Ideas for a tiny room for kids?

I'm about to move into a house in a better area than I'm in now. The house is beautiful, my kids will all have their own rooms. The only problem is that the bedrooms are small. 1 currently has a twin sized bed on 1 side, a dresser & shelving unit on the other with a narrow walk way between. I'm looking for ideas to maximize this space so the child who gets it doesn't feel cramped. I'm getting a loft bed so that'll help. Any other ideas for clothes, toys, books?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Ideas for a tiny room for kids? - Mamas Uncut

My kids rooms are small. All clothes and shoes in dresser/closets. Use toy boxes and storage under bed.

Door organizers, shelving for in the closet

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Floating shelves. Cube organizers. Closet organizers.

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If you are getting a loft bed, you can move the dresser underneath it to make the space appear larger. You can also get a storage organizer for the toys and books and maybe put it beside that so the child feels they have more room to play.


Make use of vertical space! And if you are able to put the bed (head side) in the closet that will create more room as well

Get a plastic shoe holder that hangs on the door for stuffed animals, Barbies cars etc. Walmart has then for just a few dollars.


Loft bed with play area underneath

We have a cube organizer. It holds all her books Barbie and doll stuff stuffed animals etc.
we also have a loft bed and have her kitchen underneath and the cube sits on the door with the wall and so then she has floor space between the bed and the cubes to play.

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Sounds like my sons room we used wall decals n they have a toybox bunk bed 1 dresser n 1 night stand very small walk way

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Shoe racks on the doors

Minimal toys!!! Rotate them if you have to much. Do a massive donate. Also how much do the children play in the room can you make a different area the play area and leave the room for sleeping/ study

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If you have a closet put up shelves or use your wall space.

switch out the dresser for under bed drawers. Certainly was a great idea for my girls - they could reach every drawer!

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Use the wall. Floating shelf’s. Or the wire racks…

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Ideas for a tiny room for kids? - Mamas Uncut

My kids room is tiny too he dosnt hang his cloths up so we put his dresser in the closet to save sone space and his bed hight is adjustable so I raised it so he has storage under it

Take the dresser out of there you can get these units that hang on your closet pole they have tons of storage for their clothes

How about a captains bed? It’s essentially a regular bed but with drawers underneath :grinning:

Captains bed for sure. If there a closet you can take off the door and use as a play space, add a curtain to hide behind

Get the unit from Ikea that is a bunk bed and a desk fits underneath. Good use of space and a cool look too.

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Corner nets for stuffed animals, storage underneath the loft bed. Extra closet organizers

If there is a closet get rid of the dresser or put it in the closet. That’s what I did as a teen, opened up the room

Take the enternal wall and hollow it out and add your shelves and stuff so you have built in shelving. That saves some space.

A loft bed or single top bunk ? Has all floor in hole room to use .

Install wall shelves maybe instead of a shelving unit

Utilize the space under the bed with her dresser and toy shelf/book shelf

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Ideas for a tiny room for kids? - Mamas Uncut

You can also do a corner net up high for stuffed animals.

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Under the bed storage containers for toys. Shelves for stuffed animals books and other things

Also they have closet hanging organize things that you can put anything in to get stuff out of the way

Loft beds. You can easily screw in closet bars to it and then cubbies

There are boxes that slide under the bed that you can store thing in.

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Will the dresser or shelving unit fit under the loft bef

Books and toys can be hung on a over the door shoe display

Is the loft bed the one that has the desk under it or no?

Dnt baby them period

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Ideas for a tiny room for kids? - Mamas Uncut

If there’s closets take the doors off, put the dressers in there.


Storage under the loft bed, like the dresser. Wall shelves. Bright colors to open up the room more

Honestly, I like that my kids have small bedrooms. They spend more time in the public spaces where I can better keep an eye on them

I like the idea of a comfy futon that folds to a twin bed at night and a couch against the wall in the day

Use the walls as much as possible

Murphy bed may be the best option

Stand up locker, t.v. mounted

Let each child tell you which room they like best…one may like the small “den” feeling more than the other 2.

Loft beds free up a lot of space and kids love them

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I love the ikea trofast for storing kids toys. This link has some neat ideas for them. You could also get a hanging fold down desk. Definitely utilize the wall space as much as possible.

1 Like is a great place to find ideas for space saving furniture

I’m a huge fan of cube organizers and Arabic cube bins! For any stuffed animals, they make hammocks for them that can hang from the ceiling. For clothes, they make hangers that collapse so you can hang multiple pieces at once. An over the door plastic shoe organizer will free up space in the bottom of the closet too

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Switch to a Loft bed!!
They have nice ones with desks and shelving underneath and makes for much more space/storage :slightly_smiling_face:


My daughters room is very small and we have a bed frame with draws that we can use for storage or clothes.

