I think my in laws are trying to claim my daughter on their taxes: Advice?

Is what my in-laws said true? My man and I are young first time parents and come time for taxes his parents decided to help, they said we couldn’t claim our 2 month old because they would have to be alive for 6 months for us to be able to claim this I don’t know how true this is - and it’s making me wonder if they claimed her behind our back… I’m questioning it because my friend is a young parent and claimed her 4 month old daughter and got a good amount back, we need this money to be able to move out and they’re constantly preventing this


If the baby was born in 2022, you claim them on your taxes… even if it was 11:59 on the 31st. If they were born in the year 2022, then they get claimed on the 2022 taxes. Period.


I’m former IRS employee. You can claim your child as long as their birth day falls within the tax year you’re claiming. So if baby was born on December 31, 2022. You can still claim them for the whole year of 2022.


As long as your baby was born in 2022, you can claim them.
If your baby was born in 2022, I would file asap in case your suspicions are correct.


Umm you can claim your child. You better file a tax return asap and if they need both of y’all’s tax returns will be flagged and it’ll take longer because it’ll have to be proven who had the child majority of time etc.


File your taxes, claim YOUR child. Let your in laws know that your accountant said you can/should.
When there is an audit of your in laws taxes, they will have to pay back any tax credits they falsely received.


Definitely not true. My daughter was born at the end of December and we claimed her on our taxes.


Why would they do such a thing? Do you live with them? Do they pay most of your expenses? Are they primary caregivers? Your in-laws sound shady AF.

Maybe they are just misinformed but you can definitely claim your child on your taxes. Do they know your childs social security number? They would need that to claim.

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What year was your child born? If it’s 2023 no you can not. Which is what I am thinking if the child is only 2 months.

File and claim your child and dont tell them just do it and when IRS flags it let them know you did not allow anyone to claim your daughter. Soumds very shady to me

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Claim child anyway…if rhae did rhey will for sure catch an audit…


Doesn’t take a specialist to see the full picture. Never trust anyone with money situations. She probably claimed your husband you and the baby :joy:


If your child was born in January you can’t claim them this year…and since you said 2 month old not 100% sure when baby was… Jan 1 on that would be next year on your taxes

Listen…you have a baby you claim them.
If you are alive and well and taking care of your babies…you claim them.
Even if you live in their house…even if they babysit while u are at work.
You claim your children.
If you need to pay bills or rent or new diapers or clothes or daycare…its what the refund is all about.
Helping the children with parents having a hard time keeping up…


You claim the baby as long as they were born in the year you’re filing for. This year we are filing for the 2022 year. If your baby was born before midnight jan 1, 2023 then you claim them for the entire year.

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Our son was born 12-31-08. We claimed him. Tax law are based off of 11:59pm on Dec 31st. If there is a passing or a new life. The 6 month rules apply to living arrangements. Example is if your college age child lives with you for more than 6 months then you can claim them.


Definitely lying. Had my daughter Dec 20th and claimed her. As long as you had them 12/31/22 or before you can claim

Did you or your boyfriend work? And did you live in their house the whole year.


You can claim your baby, but if you had your baby this year you won’t get the child tax credit it had to be born in 2022 to get the tax credit.

Claim your child. They know they’re in the wrong. You can claim your child 100%.


The moment your child is born they are considered a dependent


I wouldn’t open up that can of bean considering there your in laws that been help supporting your family. But I would read all this that comes from the IRS website .

Why would your inlaws think they could legally claim your child…Unless they have custody?:thinking:

If for some reason they did, let them get audited. See how that goes for them. It’s your kid not theirs


If your child was born in 2022, you claim them on your taxes. At most, if 2 households have claimed the child, the government will send you a letter, asking for a copy of your child’s birth certificate and the parents IDs for proof, to make sure the money has gone to the parent/s and not someone else, like your inlaws. Once proof is provided, the wrongfully paid household or individual will be required to pay the money back.

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Hopefully they don’t have your child’s social security number… since they’ll need that to claim. But you can most definitely claim your child if he/she was born in 2022.

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They may just not know. It did used to be had to be born B4 certain time of year

In 2011 I had my son on December 3oth I claimed him on my 2011 taxes. They are not telling you the teyth

They can’t claim the child hopefully they don’t have the baby’s social security number if they did claim the baby they’ll get audited

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In the past, I was told that I could not file my kid who was born in November and I filed in January. I was told that the baby had to be 6 months old back then. Not sure if this still applies but that used to be a thing years ago.

