I watched my neighbors kids once and now she just sends them over without asking: Advice?

What would you do if you offered to watch your neighbors kids ONCE and now she expects you to almost everyday? No warning just “hey can I send my kids over for a few hours” or “hey when you get off work can you come get my kids?” It’s not just her that does it either my “best friend” doesn’t even talk to me outside of work unless it’s to complain about all her drama, to cancel our plans again or to try to get me to babysit for her I’m literally ready to be done babysitting all together! (It used to be a side thing for extra money but everybody I actually know just expects it now and they expect me to drop everything to do it, don’t even ask if I have plans for the day)


Just say no. You’re not obligated to say yes, you can remove yourself from a situation that is not working for you.

Or start giving them coffee, chocolate, pixy stix and coke/soda right before she picks them up. She won’t want you watching them if you do that enough times.


Just say “Not today.” No explanation required. Or you can explain that “babysitting” is a service you can provide with a minimum of 24 hours notice at $___ per hour, no drop offs or same day requests. You are under no obligation to provide a free service to this neighbor.


You have the right to say no…if someone sends kids over without permission then don’t answer the door so they will have to take them back with them…next time your friend calls complain to her that you feel like there are a bunch of people using you and because of it you are getting no personal time.

I’d send them right back home to their parents. No explanation needed. If they still don’t get the hint, than start sending your kids over their house. They’ll get the message sooner or later


Send them back again with a note saying that you charge an hourly rate and can only take them with a 20% deposit each time

No is a complete sentence, you don’t have to give a reason you’re not obligated to

Just tell her. You need to call and make arrangements. Common courtesy. Oh, and don’t feel guilty. You have already fulfilled that hole by taking her kids too many times… enough

Communicate!!! Just say “hey I’m not a babysitting service and I wish you wouldn’t treat me as such.” Explain that you have your own life and things going on and don’t have time to be watching kids for free all day whenever she needs. And when she texts or calls just flat out say no I can’t watch them or no they can’t just come over.

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And that doesn’t make a lot of sense cuz you even said they call and say hey can you…, that’s asking. That’s your opportunity to say I’m busy

Without asking our without proper notice? If she asks, “hey, can you…” respond “no”. That’s it. Don’t leave it open ended. If it’s without asking at all, send them home.

It’s super hard to say no I totally get it, but “not today” is plenty for an answer and if that isn’t sufficient for someone, it’s time to cut ties.

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Set strong firm boundaries. Tell them NO. If babysitting is a side gig (which a lot of people use it as a way to make bit of extra money). Id send out a general text message to all individuals who have been “using you”- group chat sorta thing- indicating that you require a minimum 24 hours notice, no drop ins and no same day request (unless its emergency), set hours say I’m available 4pm-7pm or whatever hours you may be, payment required up front. Should deter them from asking :rofl::woman_shrugging:

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“No. I have plans” you don’t owe anyone an explanation. Even if the plans are sitting on the couch watching tv- her children being there interferes with your plans. She’s taking advantage of you.

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Say, NO. Honestly, my kids and myself are at the age where if I have to WATCH your kids…they can’t come. :rofl::rofl:

She asked you, just say “No”
Don’t be a door mat! Never give a reason, ever. .

You have to set boundaries for yourself and enforce them or people will just walk all over you.


Just sent them right back . St boundaries on when and if you will take them . Put your price up ad well so it’s not too easy for them .

Just tell them you’re no longer a babysitting service for anyone full stop… stop letting plp use you extra money or not your better than that n I think you don’t need friends like them

It’s as simple as just saying no, it’s not a good time

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just say no. its hard but its refreshing. say for we need to schedule play dates. you do not need to explain yourself either.


Just say I’m sorry. Not today

The word no goes a long way

Just say no. That simple

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No is a complete sentence.

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You need to put some boundaries in place.

This is why in alot of my posts I tell people to…LEARN TO SAY NO!!! Your real "friends will take no for an answer!!!

Send them right back home. If she left call her and tell her to come back and get her kids.

I live across from some one who did this shit all the time I finally firmly said no I can’t she would send her kids over at 6 am and expect me to get them on the bus sometimes with out asking and I have 3 kids of my own!
Her kids would literally destroy my house I’m not talking about messes I mean like breaking beds and shit they would come into my house with out knocking. One time I needed her to watch my kids I had to go get blood work done I let her know like a week ahead of time and she said she can’t watch that many kids at once. But later that day her kids come running to my house I sent them right back home it was then I noticed I was being taken advantage of and she hasn’t dropped her kids on me since.

Don’t do it! Say no ma’am u keep your children lock ur doors n turn up the music

You need to assert boundaries and get a new best friend because that woman is not your bestie; she’s a leech.

You are allowed to say NO, NOPE, NADA!

Say no or charge a fuck ton