I feel forgotten about since I had my son: Advice?

Sorry this is the way it is - kids first

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Thats normal.most people don’t know what else to ask.they assume that your child is your world.


Mothers are some of the most hardworking, and yet most unappreciated people on the planet. Don’t take it personally because it’s very common. Moms take care of everything, not get taken care of usually. Find something for you, join a mommy & me group or just get out of the house in some way! :heart:


I went thru same thing with my first born. I went thru post partum with all three of my babies and that is some of the issue but not all. Tell people how it makes you feel. The second and third baby was easier after people realized how they made me feel like I didn’t matter anymore. Speak up girl!

I lost all my friends after I had my son. It does happen. I’m sorry you feel this way. I hope you can talk to someone about this it will help

CONGRATULATIONS on your new baby, Just maybe they , everyone is given you peace to settle in, And don’t want to disturb you , in case you are sleeping. They also might not to overwhelm you with constant calling or coming over. Maybe you need to reach out & tell everyone, how lonely you are without them

Definitely post partum. I didn’t go through this with any of mine, but a lot of other mother’s do. Definitely talk to ur Dr. Get a counselor, try some meds.


So sorry momma :heart:
I will ask, how are you? How’s it being a new momma? If you need to talk or vent or have crazy questions, my inbox is open!

You find out who your friends out when you get sober or have kids. I can honestly say I have one true friend and she loves my babies. When they ask about the baby say “don’t worry about my child if you can’t worry about the one caring for him first!” :woman_shrugging:t2:

Welcome to Motherhood.

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Nothing is wrong with you! It’s ok to feel how you are. A lot of new moms do feel this way. When someone asks “how’s the baby doing” say “oh we’re doing great thanks for asking” and when they ask “when can I see the baby” respond “you can come see us at X time”. This may get people realizing what they’re doing. If it doesn’t though, just remember that it’s easy for people to get swept up in a new baby.
The comments that say “sorry that’s just the way it is” are wrong. That’s not the way it has to be. You are more than just your child, and people should be asking you how you are doing as well. :heart::heart::heart:
I’m not suggesting you have postpartum depression, but I did have pp baby blues for a little bit and felt like I was doing it all on my own even though I had tons of support. Baby blues go away but pp depression stays for longer. Talk to your doctor if you have other symptoms and they linger :heart:


Speak up. Call them out on it. Don’t entertain people who don’t even acknowledge you. Mother’s are an integral part of our society. We create and raise the future. You matter. Your mental health matters. You can message me any day any time if you need to talk :heart: I’ll be thinking about you

It makes me irate that women-mother’s- tell others moms who are struggling things like, “better get use to it” “the kids are all that matter” etc bullshit. There is a reason why the leading cause of death in post partum women is suicide. Support moms! This is not normal. Our society is so messed up. Like, no, Karen just because you “got over it” and let people treat you like crap does not mean other moms should. Stop with the, “I tougherd it out so can you” mentality and realize maybe you did tough it but you shouldn’t of had to in the first place. Break the cycle.

i have a 3 week old baby shes my 6 th baby but this is normal postpartum baby blues i think your midwife may have mentioned it to u in your after care it does get better if it doesnt soon please see your doctor its so hard at first but i hope your ok and congratulations on baby xxx

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Hi everyone, this is my post. I decided to let yall know an update, I have any appointment to get on some meds in a few weeks. Thank you for all of your kind words and encouragement, I thought I was crazy and something was wrong with me for a minute there. I just wanted to say, its not like I don’t have anyone, I have some friends and family, I just don’t understand why they’re constantly redialling and texting just to see what he’s doing, and when can I leave my house so they can see him. They don’t ask if he needs anything, nothing like that. Just “when can I see him”. Especially my MIL, (To clarify I am a single parent, fiance is in prison) My MIL is especially the worst at this. We had such a close relationship when I was pregnant, and since I had my baby she doesn’t want anything to do with me, but constantly redialling and blowing my phone up to see him. Last time she seen him she called him "bo legged"and that he “barely looks like her son.” I cried after she left. She says these things but then constantly blowing me up to see him and makes me feel like shit when I’m busy or something has come up to where we can’t meet up. She’s been treating me like shit and since she’s said those things I really don’t even want to be around her, but I’m so terrified of her being spiteful and possibly calling DHS or CPS on me, even when they’d tell me to have a good day since he’s well taken care of. A couple weeks ago when she seen him, he was crying and I told her no pacifiers because I had a bad overbite growing up because of them (nothing against those who use them), but I told her no and she forcefully held one in his mouth so he’d stop crying to where he was gagging. I’m scared to stand up to her. So I’ve just been sucking it up. It hurts really bad and I cry a lot because I just want to cut her out but scared to. I’m alone and her making me feel like shit and talking about my child doesn’t help at all. I just feel so alone and defeated.

