I got a kiddo who is on the move

I got a kiddo who is on the move and I need to find his first pair of shoes! I want to get the best brand for him! Where did you guys go to get your child’s first pair of walking shoes?


Gerber actually has some very good shoes for first time walkers

Good ankle and arch support

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I thought doctors are now saying that beginning walkers should go without shoes.


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Stride rite. Idk where they sell that anymore but for my older kids when they were freshly walking, I bought them stride rite shoes to help support their ankles and feet.


All kids used to have baby shoes but I’ve heard that running shoes are the recommended ones?? I’m in bare feet and sandals when the weather permits… but I’m a grandma so not up on these things.

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I went to Walmart for both of mine. No way I’m forking over an obscene amount of money for a pair of shoes they’ll only wear for a month.

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I used sneakers. Good ones. To me walking shoes where a waste. Also he went barefoot. Nothing horrible happened

Always Stride Rite. Soft! I feel like I may have seen stride rite at Super Shoe I’m not sure

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Put a pair of tennis shoes on him, like he will wear for the rest of his life, and let ‘em rip!!! :joy::rofl:

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Stride rite, robeez, ciciban etc are great but a huge waste of money because they’ll outgrow them in a month. Inside is best barefoot or use those socks with grippy bottom. For outside, look for shoes that have soft soles. You want their feet to develop properly, hence the soft soles.

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Robeeez were amazing too! Both them and stride rite look at how babies walk and engineer their shoes accordingly

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Slides or no shoes for summer and red bands and chuck Taylor’s for winter :wink: I’ve found if u can’t “fold” the shoe it’ll be hard for bubs to walk in!

My son is 41. When he was 1 and thru 5, he wore Nike sneakers. Back then I purchased at Sears when they were on sale about $20 a pair.

Stride Rite…for grands.
Hush puppies for my three sons.

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Buster Browns from Stride Rite. High tops and tinkle bells on the shoes laces.

I’ve always done stride right for outside the house and barefoot otherwise.

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I’m not sure what the current beliefs are when I had my first 2 40 some years ago it was standard those stiff white walking shoes. By the time a had my 3rd 30+ years ago it was let them go barefoot as much as possible when necessary loose soft basic sneakers.


I went to Journeys the baby converse are adorable :laughing::heart:

Stride Rite if you can find them for outdoors, shopping etc.
Moccasins for toddlers in the house. This is for after they start being very active indoors and need a bit of protection for bumped toes and dropped toys etc.

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My three got high top Nike shoes

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Good Lord they probably don’t make stride rite anymore. Those were the best ones ever you could get them for little wide chubby feet.


Stride Rite or Buster Brown!

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It don’t matter they grow out of them so fast. Just buy a decent pair for good pix

Don’t spend a lot of $$$ bcuz they outgrow them in a month😏


It’s best for them to be barefoot.


It’s not recommended to put new walkers in shoes. Soft no leather ones are OK


Barefoot is best & we used original Pediped soft sole shoe for when we went out. They gave cute Styles & so easy put on & off.


Barefoot is best, get some sneakers for outside. You don’t need to spend a lot on them right now because he’ll outgrow them fast.

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Just make sure there is room for toes to spread inside the shoes… Keeps their balance better, which is why NOT wearing shoes is best for the first 2 years.

Stride Rite , got them from Nordstrom

Back in the day it was Striderite brand.

Why do you keep posting this question??

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Brown’s Shoefit on Judson road

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Stride rite, the old fashion white ones with hard soles

My podiatrist told me that most adults have foot pain because our parents put supportive footwear on our feet as babies and that causes our feet to grow and develop unnatural. Barefoot when ever possible and then low/no support shoes. Merrill shoes make shoes that mimic bare feet


Doesn’t matter. They’re going to fight you with whatever YOU pick, take them off the first chance they get, they’ll outgrow them in a heartbeat and don’t over think it. Just buy whatever you want.

Barefoot if they are inside. They learn balance better with barefeet.


Nordstroms is the best place

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I’m using hard soled slippers


Stride rite. Does that even still exist?

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Irvings shoes don’t know if they are still in business.

I agree with stride rite. My daughter hated most shoes but she seemed to do so much better in those. They have so many styles too. I always recommend stride rite for their first two or three years then crocs and Skechers.

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Stride right of course if you can’t find a store go online it would be striderite.com


Bare feet whenever possible. Then a soft shoe.


