I feel insecure about about being around my husbands friends and their wives...advice?

I need some encouragement. We are going on a house boat with my husband’s work friends. They all have such beautiful wives (creeped them on facebook) and I’m so self conscious. I will be the biggest girl there. They are all skinny beautiful women and I just don’t want to go for that reason. But i would never say no cause my husband really wants to go. How do you get over that? I want to enjoy my time but I just can’t get that ugly feeling out of my head. Please someone help me so I can enjoy this time with my husband kid free. They want to go swimming and there is no freaking way this mama is putting on a bathing suit with those bikini models! Doesn’t help his co workers are all really shallow men who talk about model women in magazines how hot they are all the time


It sounds like your husband loves you and is NOT ashamed of the way you look. I know ita easier said than done but to I will miss out on life, everything life has to offer if you’re afraid. We all have insecurities. Go, and remember your family. The unconditional love your children show you regardless of how you look. The love and passion your husband has for you, the wife and mother that you are daily. Remember who you are and enjoy your adult time with your husband. You only live once and it’s short. Live it with all you’ve got!


Share your insecurity with your husband so he can hype you up! Go buy a new suit and some accessories that make you feel confident. A nice wrap, hat, sandals etc. Not everyone likes skinny, curvy is sexy and beautiful too. There are bikini models of all shapes, sizes and colors! Sexy is a state of mind, not a state of body.


Only person you care about is your husband he thinks your beautiful & so you go looking hot as you are, & let yourself shine baby!!! Life’s to short & enjoy that free time!

I always try to remember that not everyone gets to have date nights kid free, not every day is promised so soak up that moment with who you love & forget the ones who don’t & someone out there wishes they. Could have one more date like that with their Someone special!

Get it girl & have a great time with your man!

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Go! Be the life of the party and really just enjoy yourself. The wives are probably lovely people too.


Own it and plz try and be proud of the body your in. Life is WAY too short to be anything but fun and happy sweetie. Our bodies change all during our lives but it’s who you are. Wear the cutest sun dress you own and say your not swimming today if you don’t want to wear a suit but go and have fun with YOUR man by your side. From a momma of 4 who knows how you feel-now I’m an old lady (widow) who knows it just doesn’t matter.


Be yourself and if your man really wants you to be there go ahead I would maybe find a bathing suit that goes right with your body sometimes we try something that really just makes us look like we don’t have a nice body but in reality it really is the clothes that we wear so tip one find something that makes your body feel comfortable in and try to watch videos of becoming friends with your clothes also love the way you look no matter what let them know you shine let us know how it goes :smiley:


Most woman use filters on their social media.dnt get yourself down.thin doesnt always mean pretty


I’ve always been that girl bigger than the rest of them and never wore a bathing suit. You’ll catch me in shorts and a shirt in any water. It can be a bruise to your ego but at the end of the day, you’ll enjoy a kid free day with your man. And even if those men are the type to talk about women’s bodies, they’d be stupid to talk about your body anywhere near or to your husband so it’s not something you’ll likely find out about. Have a couple drinks and unwind and don’t care about any of the others opinions. I know easier said than done but you’ll regret not going and spending some much needed adult time.


I understand how you feel, but as mentioned above, confidence is sexy. And those other wives each have their own insecurities. Just be you♡


I wouldn’t go if I felt like that , sorry it won’t get any better on a houseboat! Do something you would like to do!!


Sweetheart. SEXY is attitude. Present yourself as Sexy and others with see the beauty


Be confident and bring your sparkling personality! Do your hair and make up(but not over due it), a little jewelry and a super cute cover up! There are many flattering(control top) suits out there. You got this :sunny:


You hit the name on the head, shallow!! Stand tall, relax be yourself!


