her daughter, some infant toys and some things she needed later on in the year ,like bouncy,walker,playmate things like that

We got my daughter a tummy time thing, some baby toys, and clothes.

Ornament or blanket. Something like that.

Bank account and $$ and email address with every photo added to it.

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First teddy bear (get 2 identical save one for their first baby’s first Christmas) first Christmas ornament. Beyond that keep Christmas simple best gifts from mom and dad, simple gifts from Santa pie kids don’t understand why they get next to nothing while their friends get expensive toys. Alsomeme an email address for the baby email photos and things that happened each week Angus on special occations great way to have a memory book for them. Give them the email info when they are old enough. Until a child is around 3 they don’t understand Christmas.

Bank account, start a 529 plan or an IRA, make an investment in his name.


We named a star after our baby for her first Christmas present, She has her very own wishing star :stars: :star2: :sparkling_heart:

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Ideas for baby's first Christmas? - Mamas Uncut

I always got mine a Christmas ornament every year for our tree. Baby’s first ornament and my sister got her first stalking which I used until she was about 5 or 6 because it was big and quilted. Other than maybe something like that, I would just make whatever necessities needed a gift.


I’m due my baby on the 10th December and I’m
not buying for the newborn, I’m going to be getting extra pressies for my other 2 boys this year and making it extra special for them as it’s going to be a difficult time with a new baby in the house.

The baby will be asleep half the time they won’t have a clue what’s going on in their first Christmas. A bauble is a fab idea though I think I may start doing that for all 3, I’ve never really thought about it before

What you need for baby. They won’t even remember. Get things you need. Don’t waste money. No reason


I agree with the ideas from everyone here. I do have some advice as a December 20th Christmas baby myself. Never make the gifts be Christmas/Birthday gift combined. As your child grows always make the birthday celebration separate from Christmas. I grew up with always having a Christmas/Birthday while my friends had Birthday parties. Even now at 62 years old I just really dread my birthday. Thankfully, my husband always makes a big deal about it for me.

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Anything you will need for the baby can be made into a gift. Diapers, wipes, new pacifiers, bouncy seats, play mat.

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Play mat with hanging toys and lights, musical stuffed animal or toys, nice paci clips and pacis, clothes and or diapers…stuff they will actually need or use

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I’m due 2.5 weeks before Christmas and I’ve bought her things for older bubbas I can give to her through out the year as she grows more, since she won’t have a Christmas until right after he first birthday :slightly_smiling_face:

Baby doesn’t even know it’s Christmas and noone will remember it in 10 years. Maybe an outfit?

What ever they need clothes/nappies etc because they won’t even know … save the big stuff for when they can appreciate it

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A first ornament for the Christmas tree and a Christmas book. Write the year and a sweet message

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I had my baby girl nov 30 last year. I did a stocking for her with bibs/baby washcloths/ soothers/bows/ teething toys

A personalized blanket or throw with his or her name and date of birth. Could add weight and height.

Snow globe with the year on it keepsake forever.

Literally…life (and a 1st ornament)

Diapers, wipes, bottles, rattles.

I say you buy an adorable outfit, start a family ornament tradition, and buy up some diapers and wipes. You’re gonna need them

Things you need for it. They won’t even know what day it is

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A wooden rocking horse.

Diapers, wipes, Starbucks gift cards :wink::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

For new babies we always did things they need or could grow towards. Like clothes diapers wipes highchair sitting jumper things like that. One sentimental item like ornament is always sweet too. But no sense in buying a bunch of toys that don’t get played with for months.

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I’m due 4 days before Christmas with my 2nd and we got her a matching bear to our first baby and we plan to get her a new swing and some new clothes and a couple toys and such (we kept everything from our 1st but we’re just gonna replace some of the stuff that was worn out) our oldest also is getting a “practical gift” and we bought her a toddler bed with all the matching stuff and some toys and shoes and a few outfits

Anything he can use at a later date -
Bath toys - bath seat
Teether toys
Bigger clothing-

I got my daughter nothing for her first year. They can’t open it and they won’t remember it. So I saved my money. She was only 2 months old at Christmas time, the first time around.