Check with your doctor about post partum it’s a very real thing. people are ridiculous out of touch about moms and their needs. Being a mom solo is hard, no if’s ands or buts. Sign people up for a casserole train or something chores wise that would help when they come to visit when you are ready of course. People are all about the baby, but that means taking care of you too. You do matter but people are obsessed with babies. You are a month out… give it some time.


Girl! thats so normal I promise! itll fade the more attached you get to your LO

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It happened to me! As soon as they wisked my baby to the NICU (diabetes) everyone left me! I didn’t care cause I got some sleep!

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It sounds like you’re feeling alone. You can feel alone even if you’re not physically alone. Talk to someone. A doctor. A friend. Anyone. It may be post Partum or it may not be but it’s best to address those feelings early on so you can find a way through it. Congratulations on your baby and being a mama. I hope baby and YOU are doing well.


You MIGHT start getting some recognition around when they get married… lol…just kidding.
Unfortunately that’s how it goes.
Good luck


Mom’s just don’t get acknowledged really. People assume that asking about the baby equates to asking about the momma. Definitely talk to your doctor if you’re having trouble leaving the house and things. You still need to be able to do things you would do. This is a hard one for me but reach out for help if you need it, people don’t know what need unless you communicate. Momming is so hard but worth it. You can do this. :heart:


This is “normal.” It’s mostly because the baby is new! Sometimes it takes a: Yes. I’m doing okay! (Sarcastically) after being asked to see the baby or how the baby is doing! Let people know that you feel invisible since the baby has been born. I hope things get better, girl.

Congratulations I would suggest some pp therapy as it may be pp depression. No one ever checks in on me. And after I had a loss a month later no one once again gave two licks about me. Soon they won’t even wanna see baby. Trust me. It all fades. You could join some support groups or find a hobby? I like little to no friends for little to no more drama than what my minions already give me.

A closed mouth don’t get fed. If you need help… Ask for it. It’s okay to tell people you’re overwhelmed. It’s not okay to assume they know and be mad because they don’t.


I’d say this is very common, especially with friends/family members that don’t have kids.

Sometimes people are oblivious. When they say “does the baby need anything” say “no, but I could use a shower” divert and make it obvious to them that you still have needs. A new baby makes people blind I swear.


Yep totally normal.
It sounds like maybe you need to speak to your doctor hun.

Get used to it. I’m not meaning that to sound harsh, but you’re going to have to pick yourself up and understand that you’re a Mom now and we get pushed to the backburner as far as anything being about you anymore. They probably don’t understand that hormones are crazy after having a baby, and I’m sure once yours level back out you won’t be feeling like this.

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It is normal, unfortunately! You should call a friend/family member one day and ask can you come sit with the baby while I shower or while I nap. Call another friend and ask them to just come over for coffee and adult conversation. If you ask then they will realize, you need help even if it’s just once or twice a week. They can’t fix what they don’t realize is broken. You will get through this but if you’re feeling so overwhelmed, please contact your doctor. Congratulations on the birth of your child! You’ve got this Momma!

Nothing is wrong with you! It happens when you have a baby. Good luck momma!

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Maybe you’d like to join a mom’s group like La Leche League if you’re lonely?

It’s normal, they did it to me too but I started saying something like yeah I’m good thanks or flat out like I’m chop liver now, here he is. Probably not the best way but it showed them how I felt

It’s common to feel this way. I think even more so with the first baby. He’s new and exciting! As the focus of your world, time and energy … it’ll be important to put yourself up to the top of the list of priorities as well. If you are healing or tired SAY NO. between my first and second I learned it’s ok to say no to visitors…, made healing with my 2nd much more peaceful and the experience over all was easier.