Please do not exclude yourself from the world because you feel insecure.
We all have insecurities and that’s Oky , any women can look fantastic in a bathing suit, you just need to get right one for your figure .
Amazon and SHEIN have a lot of cute options with great supporter a lot of them also have tummy control , you can get a cute coverall that match , a nice beach hat and you will look great ( you can google plus size bikini options so you can have a better a idea .

PS: our insecurities play with our minds and self esteem making us think that we look “ worse “ than we really are .


Beauty is as beauty does. Let your inner beauty shine through. Go have a good time your husband wants you there. If you don’t feel comfortable swimming, go with them sit on the side of the pool dangle your feet into the water, if you can’t find a bathing suit that you feel comfortable wearing buy a cute sundress one that is knee length and soft colors. Obviously your husband is excited about the two of you going together. You will be fine best if luck and enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy


I too am “the big wife” , however I only have to go home with my husband and only God himself is gonna judge me when it’s my time, so I could careless what anyone thinks… go and have a great time!! You’ll be glad you did!! What they think about you is none of your business!!!


Girl get your big ass on there and rock the boat !!! I’m sure they’ll love you and you’ll make some baddie friends maybe some future gym buddies. I’m always the bigger girl, I know how you feel but it’s just s a matter of showing up! It’s important to him and good for his social image if you show up. He’s obviously not ashamed or self conscious about you - that’s why he wants his thick juicy arm candy with him the whole time. Definitely go. It’s a perfect opportunity to get some baddie summer clothes and bathing suits and toes done and pop champagne with some other beautiful ladies. Do not rob yourself of a sweet experience because you’re big. Big girls gotta eat, big girls gotta have fun , big girls need love , big girls need friends too! If you didn’t hear me …. YOU BETTER GO MAAM

Your husband isn’t ashamed of you that’s why he wants you to go so don’t be ashamed of yourself!
Wear what makes you confident be you and have fun, you already have the ring hunny there’s no one to impress love yourself!
Enjoy that kid free time.


I bet you are sexy af. PLEASE PLEASE enjoy yourself. This world has convinced you to be self conscious. Those women that are going, are just skinner. Who cares. Be confident in your skin no matter the size. YOU DESERVE TO ENJOY LIFE. STOP CARING ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE OPINIONS, FOCUS ON YOU.

Girl your husband chose you! It doesn’t matter about those other ppl. Don’t let your anxiety over what other ppl might think ruin you and your family’s good time. If they decide to be snooty, let them. That just means they are not your people and you don’t have to go around them again. If you don’t go though you may never find out if you could’ve made some new mom friends and your kids making new kid friends! Times have changed! You go and rock yourself girl! Sometimes our anxiety lies to us so just be you and I’m sure they’ll love you for that!!!

Wear a cute swim suit ! A two piece that has shorts, high rise bottoms and a fitted top. Or even a cute one piece ! You can use one of those dark sheer wrap things to cover your bum if you’d like. Or one that you wear over your shoulders ? I wouldn’t spend too much time on makeup since you’re swimming but you can pit a few loose curls in your hair and som small jewelry like a bracelet and earrings. Just be yourself. Confidence in yourself is what makes you attractive. They might be " models " but they also might be really good people. Won’t know unless you go.
You’ll either have a really good time and make new friends, or you’ll realise that his work friends aren’t your type of people. Either way, it’ll be an experience with your husband :black_heart:


If I was that uncomfortable…I wouldn’t go. At times I havent. The stress forcing myself to ‘act as if’ wasnt worth it when I did. It also shows, whether we think it does or not. Not about what anyone else my think, but my own comfort zone, which I value.
You don’t have to go…and hubs will be fine. Enjoy time with hubs later.

I’d say get swim suits that compliment your body an will make you feel comfortable an confident! You will look an feel amazing, never compare your body to someone else♥️


Men love confident women. Go have fun and enjoy the day. You got this!


