I was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes: Advice?

I need advice/reassurance. I was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I have an appointment set up to go talk to someone about it & to get my test equipment. I’m scared to death of this! I’ve never been through this, not even with my other pregnancies. I went as far as googling (I know probably not a good thing), and it scared me even more because I’ve read where it can cause stillborn and where there is a 5% chance that the baby could only live a few months after birth. Is all of this true? Can some mothers give me feedback was their child good? Did your child survive this? What happened at your first appointment? Help me, please


Ok first of all take a deep breath. It’s actually quite common. What we have learnt is the body is tbas good as we thought and a lot more ppl just stay put of diabetes naturally. When they get pregnant this can just top it over. With good patience and watching what you do it will all be fine. My babies mumma had it and it came quickly. With proper care and sugar tests it was pretty easy to control. Don’t fret, you got this. I believe in you!

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I have a healthy boy now 11. I had G.D. with him. Just make sure you eat every 2-3 hours. Protein with greens. Cheat with sugar free Lily’s chocolate. Drink lots of water. Track you sugar and adjust accordingly. You’ve got this. Just take care of you.

5% chance of what?! I’d like to see the data on that. I call bull.

I had gestational diabetes with my second pregnancy. I was diagnosed pretty early in the pregnancy (around 10 or 11 weeks). You just have to watch your carb and sugar intake and check your blood sugar. Possibly take medication to help keep your blood sugar in a normal range. My daughter was born at almost 39 weeks and she was a little small for her gestational age but she had no health issues because of the gestational diabetes. It’s hard to hear them tell you the diagnosis but it can be controlled and you and your baby will be okay.

My sister had g.d my nephew is perfectly healthy he will 9this year… she didn’t have to take shots or anything she just had to keep a eye on her blood sugar daily

Yes. I had GD with my now 17 month old son. He is perfectly healthy and no issues when he was born. Just watch your carbs and sugars. Your High Risk OB will just monitor your levels and if needed insulin or meds will be given. Many people can manage it with Diet tho. They will also monitor your baby’s sugars for the first 24/48 hours to ensure they stay in range. Don’t worry momma!

Every mom I’ve known to have GD, has perfectly healthy children!

Def keep a journal of your sugars. You’ll learn the ins & outs of what foods are good & bad, and how much insulin to give!

You got this!! Just breathe! ( & stop googling!! :yum:)

I’m a type 2 diabetic. I was before, during & after my pregnancy. But I didn’t need insulin until I reached the middle of my pregnancy. I watched what I ate, kept track of my sugars & took my insulin when I was supposed to. But because of my diabetes, my daughter was born 3 weeks early by csection but she was at a good weight (7lbs10oz) & had no problems health/physical wise. It’s different for everyone but from what I experienced & heard from friends/family, our babies were fine. A little on the big side, which is usually common with diabetics, especially if the diabetes gets out of control (constant high sugar levels), but overall healthy.

Relax and breathe . I had the same and my baby came 3 weeks early and perfectly fine.

I had gestational diabetes with my son. I took 100 units of insulin a day and controlled my diet. I delivered at 39 weeks and he was 6.11 and 21” he was long and so skinny and he’s perfectly healthy! The biggest thing they watch is baby’s sugar for a little longer after birth. Prayers all goes well for you!

I had gestational diabetes with my 2nd and 3rd pregnancy. I was absolutely afraid to even eat anything with my 2nd. I completely cut out breads and sugar and stayed below the carb limits. With my 3rd pregnancy, it was easier because I knew what my body could handle and what it couldn’t. I was diet controlled for both pregnancies. I requested to be induced for both. My 2nd was 7 lbs 5 oz and my 3rd was 8 lbs. I also added myself to a gestational diabetes meal group on Facebook and found a lot of yummy recipes. Both of my babies are healthy!

I had gestational diabetes with all three of my kids. No issues. All alive 25, 23 and 12. Just take care of yourself

You’ll be alright and the baby will be just fine. I had GD and was on insulin shots at the end my 2nd trimester plus I was on blood thinners as I had history of miscarriage due to hypertension. Other than going on emergency Csection & early delivery, my baby was totally fine. Don’t go paranoid with what Google tells you. I did that same thing but it only stressed me out. Just follow what the doctor says and always watch what you eat or drink. You and baby will be fine.

