I feel like my sister doesn't treat my oldest newphew the same as the others: Advice?

Slap so sense into her a legit slapping

If you can, buy him a couple of presents for under the tree. Make her feel bad

Its really hard to give you a advise,its sad that your sister has favorites childrens,my parents have my brother like he is a god,and he is the meanest person of our family…i dont love him at all…because if you are giving from your parents the best you have to help your parents to show them thanks for the way they treat him and give him things,he dont give a dam to my parents,but still they put him in the highest space,I dont care for him at all…thats what your sister is creating in her family to divide the feelings…hope you can find the way to talk to her and tell her she must love all her kids the same,give them the same amount of things because son day in the future she will regret it…and give him all the love he needs as a aunt…

Ask her if she would have liked it if yours and her mother would have given you more than her! When she says no, then tell her that is how she is treating her oldest child. If she doesn’t step up, and if you can afford it, buy him extra gifts from you. Let him know someone cares about him. I got gifts, but in other ways my sister and I were treated like the outsiders in our family. If not for three relatives, I’m not sure I could have handled it as a kid or young adult. Their love counted for a LOT in my heart.


Could be she has a certain amount for each child, the oldest wants expensive things so less pesents, we did this for our six children dont judge others

Buy him a bunch of gifts