I feel like something is medically wrong with me but everything comes back fine: Thoughts?

Sounds like anxiety to me. You need to rest and relax hun. I know it’s sounds easier said then done. Try to relax your racing thoughts. Read a book, watch a favorite movie of yours, get a mani or a pedi… something that you can enjoy for yourself. Take care of yourself cause if you can’t take care of yourself you can’t take care of your kids. (If you believe in God pray. It calms my soul when I do) Hang in there . We woman are stronger than you think. You got this :bouquet::heart:


Did they check your thyroid levels


Holy crap i thought i was crazy. Im exactly the same right down to the slightly elevated wbc. Only difference is ill throw up. Wind snow rain touches my face up it comes. Shirt touches my neck off i go gagging and pucking. Pants too tight back to the bathroom. Gotta go potty yup going to throw up. Eat more then a few bites of food. I throw up. And the rib pain oh my god. It gets swollen and hurts. I had a blood clot in my right lung last may. They dont know were it came from. Been in and out of the er multiple times and everything checks out fine. Luckly i have an excellent doctor and they have been runing test after test. Tomorrow i get checked for a herniated stomach. I also have had bleeding between peroids. God i hope they find something soon!:sob::sob::sob:

Could it be anemia? And dehydration? Believe it or not, many of these can stem from low hemoglobin plus low blood volume.
*chest tightness and pain
*racing thoughts
*ringing ears
*pounding in head
*dizziness when standing
*feeling overwhelmed
*feeling impending doom
*prone to infection/illness

Those are just a few…
Be your own advocate!!
You are just a day’s work to most of medical workers.
Side note: if you happen to be a coffeeholic, like i was, keep in mind that large amounts of caffeine inhibit the body’s absorption of iron, among other things, causing anemia, or making it worse, which, in turn, can cause a whole slew of other issues.
May not be the case here, but maybe will help someone. Last year, an intern threw her hands in the air and said loudly ‘why have you been anemic all your life?’ Then disregarded the anemia and prescribed an antidepressant/antianxiety. I walked out of the next appt when she denied the reaction that med gave me and told me i needed counseling. This is an intern, who will eventually be a Dr.
This is what patients are dealing with.

ER won’t treat these symptoms, that’s why they send you to a pcp, find one that will see you in person.

I had a lot of this and other symptoms for about 10 years and a lot of people thinking I was a hypochondriac until I finally got diagnosed with POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) when I was 27. I couldn’t even sum up the symptoms but it has a whole array of them. The biggest ones being rapid heart rate and a lot of things you would see with anxiety and dehydration. It wasn’t super common when I got diagnosed but more doctors are learning about it now. With that being said there is only one specialist for it in my state. IV fluids helped my symptoms when I was in the ER thinking I was having a heart attack and then followed with a tilt table test for diagnosis. :heart:

It could also be ross river fever they never test for it!

Sounds like enxiety attack. They are horrible. The recent issue could be your sinuses. I get bad headaches and sinus pain at the beginning of a sinus infection and don’t have a stuffy or runny nose at the time.

It could be Mono. you can be sick with it for a long time. They normally do not test for it. It will make you feel awful. Antibotics will not help.

Are you by chance near menopause age? Have you considered adding more viatmins- but you need guidance from your pcp about what dosage and which vits are good for you- there are dangers in vits that are not water soluable! You may want to see a gyn if you are near age for menopause patricularly one that is interested in aging and changing needs for a woman as she approaches that time in her life…I do not recommend chiropractic help - they sometimes tend to overstep their bounds and they do not believe in vaccinating- adjustments to neck and back have to be done very carefully-stay out of ers for now unless you have life threatening symptoms- most ers are overwhelmed with Covid patients right now! Also diagnostic tests should be ordered by a physician only if on exam they see an indication for a speicifc test like an MRI-Fed sponsored insurance like Medicaid and Medicare might deny payment if it a test is not indicated as needed by your doctor…something you need to watch out for…

Ive been having a lot of similar and I have recently been diagnosed with MS.

I had a doctor bk in 2017 that kept telling me I needed to see a psychiatrist because there was nothing wrong with me. I begged him for a referal to a cardiologist. I had started blacking out more and more. This had been going on scince I was a teen. It was worse when I was pregnant in 1988, 1990 and 1991. My OBGYN said it was normal for being pregnant.
But it got better.
2017 I was blacking out everyday. The ER would see the notes in my file from my GP saying I needed a psychiatrist and they treated me like a nut. They said “I find it hard to believe you have a heart condition that has been undiagnosed your whole life.” So I went to a psychiatrist, he said there was nothing mentality wrong with me and I just needed I get a new doctor. So I did. I kept getting new doctors untill the end of 2019 She sent me to a cardiologist who looked in my old records and diagnosed me with mild material valve prolapse. I kept coming back every week. He told me I needed a psychiatrist. My GP sent me to a pulmanary doctor in 2019. Turns out I am terminaly ill with pulmanary fibrosis. I got my GP to send me to a new cardiologist in March 2020. She ran some different tests. Within 45 days I was told I needed my heart fixed ASAP. I was the 3rd operation when the hospital started seeing non covid patients.
Listen to your body. If your doctor does not listen to you, get another one and another one untill they listen.

Sounds like anxiety to me also. I have had a lot of the same problems but have been able to recognize an attack coming. Laying down, closing my eyes has helped. It’s kind of hard to do that in our every day busy lives. I wish you the best of luck btw they do have medicine for anxiety. Luckily I have never had to take it.

It could be your having anxiety attacks maybe you are over anxious about something ask anxiety meds

Check your CO2 in your home

Ask to be referred to an ent. I was doing this and i also ended up having dizziness and facial pressure and it was my sinus’s.

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Maybe have them check you for blood clots? I have been dealing with similar symptoms for the past four years. Multiple tests and no one could help me. I gave up. Then I got very sick and tried to go to walk in clinic this last Tuesday but they sent me to ER. A couple CT scans and x-ray of chest later. They found multiple blood clots in my lungs. Thank the Lord! I’m a walking miracle! I hope this isn’t what you have but I would highly suggest they check this. Prayers.

I have had very similar experiences to this.

Definitely sounds like severe anxiety.

You’re seeing the wrong kind of doctor, you need to see a psychiatrist. It sounds like you may be suffering from anxiety attacks or panick attacks. The difference is that an anxiety attack is gradual and can last hours even days, while a panic attack is sudden and lasts seconds to a few minutes.

I had a similar story but my symptoms kept increasing. Everyone kept saying it was anxiety until most my body systems were in distress. Almost 2 years later and currently we are getting to the bottom of it. It took 3+ years for anyone to look further into the issues. You have to find the right doctor. Note everything. Talk about all possibilities. Etc. I still am being treated for anxiety cause it does make the symptoms worse. It’s a step by step process. My primary had been seeing me since I was little and saw the rapid decline. So he knew something was off right away. But specialist that don’t know you it’s a lot harder to get anywhere with.

White counts are up… I had same problem but the body ache never went away … emergency room will treat for anxiety attacks. It has to be a special test request by the dr. I ended up have an auto immune disease when my white counts were elevated but in a regular blood test it won’t show.

Sounds like anxiety. When I get really bad anxiety my mind goes wild and I always think different things are wrong with me because the anxiety can actually make your body feel that way. Anxiety really takes a toll on your body. I can’t tell you how many times I went to the ER thinking I was dying from something.