As far as parents - yea mine’s focus shifted right to my girls. Friends -50/50. Honestly I lost so many when I had my first because of their lack of interest. I was young when I had her so it instantly put my friends and I in very different paths.

My advice? Talk to them and set boundaries now.

Absolutely hunny I felt the same exact way , people need to do better at checking in with Mamas after birth , not just the babies . And god forbid you voice how you feel-then the guilt just sets in. I’m here to talk anytime ! I was a new mom only 19 short months ago. PM and anytime .

people always forget about the mom and its always about the baby. well most people. ive had a few that have asked how im doing after i had my kiddos. not the point though. i think people don’t realize they do this. don’t hesitate to take time for you. that’s so so so important. just cause you have a baby now doesn’t mean you get put on the back burner. you need to take care of your self also. if the dad is around and in the picture have him watch the baby while you take a nice hit relaxing bath or shower and have time to your self. or do w.e u do to relax. if you don’t do this you’ll lose yourself and most likly slip into a very dark hole of depression and it fucking sucks. ask me how i know lol :neutral_face::woman_shrugging:t2:. seriously though. don’t take it to heart. just how ppl are

Yep, that’s about it. I’m also a single parent and when my son was born, everyone wanted to see him or look after him. Now he’s nearly 9, I hear from and see noone. I can’t get a babysitter for quids.

By the time I had my 3rd, nobody cared anymore. Just get used to it but do things for yourself. Don’t forget yourself

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Single parenting is lonely… Mine are 9 and 10 and when they were babies, we had so many visitors but not anymore… I’m sorry you feel this way, I get it… you do get used to it

Get involved with new Mom groups and it’s a good way to to get to know new people that have problems also and are good to share your problems with.

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Oh, yeah, and it was B A D for me, like, dark times and considering not living bad. Nobody helped me and I have no idea why I lived. Get some help, go inpatient if you need to. This is very valid, and you need help.

You might want to talk to your doctor. You might have a little case of ppd… If no one is asking about you just throw yourself into the conversation. Say something like here he is all cute and well taken care of while I’m just…( insert problem here) people tend to forget about the mama but you are a strong person and you do matter. Try to get some of those people to come love him so you can get a break and someone to talk to.

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The baby is new & is now the center of attention & personally I would be okay with that because atleast you have people who care about you’re baby family/friends I have NO family other than the one I created with my husband & all they have is my husbands grandmother whom they barely see because she lives far & doesn’t drive but I would give anything! Too have someone care about my babies the way people care about yours.
I know you might feel alone but sweetheart you aren’t alone you have you’re precious baby.

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Tell people they can see the baby if….they bring a casserole, watch the baby while you nap and/or shower, if they do your laundry, change your sheets, mop the floors, run your feet, paint your nails, fix your hair, fill your gas tank, pledge to call and talk to you about YOU every (Monday, Tues, Wed.—whatever day of the week and time you choose) for X number of minutes, or whatever you would like.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease, and the more specific your requests are, the more likely you are to get what you want. Most people haven’t a clue what to say or do, but are always curious about the new baby. So be assertive!

Are you on Facebook or something similar? Post a list of what you’d love to see and ask people to volunteer for various listings. Once someone volunteers, take that item off the list & generate a reminder for that person. Tell them they will get paid in snuggles, that “new baby smell,” coos and utter cuteness, and your undying gratitude.

Ask other moms how to “grow your village” of people who can help you out. You can never have too many! Look in forums like these, your neighborhood, your religious institution. Many have “helping hands” programs with volunteers who will run errands, drive you places, help with groceries or whatever. Check out mom’s groups, Mother’s Day Out programs, library programs for toddlers. Ask older or more distant family members (e.g., that third cousin once removed) to come help you. There are lonely singles in retirement communities who would gladly help out in exchange for someone to talk to, companionship, or the chance to hold a baby, even a screaming, stinky one.

And do check in with your docs ASAP. Help us out there! Life will get better!

What general area are you in? I’d come help if I were within an hour’s drive!

P.S. How are YOU doing!

