I need some advice

I’m a proud parent of two beautiful kids. My oldest is from a previous marriage. We have been spilt for years. I’ve also relocated to another state. We had court in our home town over the move, he decided not to show. Unfortunately, he didn’t take the news well on what was ruled. He’s been texting, calling completely irate. My child has a phone as well and he’s texted it to tell my daughter I’m keeping her from him and I’m “evil”. This is all confusing for me and I’m an adult. So, I can only imagine what my child is going through, she sees him when it’s his time of course, I have never let my feelings drive whether my child sees her father, I feel like that’s important, but I have reached my limit with him using my child to control me and against me, the whole point we divorced was because of the mental, physical and emotional abuse. I feel like this is no longer about my child, it’s more about driving a wedge between her and I, and he knows that will hurt me the most of course. He’s getting married and I assume he feels like his new significant other should be her new mommy (I’m an overthinker). I feel like I can’t protect her or shelter her any longer from his issues. I took legal action of course, but that will only last for a little while. What I’m wondering is if I can get harassing communications, to where him and I have no contact? I’ve been told to have some modifications done to our custody agreement on what he can’t and can not talk about, but he would find a way to get around that. So I do think it’s best for no contact.