I don't want more babies and my friend suggested getting my tube tied. What is tubal ligation?

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Its where they cut the fallopian tube and tie or burn the end so it cant reattach mine was out patient and i was a little sore but not terribly difficult.

Mine was done many years ago, but I was in pain for a couple weeks, tubes are clipped, banded or cut. My pain came from the gas they pumped in to be able to do so.

The Fallopian tubes are either clipped, blocked, or removed. Done under anesthesia. It’s considered permanent.

If you are married, it is much easier and less risky for a male vasectomy. I am a nurse and helped with these procedures. It takes about 10-15 min. A shot of lidocaine to deaden area. A snip that is about this big —-, spermatic tube is pulled through slit, tube is cut with clips and each side, cauterized, placed back through slit and it’s done. No stitch is needed. Ice pack and take it easy a couple of days.


I had mine cauterized. Simple procedure if your totally sure you don’t want kids anymore. You’ll be a bit sore, but not bad.