I don't want my spouse traveling for work: Advice?

Am I wrong for not wanting my SO to travel for work? Long story short, we have hit a rough patch, and he has been doing dishonest about nearly everything, hence the rough patch. We decided to give us one more chance to work things out. Anyways, he said he wanted to travel for work occasionally. He does construction, and sometimes they have work in other states. Well, I’m not comfortable with it for these reasons 1) anytime he goes out with friends, something stupid always happens. Last time, they got drunk, and they got into a fight. 2) he drinks in excess and makes dumb decisions. 3) we have three babies at home, one being a newborn. I feel that traveling would be okay if they were a little older, especially our newborn. He swears we NEED all this money. We are very well off and don’t really NEED it. I know that after he and his buddies got off work, they would go drink, and something ridiculous would probably happen. He’s just not mature when it comes to going out. I swear I’m not trying to be controlling but I can’t bail him out or anything from states away. Advice? Does your SO travel for weeks at a time willingly?