Girl you gotta put that bathing suit on, adjust that crown and do not let insecurity come on this trip wit you mama! I’m sure your beautiful! God made you sweetie, and he don’t make mistakes!!! ((Hugs)) Now adjust that crown n get packing! Xo

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Everyone has flaws sweetie. They might be skinnier but I guarantee they got other issues. Noone in perfect. Go for your husband. At the end of the day it’s you he loves and is taking home. Be proud of you and yall.

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Well… I know how you feel… however… sounds like you have a husband that loves you… for you!! So go… have fun… wear your swim suit… and enjoy your husband!! You already have him and he has you… so who cares about the rest!! You are not there to impress anyone but him!! Just because you may be over weight…, doesn’t mean that you can’t look cute too!! Be yourself and have fun!!

If u feel that way work on loosing weight.woulf even be good for your health. Sounds like your hubbyloves u and not ashamed or he wouldn’t go . There are some beautiful bigger people out there. Be satisfied with your self or change it

Put that damn bathing suit on girl. I am the bigger girl of our friends wives and my husband loves me for who I am. Don’t worry about your insecurities because they “may be beautiful on the outside, doesn’t mean they are on the inside”. Everyone has insecurities. Dont let it ruin your time- its taken me a long time to get where I am comfortable in my own skin. Go on the houseboat, buy yourself a flattering bathing suit & cover up (there are SO many options now) and have a great time

Because your husband has seen you in every stage? Because most women don’t judge and as much as you don’t want to be judged for what you look like, you sure are judging others for how they look. Wear a bathing suit and enjoy your time because I can tell you I’m sure his friends have already seen what you look like.

Why would you want to be stuck on a houseboat with “shallow” people ? you said “kid free” so it seems you guys are a little upstream of a spring break / girls gone wild type of getaway, give him his hall pass to go hang with his work buddies and you spend time with your kids husband free - less anxiety - better company

If you don’t want to go don’t! Find something you enjoy and he can do the work thing and you can meet up later. Both of you can have a good time “ kidless “ and you can relax and not feel you need to be someone your not.

You’re beautiful exactly as you are, but if you really don’t want to do a swimsuit this is by far my favorite purchase ever. It’s a romper you can swim in, and keeps you covered without looking like a grandma Women's Upf 50 High Neck Swim Romper With Pockets One Piece Swimsuit - Aqua Green® : Target

You husband obviously doesn’t mind even with all his work colleagues with beautiful wife’s as you say, he wants you there to show you off that’s should be a confident boost, size hasn’t nothing to do with anything, as long as you beautiful inside witch you sound like you are, there could be slim beautiful woman but if they have an ugly heart then they ugly. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder your husband thinks your beautiful so who cares what anyone else thinks. You go on that boat you wear that swimsuit and you rock it girl

Social media is never what it looks like! Any and everyone will care less! Confidence and a smile/ good conversation is what matters!! Your husband loves you! He just wants a good time with you!! I think as soon as you get on the boat and meet them that will be the furthest thing from your mind!! Have fun and let loose!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Walk with your head held high.


To me , beauty is what’s on the inside… Not the outside.

Just show up with confidence. Just because they’re little twigs doesn’t make you any less. Beauty comes in all sizes. Your husband wants you to go, and is proud of you. So be proud of yourself. No one will be thinking about your size as much as you’re thinking about your size.

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No offense to anyone but not all guys want or think skinny women are beautiful! :woman_shrugging:t2: You are beautiful the way you are! Nobody is YOU that’s your power! :people_hugging::revolving_hearts:

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes :heart::heart: be confident

It’s not the meatsuit that counts. It’s the soul that makes the person. Go, enjoy. Make memories. We only go around 1 time.

Don’t go by what you see on FB. You may be surprised to see that they’re not as perfect in person as they are online. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re insecure as well. Especially if they’re married to shallow men, who probably compare them to the models they speak of. If they’re as shallow as you say, should you really care what they think of you? Go. Have a good day with your husband. Become friendly with the other wives. You may end up being pleasantly surprised by everyone.

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