Toy box for toys, hang up all the clothes in the closet get rid of the dresser, shelving units for books and other small things/ decor. storage bins under the bed, wall net for small stuffed animals…some things we do for my sons small room

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My daughter is older but we did built in shelves above for books and collection stuff. She has loft bed with a small couch and desk underneath. 1 dresser. Added Lights around the top of the room. She seems to like it. Small but it’s her own space.


Search on pinterest small kids bedroom organization so many ideas!

I went with a loft bed that had a built in shelves and dresser. The dresser part slid in and out on one end and there was a bookshelf on the other end. It also had a small desk built into it. My son used it for Legos​:rofl::rofl: I got a slim TV stand, a back of door organizer, and a couple plastic 3 drawer organizer. The room had a small closet thankfully but if yours doesn’t you could always store some clothes in another closet and just keep the stuff they are currently wearing in the drawers. The wood loft beds are more stable than the metal one in my opinion. You can also do some shelving on the wall around the bed. My son lined his hot wheels on them

Stacking storage!! I have this same problem with my bedroom where i live and actually downloaded a floorplan app that let’s you enter dimensions of your rooms and furniture so you can plan a lay out that will look nice and you know fits before you have to go moving things already in place
I have a lot of shelves, stackable storage, flat totes that fit under furniture, high wall shelves. But I have a LOT of things and finally figured out the small space over time

Sounds like my daughter’s room. Were looking into getting a loft bed too to give her more room for a desk for her school work and had to add shelving and extra storage containers in her closet for clothes and toys. No room for a dresser.

Bunk bed with dresser built in

I got a loft bed that you can fit a wardrobe underneath and drawers (I got those from Ikea). You can have seating etc underneath and they also do narrow shelving to fit underneath.

Storage cubes under the loft bed. Also a book shelf under the loft with a small carpet and bean bag. Also could add some Xmas lights under the loft for fun . Closet? If the shelving unit is stand up you could turn it into a closet area.

A loft bed! You could have a desk and stuff underneath.

Loft bed with storage underneath :slightly_smiling_face: some even have built in dressers and storage cube areas for toys. They are a little pricey but if you don’t mind used items I would check either Craigslist or Facebook marketplace.

Will the bed fit across the room rather than against the wall ? Loft bed across the top basically leaves the whole floor space for other things. Clothes rail and drawers underneath
My kids rooms were only 6ft across and 13ft long at one point…its what I did

I put my daughters dresser in her closet to make more room

Loft bed definitely the way to go. My son had a very small room, that loft bed made a massive difference

Bed frame similar to one’s in dorms (twin bed raised up so there’s more space underneath it)

Bunk bed with play room underneath instead of another bed❤️ super big room saver!!! Plus utilizes closets as best as you can for extra toys in bins under the clothes

There are beds that are like bunk beds but without a bed on the bottom

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you can look up on google search for small room designs it would help

I had this issue with my 2 girls when they shared a room. We got loft beds and cube shelf organizers and fabric bins for clothes and toys and then a 3 tier cube shelf for the books. depending on closet size and your preference on hanging pants you could also get a fabric hanging organizer with the fabric bins for pj’s, socks, and underwear. That would take away from having another cube shelf or dresser. Those mesh corner hanging hammock things were a space saver with stuffed animals.

Add shelving in the closet and get rid of the dresser

We use the closet hanging shelves daughter loves them puts all her stuff in them

We took the closet doors off. Built a toy box in the bottom of the closet with a piece of plywood across the front and a hinged lid. The kids could sit on the lid or climb up to reach the few things on hangers.

Not sure of the kids ages but you could always let them pick what room they want or like. Because when I was younger I always wanted the little room because through my eyes always I thought it wouldn’t be hard and take long to clean.

If they don’t mind then you can put a couple in one of the larger bedrooms and have a play room.

Mirrors make rooms feel bigger

Loft bed is a great start. My kids practically sleep in their rooms and that’s it. But use vertical space as much as you can for storage: hats, books, shoes, etc

It’s easy to overdo putting things in a small space…avoid clutter. Very light colored walls could help… Maybe a good quality mirror on one wall… or a picture that invites you in, like a pathway to a meadow or a sandy dune leading to a sparkling sea.

Loft bed, so everything against the one side can go underneath and open up the room