I never have a special birthday...advice?

I just want to cry it’s my birthday and I feel so emotional maybe because I’m also very pregnant. but nothing is ever made special for my b day no gift from my husband no gifts from family. His b day and everyone else’s is always celebrated by my in-laws even my MIl best friend got a party. I’m here alone with my toddler and pregnant cooking and cleaning like it’s just another day.


My advice is go out get pampered bring home a cake and balloons. Make a show of how big a deal your birthday is. Create the standard of how you should be treated. Make the hubby take you out to eat, and loudly and happily tell everyone it’s your birthday. It’s your day girl celebrate yourself, especially since your creating a human

First of all happy birthday!!! Second, stop cleaning and start making a cake and blowing up balloons with your child. Every birthday needs cake and balloons. The cleaning can be done tomorrow.

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This is where open communication is key. If you’ve never said anything they may think you don’t like to celebrate birthdays and don’t want to intrude. Once I spoke up to my husband he does things I want for my birthday now. My husband doesn’t care about celebrating his birthday so he didn’t know I had those feelings.


I’m guessing bc you make them that way. You’re the one who makes sure everyone else feels taken care of. If you want your birthday to be a big deal you have to make it that way bc everyone is used to you doing it for them and they forget to return the courtesy. I figured out that if I just stay quiet then my bday goes by quietly. If I get excited then so does everyone else. I may have to do much of the planning myself but I had a great time last year. Treat yourself the way you do everyone else :two_hearts:

I get that momma… I’m the same way and last year I took the kids to the store and pretty much bought my own present (got a cheap throw blanket) to give myself from the kids I also don’t expect much on hoidays… :confused::confused:


My advice is go out get pampered bring home a cake and balloons. Make a show of how big a deal your birthday is. Create the standard of how you should be treated. Make the hubby take you out to eat, and loudly and happily tell everyone it’s your birthday. It’s your day girl celebrate yourself, especially since your creating a human


I’m so sorry :disappointed:
Everyone should feel special on their birthday.
Please communicate this with your husband. It’s NOT because you’re pregnant, it’s because it’s shitty when someone who is supposed to love you doesn’t show appreciation on your special day.

Girl I understand I’m so sorry you are going thru this as I completely understand your feelings and deal with that every bday. I have tried to get to the point where I just care anymore. I’m almost there


Not right at all…I couldn’t even imagine feeling so sad. Talk talk talk to ur
Hubby girl. Just let him know the sadness you feel. I’m praying g for you. Cause you do deserve a party for sure.

Happy Birthday!!:partying_face::birthday::confetti_ball::tada::balloon: Treat yourself and give yourself a break!


Happy birthday!!!
1.Have you expressed your feelings about this to your husband?
2. Stop celebrating even congratulating everyone on their birthday ( treat them the same , including your husband)
3. Do something special for yourself, go with a friend out for dinner, or with your toddler , go to a spa and spoil yourself, make a cake with your kid

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Surround yourself with people who care for you

You shouldn’t have to commicate you need love and to feel special on your bday. Your husband and family need to appreciate you more.

My husband tries but doesn’t always get it right. I’ve planned my own special birthdays a few times and loved it! Planned a trip to an escape room with friends, then dessert at the house. Another “big” birthday I invited my out of states sisters for a week at my house and had a ball doing touristy things all week.

My last birthday my husband and kids were being assholes excuse my language to me so I got in the vehicle went to tim Hortons got myself a coffee, went for a drive and out to lunch by myself. Came home and sat on the couch and did nothing. My husband had the kids all day, made me a dinner and bought me flowers. Even though it was the day of they knew they hurt my feelings.

i feel you on this! i’ve always gone above and beyond for everyone & it’s just another day for me! just try to go out and give yourself a day! i try to do that so i’m not disappointed every year!

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Happy Birthday! I thought it was just me feeling like I have the "forgotten"birthday. Do something for yourself and enjoy your day to the fullest

Tell your family and husband how you feel. I refused to cook my own bday supper and I go out unless someone else offered to cook

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Happy birthday treat yourself you deserve it xx


Happy birthday !
Talk to your husband. Let him know you’d like your birthday to be special like everyone else’s is. Without reminding him a million times, see if he’ll do it for you next year.

Get a new husband, family and friends. You deserve to be treated the way you treat others and celebrated.

Happy birthday!!! My bday is the 20th. Parties and gifts for everyone else, and me they would say your Xmas and birthday are together. Hmmm

My in-laws don’t celebrate my birthday. We do celebrate my mother-in-law and her kids birthdays. The spouses really don’t get “celebrations’”. Sometimes my mother-in-law kids don’t have celebrations either. My family however does celebrate my birthday. Does your family not celebrate birthdays? I’m so sorry know one in your life is making you feel special, because you’re special. I agree go buy a cake and celebrate with your kids. Maybe your husband will get the hint. Stop moving mountains for people who wouldn’t move :rock: for you.