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That is completely normal everything is about the baby now

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This breaks my heart and I’m so sorry you feel like this. Sometimes ppl are just unaware, and it’s unintentional. It really takes someone to really have been there to understand. It’s nothing like support. Nothing wrong with you and NO your not crazy. Your perfectly normal… It’s good to find some groups with other moms if you can that way you can pull on each other for strength. You will get through this. One day at a time.

Dont reply to these people. They are fair weather folk and dont deserve your time. Focus on you and baby and recover, bond and get the heng of this munma thang. Im 6 years in and still feel like a hot mess :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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People can be very careless. In the excitement of a new baby, a mother is often forgotten about. Maybe speak to someone who is close to you about it. They may think you are coping really well and don’t realize that they are even doing it. Give yourself more time to settle and don’t be afraid to use your voice :heart:

Talk to your friends and family tell them how you feel a lot of times when a new baby comes along ppl get baby brain it’s nothing against the mom it’s just baby is new just open up

I felt like that when I had my first son then when I had my second son 19mnths later I felt the same because this time people had forgotten not just me but my eldest boy too… I think it’s normal you feel this way and I don’t think people do it intentionally it’s just they’ve never met this little person yet and want to share in your joy… and thats normal too :heart:

Its up to you to express how you feel… When they ask about baby tell them he’s fine but you are tired
When they ask to come over to see him tell them yes but could you bring me this that or the other thing from the shop on your way as I’m struggling to get out… I bet you’ll find they are more than willing to help out they just don’t know how you feel or that you may need support because you perhaps haven’t expressed it clearly :woman_shrugging:t2:

I think it may also be beneficial for you to speak with your doctor about how you feel also and to find out if there are any local mother and baby groups you could attend where you will meet other women/men in the same situation as you… Being a single parent isn’t easy and many people feel lonely especially when their child is small so a good support network can be a real life saver…
The thing is you have to go out there and find it!

Good luck xxx

Unpopular opinion alert

Are you a bit jealous? You talk about your family being up your ass through the pregnancy. Now you’re pissed they’re not

You can do a couple of different things: ignore those people, obnoxiously declare “I’m fine, thank you!” (This would be MY choice :joy::joy:) or look on it that your family are excited for you and want to share your excitement. I doubt they’re deliberately being insensitive.

Motherhood can be one of the most lonely things. I too, was a single mother throughout my pregnancy and for the first 3 years of my daughter’s life, went through some really difficult things, went through postpartum depression, and felt the alienation! You’re not alone. Nothing is wrong with you. Having a baby flips your life into a completely different direction and most people don’t understand that a mother needs just as much attention as the new baby. I ended up talking with a counselor a couple times per week, and it helped me to just have someone to talk to who was a neutral party. If that’s not an option for you, there are tons of support groups on Facebook, and tons of people who would empathize with you through conversation (including myself!!).

Look into something for post Partum depression maybe? Ik every thing changes but it won’t be like that for ever. An while it seems like you don’t exist or your not important, you are the world an most important to your new baby. He don’t care about any of those people, just you momma!. You gotta stay strong an take care of yourself.

That’s not too much to ask, I’m sorry you’re going through that. Respect to all single moms.:two_hearts:

At least they ask about the baby. Mine don’t ask about me or my kids.

Me personally I would just say something to them and be done fr


I felt this after having my first baby!! I was only 16. Then a lovely friend of my mum’s came to see the baby with a card and a present and when I opened it… it was a pair of sandals? I looked at her confused?
She hugged me and said i’v always thought it’s Nat fair that you do all the hard work but the baby gets the presents :gift: so they are comfy shoes for pushing your pram!!
I burst into tears! But never felt forgotten after that one kind little gesture.
I have done the same over the years for friends and family as I know what a difference it makes :heart:


You are not alone I went through that too with my son it gets better what I can say is go see a therapist it worked for me

I recommend talking to your dr about post partum depression and your feelings. While what you’re feeling is not abnormal and many of the other comments are right, there could be something else adding on to those feelings. You wouldn’t want it to turn into resentment towards your child down the line and you don’t want to hate yourself for feeling the way you do. If you don’t feel like you can talk to your friends and family about it then definitely talk to a dr. It might really help

You sound depressed. Please talk to your doctor. The baby is lucky to have people that love him. Your lucky to have him

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If you need a “check in buddy” please message me. I know it’s not the same, but I love meeting new friends and being an ear to talk to. Regardless of everything, you need to make sure your mental health is good too. I’m here if you need me! Hugs!


