I found my son looking up inappropriate things on youtube: Advice?

I had a shock like that Maybe a little older but it was definitely someone from school ,who had older siblings introducing him to things like this.Its natural curiosity. I talked to mine but he did get embarrased.No shame.

My son is 7 the furthest I have had to explain is where mommy bleeds from other then that he hasn’t been that curious

I respond to this by borrowing some anatomy textbooks, and age-appropriate boys vs girls books from the library. He’s curious.

Who Has What?: All About Girls’ Bodies and Boys’ Bodies (Let’s Talk about You and Me) https://smile.amazon.com/dp/0763629316/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_Q8VqEbV637JFZ


They have books geared towards children his age about the male and female body, the names and functions included. I would go to your local large book store like Books-A-Million and find one you feel comfortable with. You don’t even have to buy it, just find a quiet spot and go over it with him. Getting that information from you now instead of another source will help in the long run for him to come to you with this type of thing and teaches him to respect his own body as well as a woman’s body.

My daughter was about 8 when I found her search history contained boobies. She was using my laptop to watch movies and had snuck the internet open. I know boys and girls are different, but at least know that there are others out there who have had kids search inappropriate things.

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My 6 year old couldn’t even spell most of those words :open_mouth: let alone how to actively search for something like that. That’s crazy


You put a password on your computer so he can’t access it alone.Six is very young to be looking stuff up on the net.

I had this with my oldest girl at around the same age I sat her down and asked why she was looking at things like this…think it was just a common curiosity thing and I spoke to her about boys girls, different parts and that if she has any questions she should come and ask me (May be different with a boy mines only 4 so not there yet but ask me or his dad who ever he’s more comfortable asking) then change the Internet settings so no adult content can be accessed x

There’s nothing shameful or wrong with curiosity. I’d speak gently with him about it and ask if he has any questions about what he was looking at on the internet. Perhaps, as others have suggested, an age-appropriate book about the differences between child vs. adult and women vs. men’s bodies. I’d then tell him that it’s not safe to be searching for these things online at his age. Be honest and make him comfortable with asking you his questions rather than having to look online. My son has a kids kindle instead of an adult tablet for this reason, but he’s totally comfortable asking us questions about things like that and we always just answer him in a age-appropriate honest way :upside_down_face:


Kids are curious. I would give him the body changing talk and such.

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I started with my curiosity around the same age. At that time my father taught me that my interest was natural but he explained that I needed to treat all women with respect


You can configure internet not to allow access to certain websites

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He’s probably just curious of the differences in male and female bodies. So tell him. You don’t have to show pictures or diagrams lol, just answer any questions he has. It’s normal.

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Curiosity at any age is appropriate. I second the suggestions about books showing the difference in bodies.
I do find it a little funny that some of the comments mention blocking internet for teens. :grimacing: Even our grandparents were sneaking the sears catalog to look at ladies. Just talk with them openly about the dangers of some parts of the internet, and about privacy and get a spam blocker.
Of course my teens(and pre teens) are smart enough to get past the programs that block some internet pages/apps so yours may be too!


I can bet a $100. some kid at school told him he can do this on a computer.

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He’s obviously curious so maybe sit down and have an uncomfortable talk about the woman’s body, his body, and such. You don’t have to go into huge details but enough to satisfy the curiosity. It’s better they learn about the human body sooner rather than later. This can also help if something were to happen later or if they’re having issues. Hell be able to understand and communicate it


Sorry to tell you but the internet is the culprit. Unless you supervise your kid’s internet time, he will continue to search for pictures of naked women.
Other than that, I have nothing. :woman_shrugging:

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Teach him. Sounds like he’s already “learning” from kids at school.

It’s normal. Give him a talk about womans bodies, and keep an eye on him. Make sure he isn’t seeking out actual porn this young.

So show him. Sit down with him and get a bunch of pictures and talk him through the human body. All of it.

These are breasts, these are nipples, there are milk ducts behind them they are for feeding babies. Men have them too but much much smaller.