You can claim your child they lied to you doesn’t matter if the baby is 2 months or 4 months you can claim your child. So if you didn’t do your taxes yet you need to do them and claim your child and if they did theirs and claimed your child you need to report that to the IRS because that is against the law

My granddaughter was born on December 30. My son can claim her for last year. The inlaws have no right to claim your baby.


They lying… but whoever was the sole financial provider for the child is the one who needs to claim them in all fairness

Both my son’s were born in December (2010 and 2021) and I claimed them with no issues either time.


Every family needs to communicate talk to them ask them if they are then let them know that you have a problem with it


Claim the baby. It will flag if someone else claims baby. Then you just prove you support you and baby

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If the child was born in 2022, you can claim the child.


I claimed my newborn and got money for him. They either don’t know or they claimed them


Call a local tax place and ask, they will answer that question for you with no charge… but I’m sure you can claim your own child

You can claim your child as long as they were born in the previous year. Ex: A child born on December 31st, 2022 at 11:59pm can be claimed this year.

My parents claimed me for the tax season of 79 80 tax season and I was born on the 31st of December wrong that kid was born before midnight you can claim your son or your daughter it don’t matter when they were born

She can be born an December 31st and still be claimed

If your baby was born in 2022, you can claim them, even if it was the very last day of the year

File and get a upin for ur kid so they can’t do it again

I claimed my son and he was only 2 months old

My baby was born on December 30 and I claimed him and I got money back as long as she was born last year

As long as your baby was born by 11:59pm on Dec 31, 2021 then you can claim the baby. If the baby was born after 12:00am Jan 1, 2023 then you can’t claim the baby until next year.

I’ve heard the same thing they’re telling you. Burn my son was born 7/12/2014 and I claimed him on my taxes for that year. I mean they could be trying to be shady but like I said I’ve heard it said before. Do they have access to your kids social? If they don’t know her social they won’t be able to claim her. Plus if a parent and non parent claim a child, it defaults to the parent and non parent will have to pay back the money or prove they had the kids 6+ months out of the year. Happened to my friend who let her sister claim her kids because they lived with her the whole year and didn’t pay many bills as she was out of work a bit of the time. Kids dad who did not pay or do shit claimed them and he got the money. IRS said sister owes the money back.

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I claimed my 2 month old on mine

Not true! Baby Just has to be born prior to January 1st

You will know if they claimed your child when you file your taxes. A notice will appear that your child’s social security number has been used in a tax filing already. And in that case, you better go down to your nearest IRS building or call them over the phone and tell the customer support rep the situation because what your in laws are doing is tax fraud. You best use that tax return and get out of that toxic situation. But truthfully, if you are living with your in laws and they are providing for your living more than 50% of the time, they can technically claim you as dependents. But they’d have to claim all of you, not just the baby. And they’d legally be able to do that. They would just have to put any w-2’s you might have on their tax information. So it’s a tricky situation all around. I’d recommend talking to a tax expert who specializes in filing taxes.

You can claim your baby they are lieing to you. I have 4 kids trust me.

You can claim her. Either they are misinformed or outright lying.


They’re lying to you, claim your kids on your taxes.

Years ago, I had both my sons in August and claimed them on my taxes.

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They cant legally claim her and that def is not true.

They lied! Your baby could have been born on new Year’s Eve at 11:59pm and you claim that baby. The only way you cannot claim the baby is if the baby was not born yet when that clock turned midnight on New Year’s Eve. :woman_shrugging:t4:

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If your child was born in 2022. Then you can claim them.
If they were born this year then you won’t be able to claim them until next year filing.

They have to have been born before January 2023 to claim on taxes for 2022

If your child was born in 2023 you cannot claim the child tax credit for the 2022 tax year. You will be able to get the tax credit for the 2023 tax year when you file in 2024. Hope that makes sense.

File your taxes. Claim your child. As long as they were born in 2022, AT ANYTIME, you claim them. Your in laws are scamming you out of your return.