I had gestational diabetes with my 4 children, they were all ok, they were all big baby though

Good chance of becoming diabetic , I did take care of your self

I had undiagnosed GD, I was borderline after my 3 hr and they never checked me after that. My son was born with LGA (large gestational age) because of his size the nurses believed I had GD. They had to check his sugar levels before every latch and feeding right after birth. Change your diet download a food tracker app, Senza is great because it allows you to put in your glucose levels.

It will bee ok. I had gestational diabetes with my 3rd son. He is now a healthy 15 yo. It is a lot of work to control with your diet but very possible. Keep your sugars well controlled and your baby will do well. Many of these babies are large and my have some sugar issues (low sugar) for a few days after birth. But this is a very common problem these days. Just do exactly what your dr instructs you to do.

So many women go through this and it is handled well as long as you do as you’re told. Baby will be fine. I know plenty of women who have type 1, 2 or GD and all had healthy happy children (2 aunts)

I had it as well and made it to 39 weeks

I had it with both of my pregnancies. I was diagnosed late in the first one and controlled it with diet changes alone. The 2nd one, however…I was diagnosed early and was on some hefty insulin dosages by the time I had my son…but, having said that, he was absolutely perfect! They took him a bit early and I was monitored a bit more often and more closely(up side was getting to see him on ultrasound often)…but as long as you make the dietary changes required and monitor closely, you and babe have great odds to be perfectly healthy (you just have to follow docs instructions to the letter and won’t get to indulge like some moms do). Good vibes your way!

I am a very old Gestational diabetes baby. You need to take with what you eat and you may need insulin. Eat really carefully until your appointment. I had a perfectly healthy baby and I have Type 1. The only difference is a bigger belly button!

I’ve had it and still do since my pregnancy. Both my boys are healthy.
ADVICE: Take care of you and the baby

I had gestational diabetes with my son. I worked with a specialist to learn how to eat so my sugar levels wouldn’t spike. I had to check my levels several times a day but a simple finger prick isn’t bad. My son was born 3 days after his due date and is still healthy as can be 2.5 years later. My gd went away as soon as he was born and I haven’t had issues since.

I have had it with all 4 of my pregnancy and I have 4 healthy babies. I gave birth a month ago to a preemie but I had preeclampsia.

All the bad things happen when GD goes undiagnosed and untreated.
Most of the time, it can be controlled by diet and exercise. It’s hard at first, but you have to watch what you eat. Limit sugars and carbs. And you’ll probably have to check your blood sugars often.
I had borderline GD with my first and was able to keep my sugars down to not need insulin.
GD can cause babies to be bigger, but not always. My daughter was born a healthy 7 lbs 15 oz 2 weeks before her due date.
You got this mama. The good thing, you were diagnosed early. Work with a specialist and listen to them!

I had gestational diabetes with my identical twin boys. My pregnancy was high risk because I was having twins. I was referred to a nutritionist, I had to use insulin, my husband was very supportive, I kept a journal of everything I ate, glad to say my baby boys were born healthy. My gestational diabetes disappeared as soon as they were born. You will be fine, God willing, just follow Drs orders on what to eat. I had an aweful craving of orange juice but I had to do what was best for my boys so I stopped buying orange juice.

I had it with my second pregnancy, I too, was super scared

Then I realized I was being way to dramatic lol. Like what everyone says… it’s common. My daughter is now 6 months and is healthy (Thank God). I had to be put on 2 types of insulin (clear and cloudy kind) it took some getting use too. I had to change my diet and learned ALOT about carbs. Keep a journal of what you eat, when you eat and how much you ate. I created my own food journal on Microsoft Word and that really helped me feel more organized because your endocrinologist (I think that’s what they’re Called) will be calling you once a week… at least that’s what they did in my case. You got this… don’t worry you and baby will be fine.

Take care :slightly_smiling_face::two_hearts: