I know I have made mistakes and I already have a ton of guilt so telling me how wrong I have been is not helpful

I have a 4 & 5 year old boys. I never wanted to spank them.. but my husband didn’t agree. He didn’t listen to me or read anything I tried to get him to read. And we were really young parents and very busy also. Not that it’s an excuse. But we started spanking our kids. I finally got through to him about gentle parenting and he is realizing that spanking is wrong and it’s not working. But I feel so guilty and I feel like we created a bad relationship with them. What would your advice be for us, who have spanked our kids in the past, and tried time outs, but want to fully change or Parenting techniques? We talked to our kids and apologized and told them we were wrong and we won’t be spanking them anymore. We are having constant power struggles since we welcomed a new baby 8 months ago. I know now that spanking causes children not to trust their parents and can lead to mental health problems. How can I fix this ?

Well I think it’s a great first step that you’ve apologized for your actions. Honestly I’d recommend reading a book called positive parenting an essential guide by Rebecca Eanes. (I found it at my local library) and that’s really helped me. It helps with your children as well as yourself and your relationship with your husband