I really hurt for you, because they should be helping you and making sure you are okay. Of course, the baby is the most important to you, but that doesn’t mean your mom, grandparents, etc. should not be making sure YOU are okay. There are plenty of ways to see the baby and help out. If that was my daughter, I’d be over to help her. I’d obviously want to see my grandchild, but my daughter is still my baby and I’d be taking care of her and helping her out. I’d talk to your family and let them know how you feel. I’m really sorry you are going through all this alone, it’s really cruel. If your emotions feel like they are swallowing you, make sure you get checked out for post partum depression. I’m not saying that what your family is doing isn’t wrong, just that the depression might start making you feel worse. I really hope you find a good support system, you deserve to be taken care of too

That’s how it is… everyone was all over me while pregnant then all over my baby as a newborn now were both forgotten about by most since hes been a toddler.

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Nothing wrong with feeling that way, but u should honestly speak with ur doctor sounds like post partum depression ( trust me your not the only one to experience it and there’s no reason to feel ashamed for asking for help either !) In all honesty it’s better to be safe then regret it in the long run, you have a beautiful baby boy who needs u and u don’t want to resent him!

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This is normal, and talk therapy can help. Also, reach out to family! You had a traumatic birth! Ask someone who wants to see the baby to come over and see the baby while you rest and practice self care. Tell your friends and relatives that you could use the favor. I bet you get volunteers. I would do it for you if you lived near me. I would probably wash your dishes and sweep the floor while you got your much needed rest. Been there girl!

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Please tell them how u feel im sure if they care about your child they care about you but are just too excited Please tell them how u feeel im 100000% they care and would be smacking them self to know you are feeling this way

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They are just excited , you’ve been growing that lil angel past few months… the “golden egg” has arrived. People do tend to forget that the mama just went thru something traumatic as well. Rest , take it easy … good luck Mama :heart:

It is very common, I’ve heard it from so many moms I know and it happened to me too. I know easier said than done, but be honest with people about how you are feeling. Especially as a single mom, you are going to need to advocate for yourself a little. If you have family or friends nearby (especially if there are other moms your age), saying “Hey, I could really use someone to come over and chat for a bit” or “it would really help if you asked how I was doing” or “I would appreciate some help doing this”. It is not going to feel good at first because we are programmed to not ask for help, but we all need it from time to time. And you may find that some “friends” and “family” fall away. I do think part of it could be PPD and you may want to speak to your doctor about how you’re feeling in that aspect too. Some people dont need medicine and that’s great. And some do, and that’s also great because we are living in a time that that resource is available to us and we are able to ask for it without the fear of being made to feel awful about it! Blessings to you and your new little one :blue_heart:

I felt the same…very common…village isnt like it used to be :frowning:

Yes momma bear, I been there and it sucks. But speak up and say something…hey u wanna see my boy, come by and watch him for me while I take a shower…or nap or something…most people are genuinely willing to help and open the question of how you doing!

If you feel you are lacking in support maybe express that fact to the ones that are closest to you and are repeats in coming to see that gorgeous bundle of joy. After all noone can know what your feeling by looking at you especially when there is a new baby. So open your mouth and ask for what you need sweetheart. Its perfectly OK to ask for a little extra tender loving care for yourself.

They are just excited, it’s normal and if you feel you need help just ask for it. These feelings are somewhat normal. Also you should express to someone you feel this way, you may need counseling or something if it gets worse.