This is a Labia it helps protect the vagina, this is pubic hair, this is a clitoris, this is an anus.

Do it side by side with a medical or anatomy textbook but show him the real HD pictures along with it.

Get various ethnicities and body types so that he doesnt think “normal woman” is thin, white, waxed, fit, etc


Block u tube parental controls

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My nephew did that. He googled “naked ladies”. My mom has custody of him and she told him that wasnt nice because they are someone’s relative (sister, mom, cousin). Then she asked him how he would feel if someone was being rude and seeing someone in our family without their permission? He didnt like that idea and as far as I know he stopped and didnt look it up again. She didnt scream, fuss or make a huge deal. She sat him down and had a conversation with him and it worked. Now his internet time was cut as a punishment but he was given the opportunity to learn from his mistake instead of getting yelled at with no explanation.


He’s six. Is this normal for other kids that age? Where is he getting this from? Nip that

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I mean, I don’t think he’s being strange or anything. He’s a curious kid. Kids get sexual urges that they often times don’t really understand. I would just talk to him and explain those things are off limits for him to be looking up. Sometimes if we don’t explicitly tell kids what is acceptable and what isn’t they just assume they can do it lol

Your6 year old knows how to spell naked ? WOW


easy BAN him from the phone and internet. Thats what I did with my son after we caught him doing the same at that age. Another student at school showed him porn sites. he was banned for over a year because he had looked up more after getting his phone back. When he got it back the 2nd time I disabled all search engines on his phone and all he could do was play games


I suggest youtubekids so it’s easier and only age appropriate stuff

Does he have sisters? Odd question but my children have been raised differently outside of the male female taboo and I have not had any of these issues. On the other hand psychology wise it is completely normal for him to be curious bc just odd that he was able to find that on YouTube

At that age it’s sort of normal for them to be a little curious, it may be a little on the early side but it’s not uncommon. If suggest talking to them and asking why they wanted to search for that, an open dialogue is important and letting them know that it’s natural to be curious but they are young and the internet has a lot of things that aren’t appropriate for kids his age on it. Maybe you’ll find that kids at school were talking about it or he saw something on TV that sparked an interest. So that you can start talking about puberty and how bodies change and how using the internet responsibly is important and it’s ok to be curious but it’s not ok to look that up at this age.

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: It could be much worse. Be glad he’s not a killer


You’re obviously not paying much attention to him :woman_shrugging:


My son is almost 6 and he’s not even close to even thinking like that or doing that type of stuff and he’s been having access to the internet. I think only kids that are exposed to that will do that. And also if you teach your kids at a young age about body parts they won’t look at it as more than just that, a body. Nip it in the bud, ASAP.


Parental control everything n supervision everytime he has phone n tablet. Were upgrading my 4yr old tablet from leapfrog tab to amazon fire kids edition n im so paranoid about this. Idk y u wouldn parental control shit dirst before letting ur kid have access to internet :woman_facepalming:

Unfortunately yes it really is the internet lol but I don’t say that to be mean. Think about it, as kids we didn’t have all of that access so of course we were likely older. But now, it’s just there. I found my 9 year old had typed in the word boob on Google, I usually take his phone when we go to bed but that night I left it in his room because he said he wanted to start waking up to an alarm. Well…thankfully I keep safe search on lol and he was mortified when I saw it. He didn’t even close the page lol so it’s bad to mom being the alarm clock :joy: it’s normal, kids are hitting puberty earlier and have access to different things now. I think you did fine explaining things to him, and just keep an eye on it. Set up your controls and all that.

Curiosity is normal. I spoke with my children constantly. We had conversations about girl body parts and boy body parts. Instead of actual nude photos I found a book with illustrations geared toward the age group. If they are old enough to ask the questions, they are old enough to get honest answers geared toward their age. But that being said your child is not old enough to be on the internet without direct supervision. I know it is hard to be a single parent and to have time to provide that type of watching, but if you can’t, no computer, phone or tablet. It won’t hurt them.

