I need help with baby sleep regression, please?

Any tips on sleep regression with a 19 month old? Babe had been an amazing sleeper until the past few nights. Waking up between 3 and 4 and screaming uncontrollably. I’m at a loss…


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Do you know any sleep therapists in your town?

Sounds like a scary dream …

I find that staying the course is the only way to go forward.

Try and keep babes sleep and wake times the same… (ie if you’re up in the middle of the night, make sure to wake baby at the regular time)

My little one is a bit older (24 months) and we’ve had to cut back her nap time, as she was laying awake for 40+ minutes in the evening.

Good luck.

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I follow taking cara babies on Instagram. She’s a baby sleep specialist and is AMAZING. Her husband is a pediatrician and they collaborate on things. She talks a lot about this sleep regression and how that usually means they need to actually go to bed earlier or drop a nap during the day. Check her out!

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If it is the same time every night that baby is waking. Try going in there just before that time, gently rouse baby, maybe a little bit of milk, something to break the cycle

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It could be night terrors or possibly an ear infection. Talk to the pediatrician

At that age could be teething!!..or my 19 month old is aware that i will go pick her up if she cries in the middle of the night…extra cuddles they will grow out of it

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Growing pains? Try bananas at bed?

I would see if there is a medical reason before anything

could be night terrors. my oldest son went thru that at that age… he was a perfect sleeper also

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My daughter does this. Night terrors

Teething! Growing pains! It’s definitely something new they will change sleep patterns a lot but not go from sleeping threw the night to waking up screaming all night something isn’t right :eyes::grimacing: four babies only time this happened for my children was teething, growing pains or they were sick once older they did have anxiety about sleeping in their own room so that happened because of night mares but they were 4,5, when this started :no_mouth: stress in the home can cause early night mares and abuse can cause this as well I’m assuming that’s not the issue here

Baby might be having a bad dream. I’ll tell you what I do for myself and it’s that when I start to go to sleep I ask God for Sweet/Funny dreams and if I do that I do not have a bad dream. Try praying for your baby at bed time. May sound crazy, but give it a try.

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If she is screaming uncontrollable I would think she is having bad dreams. It may be something she is watching before bed.

My son went through this, he went through night terrors for a few years which turned into sleep walking

Sleep regression at this age is typical. It will go back to normal. 18 month sleep regression and 24 month sleep regression. Stay the the course.

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Night terrors are so common at this age!

There could be several reasons for it. Anything from nightmares to teething. Keeping the schedule consistent is key. I would talk to the pediatrician if you don’t see signs of illness or teething in the next few days

Nothing to do. Roll with it and be grateful for the calm days

My 23 month old went to through this at the same age. Let me tell you it’s hard, but it’ll pass. We just kept putting her in our bed every time she woke up. eventually she stopped waking up and stayed in her crib all night. Occasionally she’ll wake up in the middle of the night, but it’s rare

Possible ear infection?

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I wouldn’t call it regression. They’re definitely struggling with something though! Teething, growing, nightmares, potty issues, separation anxiety, tummy aches are all things that are worth exploring.


Go get checked for ear infection, sinus infection, or teething, all of which will cause that.


Is the baby hungry? Sometimes my 2 year old will wake up in the middle of the night and just want a little cup of milk. Something to hold her over and then she goes right back to sleep.