Stride rite Elliott boots

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Stride Rite white booties


Socks with grips! Best thing for developing feet is as barefoot as possible.
Robeez, moccasins, socks, Barefoot

Stride rite… the store itself is expensive but target and Walmart sells them, not sure the smallest size. Check consignment sites too.

Wide toe box and supple soft sole are best.
First shoes can be leather slipper like Robeez.

Stride rite is the only shoe I bought my son when he was little!

Stride rite shoes. All of mine had them for their first shoes and second pair of shoes. They grow fast!

We loved stride rite for our oldest, if you don’t have one in your area like us we found them at target in the baby/toddler section

I’d order them online! They usually have great sales going on

Stride rite all the way !!!

Target sells stride rite shoes and that is a great brand.

I hardly put shoes on my kids. They grow so fast I bought shoes at Walmart to start. Once they slowed down I bought Stride Rite shoes.

Honestly, it’s just my opinion, but I would all my kids first shoes at Walmart because they grow out of them so fast! Up until now one of my daughters is almost 5 and slowing down more so I buy her more expensive shoes so they last longer

Anything with a good arch you don’t want them to be flat foot.

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I recently read an article about new walkers. They said no shoes unless they are outside because it messes with the bone growth on their feet.


Kids don’t need shoes on unless they are walking outside or in a store etc. They need to learn to walk barefoot first


Moccasins… or anything that has a wide natural foot and very thin flexible sole … my son’s orthopedic Dr didn’t want him wearing shoes unless absolutely necessary like if we went hiking or something where we know he will be stepping on sticks and sharp rocks … otherwise he said to leave him barefoot… my daughters same thing for thr youngest my oldest didn’t see am orthopedic but she wasn’t in shoes until almost 18 months anyway and even then it wasn’t often

We went to a Stride Rite Shoe store for kids.

Famous footwear clearance section, vans or converse :joy: definitely don’t recommend spending money on big name brands (Nike, Jordan, etc) cause they’re gonna get ruined, kids are kids so they’re gonna run and play in the dirt :relieved: i usually found vans & converse some Nike in the clearance for no more than $20 :woman_shrugging:t2:

My daughters first pair of shoes were high too Nike Air Jordans. Her dads family is obsessed with Nike.

Buster brown or stride rite. No Nikes!

Clarke’s. I still got them :rofl:

Barefoot is best for a while

All my kids first pairs were chuck taylors :woman_shrugging:

Bare foot or soft. They don’t need highs unless they have to work on stride problem down the line. They need balance and touchy feely first

Bobux, soft, flexi and light for their feet

Stride Rite because she had narrow feet

Barefoot is best for proper foot development.
(Unless walking outside where those little feet need protection, of course.)
For outdoor times when shoes were absolutely necessary I always swore by Stride Rite. You want something that isn’t too snug and something that is very flexible so the foot can still flex and move correctly.

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Walmart he will out grow them in a week :woman_shrugging:t3:

Always heard it was better to let them go bare foot as it helps develop the muscles and balance in the foot. But there are high tops that help support the ankles. I would shop cheap, kids grow out of shoes too fast.

Stride white they sale children’s walking shoes.

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See Kai Run makes great baby/toddler shoes

Industrial shoes are best.

It isn’t about the brand name. It is about the proper fit and for a baby just starting to get on their feet you need a soft/flexable sole. As long as baby is indoors barefoot or non skid socks is best. I would go to a children’s shoe store to get the proper sizing. The shoes bought there will be more expensive but worth it in the long run especially if the child has narrow feet or wide feet.

Stride rite walking shoes!


Stride Rite…that was in 2002 though

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Hoka or Brooks are my favorite.

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I agree, definitely stride rites can find them at famous footwear or shoe dept maybe

We ended up going with toddler sketchers and he loves them

Stride rite. They sell them on their website now.

I’d only go to Stride Rite

Stride Rite. Pediped brand is great.

Back in the day I bought Clarks first walkers that don’t exist anymore. Most important tho is correct fitting and should be leather

Carters has excellent choices for new walkers.

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Dillards Stride Rite… look in clearance

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Robeez or Stride Rite. Just make sure they’re soft soles.

Stride rite from Target. You can print out a shoe size chart on their website before you go

Stride rite, when going out. Barefoot any other time.

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Robeez or stride right. We.got the leather ones that are like slippers so there was protection for walking malls/streets and it was still like barefoot.

Buy cheap they grow to fast to be fashionable and everything gets ruined in the most wonderfully weird ways