I suggest 1st asking why he was searching those kind of things, maybe it wasn’t his own curiosity and that of an older child or a child that has seen or been exposed to such things. I think 6 is a bit young to go search those things on their own with no exposure to it. You haven’t spoken about it to him and his not learning about it at school yet so he must have been told. Kids are wise beyond their years and very inquisitive but it started somewhere that actually made him go on the net to search these things.

I would sit down with him and have a talk. Ask him why he felt the need to look up that type of stuff. Make sure you DO NOT come across as being angry. Little kids are curious, it’s natural to wonder about things. Most times it’s a result of another child talking about something they saw. Unless you hav Eva use for concern, ie some type of abuse involving your son, I wouldn’t read to much into it. Let him know that there is a time and place and answer ANY questions you might have. All little kids get curious at some point, they know there is a difference between boys and girls and curiosity gets the best of him. I have son of my own and I’ve been in childcare and worked as a nanny. Don’t sound an alarm unless you see / hear something from your son. You are a good mom NOBODY is perfect. Let him express his feelings and questions. Having an open honest relationship now will make things smoother in th e future, you need to let him know he can talk to you without embarrassment or fear. Good luck !!

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It’s all fine and great to block him or ban him from the internet just have a conversation with him ask him why… ask him if has questions come to you and that the internet is full of shit hahaha

Just talk to him and explain everything to him

Talk to him about it then I suggest you don’t allow him on the internet, in my opinion he is a little young , there is no need to scold him as it’s very normal for a young boy or girl at that age to be curious about naked adult bodies and sex , babies etc …there’s nothing I’ve rf my wrong about it, it would just be better if he was talked to about it then him trying to learn about it on his own of the internet, not only that he is by now in school and I think we all know about the school yard talk on boobies at that age so don’t let that be his only source of information…lol

My 7 year old son used to get on YouTube kids all the time but he came across many inappropriate videos on there and so I tried filtering it more and he still found more bad videos so he isn’t supposed to be getting on the internet at all anymore. I took his tablet away completely.

Wow, all these damn moms on here talking like the OP is such a bad mom because her son watches YouTube. Shame on you, if you don’t have advice, move the hell on away from this topic since you have no experience with it.
My oldest son did this too around 5 and eventually I had to take YouTube privileges away for a little while, because even though he wasn’t finding porn videos, he was finding ‘breastfeeding my bf’ and GTA5 strip teases. I also talked to him about how inappropriate those are and that they are all saved to my own account and people would think I was looking at them instead. I think him thinking I would suffer consequences (I gave the impression that people can see your profile searches and videos watched) from it helped the most. He’s 12 now and I’ve never had any other issues with it


My daughter was 8/9 when the internet was first a thing and we didn’t have it at home. While I was working, she went in the computer lab .She googled “funny jokes for you “ and got a bunch of naked sex pictures, mostly cartoons. What a shock to everyone involved!

Just parental controls on everything. Luckily youtube has such strict rules anymore the best he’ll get there is bikinis and blurred out people its google you really gotta worry about :grimacing:

Let’s just say 1. You can parent lock YouTube which should have been done. 2. You can parent lock the internet. 3. Let’s all be happy he’s looking on YouTube which is mostly censored, or more say than the actual internet. Set up the parental blocks on all. And change his tablet or w.e. he’s using to kid proof. Period.

You can put parental block on the device and only add to it what you want them to watch.

Download family link best app to use for monitoring your kids. And disable YouTube in app settings. Idk about the rest.

Naked at my house and my daughter’s house was never made a big deal. If the kids needed the bathroom while I was in the shower or even toweling off, they came in. They walked in my room as I was changing. They got dressed together in the livingroom. Small house. The point being, we’ve never made naked a big deal. Understand I don’t purposely walk around naked in front if my grandson. But I don’t scream and tell if he walks in. It’s more like “really? Give me a minute.” I didn’t and don’t want them to think there is anything wrong with their body or that it’s shameful. I’d approach it like “dude, that channel isn’t for kids”, and let it go. If he’s curious, he’ll ask. Or if he asks why, tell him kids are supposed to watch kid things. Then change the subject.