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You can claim your baby. Also. Do they have access to your baby’s social security number, cause that’s needs to be in the return…

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They can actually be charged for fraud for this. Do not allow them to get away with this, this is over stepping boundaries. If it happens now it will continue into the eternal world of hell. Put your foot down and go file yourself and put your child on there as you would if it comes back they were already claimed file a police report and press charges. They deserve what ever is handed to them, they are not helping you. And this is disgusting :unamused: if my daughter needed any help I bend over backwards to help them in any way possible. I would never intentionally interfere to hend them from advancement in their live for the better. And when it’s tax time those funds are critical in making huge leaps in the next 12 months.

Those parents suck big time and are very toxic. Get away as soon as possible!!!

I’d suggest locking down your baby and your financial and personal information. The only way to file is if they have her SS#. They don’t tech have a right to claim her based on what you wrote. If they do they’ll be flagged when you file properly. And see them less bc they don’t have your little families best interests at heart.


You claim your baby and do not give them her social security number which is required to file.

Do you and your boyfriend work ? Do the inlaws provide free child care ? Are the inlaws financially supporting your child ? Do you pay them rent /bills ? Does your inlaws have custody ? How long have you lived with the inlaws?

If you baby was born in 2022, even 12/31/22, you can claim them. Their age has nothing to do with it, they just have to be alive in the year your filing taxes for.


They have to have your child’s SSN to claim them and they shouldn’t have access to that in the first place.

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As long as they were born within the tax year of 2022 you can claim them.

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Also if they did go behind your back and claim her the IRS will let you know some one else claimed your child . This happened to my sister one year. She told them no one had permission claim her daughter . The other person had to pay the IRS back and she got her money for her daughter.

Not true, baby could be born on new year’s eve and you could still claim them.

Not true. My daughter was a month old when I claimed her

Claim your child, they will get audited and have to prove its they’re child, you will be fine

They lied. Hope you didn’t give them the child’s social security number but I would still claim the child and let them get in trouble.

You can claim your child. I heard that a lot to. Your in-laws may just be misinformed.

They lied to you, if you haven’t filed taxes yet, i would still claim your child. Might take longer to get the money because it will be a red flag when 2 separate people filed for her but your the parents you’ll get the money and they will owe that money back to the government. I had my daughter December 24th, so we only had her a few days and I claimed her no problem.


They can actually get tax fraud claiming your child obviously since it is a new born and the child lives with you and your spouse. All the comments above are accurate, anytime before Dec. 31st up to 11:59pm you can claim a child born in the current year. I find it strange that your in laws are even allowing this and not giving you correct information. Sounds like they are trying to get money from you and lying about it. I’d claim and move out as soon as possible.

False my son was born on Christmas 2018 and we claimed him when we filed our 2019 tax the only way they can claim her is if they have her social security number

My daughter was born nov.2022 I claimed her . I didn’t get earned income credit for her bc she had to be 6 months but she did qualify as a dependent. So most definitely claim your baby

No no honey you claim that child and if they did claim child they can be in trouble

Your baby could have been born Dec 31 and you can claim it on your taxes.

Even if baby was born on 12/31 at 11:59 PM, you can claim any child born within the calendar year of the filing.

They have to be born for 2022. If they were born in 2023 you can’t. Both of my sisters had their babies in 2023 they have to wait till next year. They have to be in a house for so long to claim.

If your baby is only 2 months old, that means he/she was born this year. So you wouldn’t be able to claim anyway. If the baby was born in 2022, you can claim.

Whoever the kids lived with over six months claims them unless there is some type of agreement

I would tell those people you claimed child and see there reaction

My daughter was born Dec and claimed her

The second that baby pops out you can claim that baby on that years taxes

Claim her its your baby yes you will get more money back

You can claim your daughter , on your taxes , doesn’t have to be 6monthes

And they would need a ss# of the child to claim it

You got scammed. You need to handle this immediately.

My nephew was born 12/19/21 and my sister was able to claim him at 3wks old … so yeah call bs

Go to a tax professional. Not ur in laws. They r manipulating you.

Sounds like they are supporting you and your kids. So yeah they claimed her. THEY ARE SUPPORTING ALL OF YOU!!

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As long as your baby was born in 2022 you can claim them. If your baby was born in 2023 you can not.

If she is living at their house and they are providing more than 50% of her expenses, they can legally claim her as a dependent. The 6 mo/2 mo thing is BS.