Very very common. I’m sorry you are going thru this. Part of being a mom, especially a new mom is taking care of yourself. If these people aren’t helping you or you weren’t really close to them why do you have them over? You need your core. 1-3 people, mine were other moms that I just word vomited to them that can relate and support you. Even if its thru text. I spent 6 months doing what you are now with a hard birth and at 6 months my ppd kicked me in the ass. I would suggest calling your doctor and saying you feel this way. You don’t want to get post partum from other people. Turn your phone on silent and get some sleep. They gave the rest of their lives to see your kid. You gotta focus on you and speak up to what you need even If its I need to talk. Motherhood can be very lonely. Find your people. But regulate who you allow around you. That will be a help to you. I had been exhausted with my daughter and posted on fb I needed help and a child advocate I was friends with came said go to bed. And woke me up when she had to leave. Sometimes it’s the random things like that that mean more in the moment that the how are you. The someone just doing what you need when you didn’t realize it help

My granddaughter gave birth May 17th. I can see the same thing going on there too. Everyone fights to have a turn holding the baby yet no one notices how she is doing. I’m glad you brought this up and I want you to know that you aren’t alone it happens all the time. I for one will be asking how she is n what she needs now. I hope you start to ask your family too. Good luck to both of you.

I’ve gone through the same thing. I don’t know if it’s normal, per se, but it’s definitely rough and you’re for sure not the only one. I think part of it is PPD, but it hurts that people become more interested in your child. I’ve distance myself and my child from a lot of family for this exact reason; people who never had a care before now want pictures and updates and whole conversations about him but they didn’t (and still don’t) care about me before.


It is 100% common and so very, very wrong. You need to speak up to your closest friends and family members and let them know that you’re exhausted and not feeling well mentally. This should snap them out of it and get back to being a normal human asking how you are doing. Make sure that when someone does come by, you hand that baby over and take the time to do something for yourself - shower, eat a full meal, take a nap - ANYTHING that makes you feel more human and like yourself again. This phase will pass, and it’s so so so hard, but like anything else in life with practice and patience you’ll get past it. Big hugs mama :heart:

This is exactly what happened to me, only no one checked on me or my baby. Keep your head up and focus on getting well and taking care of your little one.

Sounds like a little bit of post partum + you feeling a little lonely. I’d definitely talk to those closest to you and say you feel lonely and would like company.

Another thing, you don’t owe anyone anything - including seeing your baby. Don’t feel pressured by people to do things you aren’t comfortable with.

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That’s how it is unfortunately. The baby takes the light there’s nothing wrong with you. But some advice, don’t think on it so much that you send yourself in a hole. Post partum is real and try to take care of yourself, heal, breath, ask for help if you need it. You will be fine momma.

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You can tell people no, we do not feel like seeing others today. Or you can ask others if they want to see baby to stop by watch the baby while you get things done like take a shower, have a nap or any other self care you need. I needed help and was not a single parent. You need to speak up to people and ask for a hand. If you feel it is getting worse talk to your health care provider for tips during this time of hormonal fluctuation.
To me this sounds like you put out the vibe your doing great as a mom so people don’t think you need help. Sometimes people are fooled by a great appearance and think you are doing great when deep down your hurting.

Its common (in my experience) people forget moms are recovering or going through a postpartum period its not talked about and its hard.

If you feel like you need help or a small nap talk to family/friends ask if they mind holding the baby while you shower, or eat/take a cat nap or cook. Don’t be afraid to let them know you’re struggling and youre feeling depressed.

It does not make you a bad mom or a failure it makes you a human mom recovering with hormones, lack of sleep, adjusting to a new post partum body ect…

Its common that people forget to ask mom how they are. If you arent ok dont be afraid to ask 1or talk, post partum can sneak up and decline quickly.


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I never ever even thought about that. Weird.

I think everyone is just excited about the new baby everyone will still care about you but being a mam is hard

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It’s an exciting time in everyone’s life a new baby, and that’s simply how it is. I highly doubt its because no one cares, gosh I’ve had 8 babies and I can’t remember the last time a friend or family member had a baby and I wasn’t constantly asking how the parents were. I think as a mum you know it’s a rough ride and you try focus more on the happier things like a newborn. They’re so tiny and precious after all. Maybe speak to those you’re expecting to be more loving toward you and explain how you feel. Personally it doesn’t faze me but then I’ve been there and done it so many times it doesn’t bother me at all if people haven’t got the time to check in with me every 5mins, they too have their own lives to live. Also if you’re feeling pretty low maybe speak to your hv and gp about it too they can be really supportive. Just remember just because they don’t say they love you doesn’t mean they don’t, just because some one doesn’t offer a hand doesn’t mean they won’t help if you ask. You need to take the step to reach out because in a sense people may not even know that’s how you feel and that’s not their fault. It’s just not usually the done thing to be asking a mum or dad how they are, it’s a known fact the first few months are hard work and no one really wants to emphasise that. Congratulations on your little one :heart:

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This is normal.
Its not right, but its normal.