If it were my kids I would just let them know that I understand their curiosity and that if they have questions they need to come to me or their dad for the right answers, the internet is full of information but not always the right information. If you don’t explain these things to them they’ll get the information elsewhere either from the internet or other kids


I would have a talk with him. Be calm, be honest and adk him where he learned about what he was looking at. Explain he should of come to you if there were question’s. I bet he learn this from a another boy or older brother of a friend. Maybe councling would be a better way. A man counciler help him. I raise 3 boys as a single Mom, they were all different. Just be honest and don’t shame him. This is a delicate subject. Now days kids just want to know everything before its time.

Instead of getting mad at him talk about it ask him why is he watching it


Maybe if someone had mentioned to you before that a kindergarten aged child shouldn’t have been on the internet unsupervised, this wouldn’t have happend. You don’t need to hear it? You obviously need to hear a lot of things sweetheart, but I doubt you’d listen.

Boys are boys and the desire to look at naked women will always be there. Even though six year olds have those thoughts it’s usually not a problem because most competent parents actually monitor their children.


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I think I would ask him what he was trying to see. He was curious about something so he looked it up. Find out what it was and answer his questions honestly.

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We are very open with our children about the human body and sex. If they have a question, we answer it honestly. Even though my 8 year old son is informed, he’s still curious and has looked up pictures of naked women once or twice. Instead of punishing him, we talk with him about why he was looking at them in the first place. It doesn’t matter that we have explained it to him. It’s not going to keep him from being curious. It’s not that they have been “exposed”. It’s about a lack of education on the subject for a lot of kids. Maybe parents find it uncomfortable or figure society will teach them. I’ve openly breastfed in front of my children and explained to them why the baby was nursing from me and how a baby was create and born. They do see it as just body parts but they are fully aware of those body parts different functions as well. Maturing and the influence of children at school have peaked his curiosity on actually seeing those parts. It’s not disgusting behavior. I’m a firm believer in teaching kids about the body, how each part functions, and for what reason. Just keep it age appropriate.

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Its normal, just talk to him and let him know he is always free to ask you anything about that subject. He is just trying to learn about what he has noticed. By now he is seeing that men and women look different and wants to know why. Give him the proper names for body part, and just ask him what all he wants to know about the subject.

I agree, google all the ways u can add parental settings to everything…wifi, YouTube, gaming devices, etc. At this point he’s already been exposed to it so just talk to him about the situation…keep an eye on him, if you think he has a problem you can always take him to therapy or seek other options.

I’m not even a single mom but my husband works 10hr shifts so he is rarely here with the kids on weekdays so basically it’s up to me to be mom and dad most of the time…so with that said I have the talks with my son. If he has questions which started about the age of your son I showed him we could be honest and talk even if something maybe a little uncomfortable to ask about it’s better for him to come to me and even us find answers together than him to do it on his own. He is 14yrs now and I’m glad that we started discussions then because now he tells me how his friends are doing things and he is aware but not participating because he has respect for his self and women. Take this moment to open the lines of communication show him that no matter what u will always be there and honesty is the best policy. Good luck I wish you all the best. Also for those talking about parental controls etc if kids are curious enough the will find a way and they hear and see things from other kids which makes open communication in this day in age essential to raising our children especially if it is a boy without a father figure on a daily basis. Just my opinion and experience :wink:

It is normal. Not to have sexual desire but to be a curious little boy. His friends probably talked about it, in whispered tones, so he was looking to see what the hoopla was about. He is not attracted to women and is not a deviant of any type. He is just a boy doing what boys do at that age.

Wonder how a six year old knew how to find this it sounds fishy

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I’m still stuck on not knowing if a 16yo wanting to look at nudes is normal or not.

Talk to his doctor, see what they recommend.

Your boy will be fine. Teach him the respect he needs for woman. All boys these days want to know. They see their friends looking .I have 13 lids all learn at different ages about the body. Some early age some late. You can’t stop it just teach

My son was 2 and came in to use bathroom as I was getting out of shower. He then blurts out “mom! Your pee thing fell off”. When I was dressed I explained to him the difference between boys and girls.