Diapers wipes food get things that will be practical and useful for the first year. My second daughter was born dec 20 and that’s what we got her for first Xmas. Bought clothes in bigger sizes so we would be prepared.

Get things he will need later on walker
High chair
Tummy time mat
Play pen
Ornament with name and date on it
Clothes for winter a few spring as well

Honestly you will be buying him so much & he can’t want anything yet. Just get him a keepsake from this year. An ornament, a stuffed animal with the year something along those lines. As for anything else he will need watch clearance & sales. Buy it when it’s cheap anytime from now until he needs it. Example he won’t need a highchair until he’s about 6 mos old. Don’t be in a hurry to buy it because you need something for Christmas. Wait for it to be cheap.

A hug. He won’t remember. Or something for later

Our third baby was four months old this past Christmas and we got her a couple of toys she’d grow in to. Thankfully we have room to store stuff so it’s been really fun to pull out a toy from Christmas every couple weeks as she’s getting a little older. She’s having a blast playing with her train set and music toys.

Get a teddy bear with her heartbeat

We mainly did clothes and little bath toys and baby toys. But mainly clothes because she was too little to really know better and we figured we could use them more than anything

My son was born the 21st Dec. I didnt get home with him till Christmas Eve. Christmas was all organised thankfully…ive an older daughter…but for him there was very little really. He hadn’t a clue what it was all about . He nursed and he slept . We already had the big stuff…bouncers etc…so I had a couple of teething rings, rattles etc. After Christmas I bought him clothes…didnt know I was having a boy so everything I had was white…

Try this and be brave. If you cloth your kids when they grow, feed them when they are hungry spend time with them playing board games and reading stories, walking through the woods and on the beach, keeping teachers conference and get them in bed early enough for a 9-hour sleep you have had a full day. Go to their school plays, band performances, track meets, and ballgames, they will always know that what is important will be provided when it is needed and they will love you for just being there as their safety net. Oh, I have not forgotten birthdays and Christmas and meals out for special time together. But, I want you to think about this child needing an education beyond high school. And I want you to put money back on each birthday and Christmas for college. You can be reasonable about gifts for a child and show them how to remember others like a gift for grandparents, and children can exchange names with their nieces/nephews each child only responsible for buying one child gift and all the children think of a gift for their parents. You give each child a list of chores that they can accomplish and a weekly allowance. They must place half of any money they earn or they are gifted into a piggy bank and the remainder they must save for their obligations. You as a parent must manage to save $600 each year from birth through their last year of high school in a savings account in that child’s name earmarked for higher education, $10,800 by age 18. If you do this correctly, the child will appreciate people more than things, and they will be mature beyond their years, and they will manage and be better prepared than we were at that point of stepping out into the world. You will have taught them how to socialize and be independent. I had too many grandchildren, so I started that for the grandchildren. It worked well, now there are only two left at home. Just try it and see if you can get the pattern to become a habit. Enjoy your children.

I have told everyone that they could do anything from 0-6 month on toys and other items needed in that time. And lots of diapers and wipes and laundry detergent. My son is due dec 17 if not before then. My first one 16 years ago came at 36 weeks

An ornament, I got my daughter a really pretty winnie the pooh 1st Christmas

A baby book to fill for the first year, give it to them on their birthday or Christmas when they’re old enough to enjoy it.

I’m due in middle of nov and he will be like 3 weeks old. We’re only getting him few outfits some raddles tethers and stocking I’m not wrapping any of his stuff either. His will be in separate pile with his stocking in middle

A keepsake that has meaning and is useful for years to come, with engraving if you choose…such as a piggy bank, or unique holiday ornament, or jewelry case. A homemade item like a garage, doll house, or rocking chair they can hand down to their own children. Then there is great value in practical gifts that you Know will be used! Such as baby bibs and rattles and teething toys and books…Make your own gift basket!!

Memories. Sing him Christmas songs and record it for him to watch when he’s older. Make footprint ornaments.