I’m sorry.

Go get some help from the state for postpartum depression Sis.

Good luck.

You’ve just given birth, your emotions will be all over the place for a while, it’s understandable to feel that way, and I completely see where you’re coming from but family and friends are probably just really excited to see baby and overlooked asking you, it’s not an excuse I’m just trying to see it from their perspective, they love you just as much as they did before. Chin up mama you got this. :heart:

You find out who your true friends and family are once u have had a kid.


Yes it’s normal see if you can hook up with a mommy me group the hospital should be able to put u in touch

I had my little girl in January and feel exactly the same as you with my family. It’s like people just assume you can now cope with anything and your identity just becomes your childs. I don’t think the pandemic has made it any easier as health visitor contact is extremely minimal. Always feel free to message me if you’d like a chat :blush:

There is NOTHING wrong with you. That’s just how it is usually. Post partum is soooooo hard anyway. I see you sister. My husband was around when my kids were that little, so it wasn’t as difficult for me as it is for a lot of people. But, I am a single mom now (husband died) and NONE of us seem to matter. Everyone has their own lives and are busy. So, believe me when I say that I SEE YOU!!! Love and hugs to you momma.

You definatly realise who your friends are when you have a baby. It shouldn’t be like it but it is. You’ll realise that when you and your baby are content enough you’ll be OK with out them. Don’t chase them. And it doesn’t have to be all about your baby forever you still need to do you. Well done though for even leaving the house. I have 3 children and some days we still don’t leave the house :rofl: x

Hey hun, it is ‘normal’ in a way but know that you’re not alone, many of us have been there. It is hard going I know, ive got 3! I’m also a single mother my youngest is nearly 8 months old and everyone is always asking and cooing over her. You matter too :heart: try and speak to you’re health visitor or gp dont sit in silence, you’re opinions and feelings are 100% valid. Try speaking to your friends and family and remind them you’re not just a mum. Take care and hopefully you can voice yourself xxx

Sometimes women go through a postmortem depression. I did when i had my last baby. I felt like i was left out all the time, and i cried at the drop of a hat. If you get worse…or things dont get better in a few weeks maybe you should see your doctor.

Unfortunately its pretty normal. I had my daughter 4 years ago and no one gave sh*ts about me it was always wheres the baby how’s the baby, and once I stopped answering them they stopped contacting me. You find out who your true friends are after kids, I had my son 7 months ago and again everyone was baby focused it does eventually stop and people get over the new baby phase


I have 2 children my oldest is 4 my son is 4 months,what upsets me is not many people ask how my daughter is they always mention my son
The excitement of a new baby takes over I was lucky that a few people ask how i am from time 2 time
You really do find out who your friends are once you’ve had a baby


I feel the exact same way. My inbox is always open please don’t sit feeling alone and that you’re now just “mum” and have lost your name and who you once were. I’m always here for anyone


I get it … but I think please just don’t take it personally … I think everyone loves a baby and that’s all that is it to it … my youngest is now 16 months but if I go anywhere without any of my children even now they just ask where they are… very rarely has anyone asked how I am … i think it’s just assumed now that us moms can cope with anything which is far from the truth … all i can really offer advice wise … is if you need help then you need to speak up and confide in someone who you can trust … I’m lucky that I have a husband that supports me and sees when things are taking it’s toll … but if you don’t have someone seeing the day to day then you need to speak to someone close and tell them how you feel :relaxed::relaxed: wishing you and your little boy all the best xx


Tell your friends and family how you feel. Please speak to you Health visitor or GP and get same help :kissing_heart:

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You are definitely not alone in feeling like this… just try talking to them about it…. I usually just say “I’m ok too” in my best sarcastic tone :sweat_smile:

Where do you live? Maybe one of us is close enough to help?