Wow. I’d be more concerned where he’s learning things like that?
Taking away the computer time is the easy part… but who and why made him want to look at those things? My 6 year old has no idea about that kind of stuff. Kisses are still gross to him.


Have a secret giggle and install the youtube kids app.


I thing most negative things…come from asking questions to someone with ill intentions. I would talk to him and tell him it isnt appropriate to look those things up on the internet because the internet isnt always safe. Answer his questions and make him feel comfortable comming back to you when hes 10 and has more.

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Lol my son was 6 and came home from school asking about sex. Unfortunately… nothing you can do about school and what other kids talk to your kids about. I would make it to where internet use is supervised and there is a way to make it to where nothing inappropriate on YouTube. Just go to settings and can change that. As for anything else, he has to be near you in a room that is wide open to use internet.

Its a normal age in my opinion
Tech just makes it worse
Curiosity is normal, like anything taboo it’s interesting
I guess its time to do what parents do best and make something super uncool

My son is 9 and has been caught looking at “big booties” and other stuff on youtube a while back. He is now only allowed to use youtube with an adult in the room.

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Went Thur that with grandson just sat him down and told him there are somethings his little eyes shouldn’t see that was last time he did it

I would say it’s more curiosity than anything.
But yes block the sights, ask him if he has any questions you could help him with. I have a 13 year old son been through the same thing

At least he was looking at “ladies”! Checked the browser history of the computer when my son was 11 or 12, he was looking for topless GIRLS! Although, it was age appropriate for him, I was expecting to see Chris Hansen in my kitchen! We had a long talk with him about the internet is registered to us adults and he can’t be searching these kinds of things.

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Are you can do is closely monitor and put a child safety on a certain things for those kinds of videos that usually have a age restriction if you create an account set for a younger age like him like one under the age of 18 it will prevent him from being able to watch those

Kid are more clued on then we think and def with what’s out there now for them to see, they say honesty is best so tell them the truth. Say it’s not ok for people his age to look at that as its for adults

I had kids YouTube but still monitored everything. I deleted that and don’t let them YouTube without me at all now.
My son was watching a clip of Blues Clues ‘We just got a letter’ clip and the was a naked man photoshopped in the envelope.

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My son is 9. He has to ride his bike to and from school so we bought him a phone. It was set up for a child under 13 and has safety features. His tablet is also the same way but we still caught him looking up naked ladies. I don’t how much see saw. I know its different bc yr son is only 6 but I told my son it’s normal for a boy just starting puberty to wonder what a naked girl looks like. I told him the internet is not safe. We had a talk about everything that would come along with a boy wanting to see a naked girl including respect and keeping our hands to ourselves. He knows he can ask me or dad anything, can’t watch w you tube with out an adult and that I will be checking and monitoring his phone and tablet.

Admiring beauty is hardly something to complain about. But having said that, it’s up to the adult to choose what the child should and can be exposed to. You set the moral, ethical standards that are acceptable to you. Don’t expect the child to be able to do that on his or her own. That’s something owed to the child. I would also look into his circle of friends.


I find 6 is pretty young. My boy is 5, and hes never ever shown interest in sexualized women. Hes still too impressed with his own junk to realize there’s more out there to explore. Lol.
And dinosaurs and video games are still is main focus.
Id definitely, definitely talk to him… ask why he watches it, what about it is exciting to him… ? Good luck, momma

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Anytime something like this comes up I ask them what they were looking for and why. It’s often curious or something they heard that they didn’t have context for. There’s nothing wrong with naked bodies but he’s not old enough to choose if he wants to share his bits with anyone. If they ask the question they get an age appropriate answer

At least he isn’t looking up people getting hurt or killed

So, I was about to reply to this question, until it occurred to me I should keep my mouth shut because I have no children! Kudos to all the moms out there doing their best everyday to navigate the minefields of Parenthood!!

My son is 8, he would FREAK if he saw naked anything!