I think my daughter should switch schools to my district but her father disagrees: Advice?

Have a daughter who’s in preschool. Her father and I aren’t together and share 50/50 custody with no court agreement. I recently moved to a different county about an hour away from her father’s house. My daughter lives with me, her stepfather & little sister. Her dad and I switch every Monday so we both spend time with her. I explained to him how I want her to start school over here after she’s done with preschool her dad doesn’t agree and wants her over there. I’m not trying to take her away by any means I just think it’s better for her the schools are better and she has her own space her dad lives with family and are more than 10+ people living in the house. And when she goes over they all love her but still has a little room to do school and home work In so she can focus. I’m also a stay-at-home mom taking care of the baby and my son when it’s my week. Her dad works I understand he has to work but if I’m able to be there full time to take too school and help with homework, I think it’ll be better for her than babysitters… I explained how I feel too her dad and he still feels the way he does saying I’m the one who moved away so she shouldn’t have to move schools ( my daughter never gone to school. It’s been online) also saying he can get me in trouble for moving without his permission which he was aware months prior and taking my daughter out of the county without his permission which again he was aware of me doing it. do I just agree and let her stay even though I think it’s her best interest to be with me? If not how should I go about it. Also it hasn’t affected her dad how we moved an hour away every time it’s his week I drive to him.