I had a bad dream about my daughter: Thoughts?

It’s 2am and I’ve woken up because I had a dream that I wasn’t aloud to see my little girl, I was only aloud to see her when we was through a glass screen and when it came to saying goodbye I had to watch whilst some people dragged us away from each other whilst we cried, in my dream she comes up to the glass and bangs it, and the bangs wake me up and I woke up crying, sweating and completely convinced that these bangs was real and that someone was banging on my window so I called 101 because I was too scared to get out of bed (it’s just me and my 2 year old daughter at home) and they stayed on the line whilst I went to have a look and no one was there, my house was completely secure, but I can’t see in my back garden because it’s too dark and I don’t have a strong enough flashlight, I’m laid back in bed now with my 2 year old because I’m so scared😩 how can I relax? I’m so convinced the bangs was real but then again I’m not because it was in my dream: I don’t know what I’m asking here in just so scared


Aww that’s awful, is there anyone you can phone to come round and keep you company. Similar happened to me a last year but I heard a knocking at the door, I got my dad to come round and stay overnight. Never happened again so it was just in my Dream, they can be so vivid. Hope you’re ok, and can get some rest.x

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Those are the worst dreams.
I have them often, people trying to take my son from me, or hurt him…they feel so real, I always wake up soaked in sweat and panicking.

For me, I think it stems from my fears and past. I grew up in foster care off and on… and I guess I’ve always had a fear, someone was going to take my son.

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I had many dreams of my children being g kidnapped. I woke up scared and took control by praying for God’s protection and declaring outloud verbally that Satan s tools of fear was a lie from pit of Hell and to go back to that pit and for God’s peace and protection and presence to come dwell within our home. My children are grown now with children of their. Also wld read from God’s word particularly psalm 23


I would (and have because I’ve had those dreams too) put something heavy in front of doors, put something that would make noise if it’s stepped on under windows and grab a weapon to keep beside you. Now turn on a happy tv show and try and get something nice in your mind. If it won’t wake up your daughter, put her in bed with you. Having her close by will help.


invest in a dog… I have 2 of them so if anyone goes near my gate they alert me

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Go n have a cup of tea and relax. It’s just a dream.

Watch family guy, that’ll distract you.

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Next time you have one try some grounding exercises or meditation exercises
Find something you can
Put your foot on the floor if you can or even just touch your nose just to show you that you are ok touch your baby to know they are o k
treat yourself with care and concern I have a re occurring dream I don’t like to speak of because I have a belief it comes back when I think of it I have had my house blessed and been blessed myself to try to rid my home if bad energy
That last part as well as meditation is not for everyone but it helps me
My son is autistic I lay awake every night thinking of my long list of successes and failures and am I doing the best I can for him and so on I call it the grocery list it can be simple to a hot mess in minutes so try to treat yourself with care and concern and hope you find peace


They should have sent someone out to look… Regarless of a dream or not …

Don’t feel bad we had a hurricane come through last year while my husband was away on business and after putting the kids to bed I fell asleep on the couch while watching Jurassic World. I had a nightmare that it was still a hurricane outside and I suddenly heard banging and glass breaking upstairs and gunshots and my husband screaming and a raptor screech. Then silence. Then I heard thumping down the stairs and at that point I had woken up and was halfway through calling 911 to tell them a raptor just killed my husband, before I realized the movie was still on and the gunshots and screaming I heard were from the movie.

The one and only time I slept through my daughter’s cry was when she was a newborn and I was literally dreaming that my dad was holding her and she was screaming. I woke up to my dad shacking me asking me if I was going to get up and get her lol she’s 10 now and has a 3 year old brother and I’ve never slept through a cry since

I hate bad dreams like that i had a bad dream the other night that i gave birth but was only like 20 weeks along and baby some how was full term but extreamly sickly