I’d start treating his birthday the way he treats yours (childish and all as that sounds)… you shouldn’t have to communicate that it’s your birthday and you want to feel special… it shouldn’t be to hard for a husband to buy a small gift or take you to dinner etc without you having to ask :woman_shrugging: treat people how they treat you they will soon get the message whether they like it or not is another story and you maybe made to feel bad but stand firm… you deserve to be special to without having to remind everyone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: happy birthday

Happy birthday give yourself a gift and tell your husband how you feel and if it doesn’t work out than stop buying him presents


Girl, go do something for you! Go get your nails done! Do something! If no one else is gonna do it for you, do it for yourself! :heart:

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I told my husband he isn’t allowed to celebrate stuff like that with me anymore because that’s the only way it doesn’t hurt my feelings. No birthday valentines Christmas or any of that. Only for the kids now

People will treat you how you allow them to…why in the world would you have a child with someone like that if your not getting the life you want. I don’t know your age, but sounds like your a single mom. Why are you cooking…:thinking:…shut that stove off, go out, go shopping, eat out, get a mani pedi, buy a new out fit…stay gone for a while, let bleep fend for himself for a week or so, take a vacation. AND FEEL ABSOLUTELY NO GUILT!!!

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Treat yourself and have a happy birthday. Maybe a foot massage

Maybe you should ask? Try telling him how you feel, and that you don’t expect much but he should be doing something! And happy Birthday

Sometimes you just have to do u! Book yourself a day at a spa… plan your own celebration… or talk to your husband ahead of time and plan something together. Don’t expect anyone to be a mind reader.


the day has just begun. Plan something for yourself ehh midday and tell husband when he asks what youre up to. Say for yourself for your birthday even if free like a nature walk, picnic with food from home, nice coffee, haircut, new shoes, makeup, spa or gift. Little or big, Treat yourself to something special. How you treat yourself shows others how to treat you. Also communicate to your husbamd youre hurt if he does nothing for you but celebrates everyone else.

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Happy Birthday :balloon::tada::confetti_ball::birthday::gift: QUEEN

So sorry happy birthday . My husband don’t buy me gift on no holiday . So I know how you fell . Go buy yourself something.

Take baby and go celebrate you, or better yet when husband get home to take baby, take yourself out to dinner and get cake. You deserve to feel special today!

Aw, Happy birthday. You should tell him how you feel.

I’d advise getting a sitter and taking yourself out! When husband asks, explain. He can’t fix what he doesn’t know. (Why it’s not common sense for him to know is beyond me.)

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Ugh if I knew who you were I send u a gift card to a spa…ur husband needs to give his head a shake cause you shouldn’t have to ask him

Speak up!!! I know you shouldn’t have to, but it will continue unless you speak up and say something!
Also make plans for yourself next year!!


Next year be sure to make plans for your birthday, whether it’s with just a friend or two or a spa day by yourself. You can chose a restaurant or something, invite folks, and whoever shows up shows up. Also, it’s okay to tell your husband “hey I’d like to celebrate my birthday so get to planning something, thanks!” .

You should take the day off,dont do anything,just relax

Take the day off from cleaning and cooking and tell your husband to bring something home for dinner


What they said,speak up,dont be a door mat,buy yourself something expensive,

Go on strike they need to appreciate you more say something

Take your toddler to pick out a gift for you, talk about how it’s your birthday and make a cake and sing w your. Kids. Break the cycle and show them to celebrate you so they grow up knowing this day means something to you. I went through this too. Sometimes you gotta celebrate you because you know your important.

I used to feel that way until I stated doing things for myself and my husband was very receptive to my needs when I clearly communicated them
For my 33rd bday we made a pinata and filled it with candy and makeup goodies lol had drinks and had a blast

Happy Birthday Mama!
Stop your cleaning and cooking and go celebrate with your child. :brown_heart:

People will treat you how you allow them. Stop congratulating and celebrating your husband.

How it was for me too. Even after communicating I wanted a special birthday. I am now throwing one for myself. Huge party. BYOP- Bring Your Own Pool. Renting a waterslide. Because “You know what’s Greater Than 24”. I decided rather than mope around nobody does for me, I decided to do for me.

Any way you can take yourself out ? Maybe even just a pedicure and a meal alone?

happy birthday go do yourself for your birthday treat yourself if can.

Happy Birthday I wish you well!!

Happy Birthday, if they don’t appreciate you leave someone out there somewhere certainly will.

I feel you. I have never celebrated my birthday not even when I was younger. It’s just another day in my house

That’s when you say eff it and do your own celebration!

go make it special for yourself. Get a pedicure or a prenatal massage. Take yourself window shopping or just do your favorite things today.

Go but yourself something expensive that you normally wouldn’t do, you deserve it

You need to communicate and ask your husnand why your bday always goes by the wayside and that its not ok anymore. Tell him how it makes you feel to not be celebrated like everyone else. You might find his family doesn’t truly accept you. Then you have to decide how well ypur husband treats you and if its good enough to stay in a family that don’t treat you right. Don’t let his family wreck it if what you two have is good. But do find out what’s really going on. This is all just speculation.

Who says you can’t plan your own special day? make the plans, get a babysitter or plan a party… invite your family your close friends over and celebrate your birthday . get yourself a birthday cake, put on something nice to wear get dressed up and enjoy your birthday!!!
you never know how many you have left so don’t just sit and wait for someone else to make you feel special do it for yourself . I plan my birthday every year