I don't think my relationship is good for me: Thoughts?

I’ve never done this before, but. I think my relationship is causing my life to go downhill. Since I moved with my bf, I’ve been unable to receive medication for my depression and anxiety, and suddenly stopping my medication causes me to have these attacks of severe crying and other negative stuff to myself during our fights. My bf also is always angry now and spends all his time off of work on his video games. Usually, I support this as a game lover myself, but now we don’t spend time together anymore. And on the games, he gets snappy at the littlest things, and I always end up crying. I’m starting to feel really unhappy, but I want things to work. I get shamed for wanting flowers and romantic surprises; now, I’m given up on things I even like. I’m so lost.


Suddenly getting off any medication like that is dangerous! You don’t say why you can no longer get it but, you need to find a way! Good luck!

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Why can’t you take your meds living with your BF?
You were prescribed them for a reason.


First get back on your meds


Why can’t you get them?

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If you were your own best friend, what advice would you give yourself?


Go. Run like the wind and take care of yourself honey. Get your meds and a new man who is worth your energy

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Why can’t you get your meds? No meds that you need is your big issue


Why did you stop getting your medicine? Maybe your first step is to get back on your medicine and go from there.

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you already know the answer to this question. Open the door and put one foot in front of the other.


Your bf sucks, he should be putting your mental health first. Sounds like hes not grown yet.

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Go to a new Dr and get back on your meds. Maybe then things will fall into place

You need to figure out if your bf is behaving that way because you’re not on your meds or if that’s just who he is as a person. Why would you be unable to get your meds? Get them. Take them. And leave if he still behaves that ways. Dont make excuses. Just because you want it to work doesn’t mean it’s meant to.

Sounds like my relationship… He basically just plays games 24/7 unless we go to eat or something… And follows all the slutty girls on IG… :roll_eyes: I hate it and am usually depressed even with my meds… Try to get meds and see if it helps and if not just leave.

As a mom and mimi aka grandmother. You need to make yourself number 1.

I went through a similar situation and it got worse as time went on, I got stuck and waited for him to leave me. I wish I would’ve got out sooner, it would’ve saved me a lot of heartache. And going off your medication is so dangerous! Get back on it, get back in a routine, you may see some changes in your relationship. I would also try talking to him about it. Nothing changes if nothing changes, and if it doesn’t, I would take that as my cue to move on.

Do yourself a favour. Close your eyes and speak your story. Tell it to yourself. Only you know what to do and you already know what to do.

Get back on the meds ASAP you CANNOT stop those cold turkey. As for the bf, he’s supposed to be your biggest supporter. The world is hard enough without you having to come home and have to deal with more b.s.?? No. Start thinking more about yourself. This is a just a red flag of things to come with him…

Leave . Find someone who knows your health matters.

If you’re feeling this way you definitely should get out of the relationship.

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You need to leave as soon as possible you should never be with someone like that. He sounds selfish and you need to get away fast before something terrible happens

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Bye bye. You literally said it yourself babe…your not happy.
If your not happy, fix the issue.

You might not even feel this way if you were taking your medication for depression. I would START there and see if things don’t get better. Your feelings are all our of whack right now. If you still feel like this after you have resumed taking it for at least a month, then and ONLY then, question the relationship. This would appear to be the most logical path to take.


PEOPLE… stop with automatically telling people to leave. Every time, jeez. In this instance is sounds like it’s currently an issue with medication, which could cause her to think this way. Start with the meds then go from there.


WHY are you unable to receive your medication?


Why can’t you get your meds.??? Because your bf refuses to get them ? Refuses you to take them ?

Your mental and physical health is more important than bf. If you cannot communication then get out

I think in your heart you know what is best!

You need your meds first and foremost. If that’s not his priority then leave.

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Why aren’t you getting your medicine?

Go back where you were if you can. Go back on ur meds

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My life gane addiction

You’ve stopped meds for anxiety and depression suddenly. Maybe part of the issue. Meds like these are made to slowly come off so you don’t get side effects etc.

I’m not blaming you. But I’ve been that girl always crying. Which is very hard for some one else to understand and live with

He maybe playing video games/snapping as he doesn’t know what else to do with you feeling like you are

sounds toxic. Can’t be in a healthy relationship if you dont love yourself or arent yet able to be alone. sounds a lot like you need to work on you. Living with one another is a lot different than just playing bf and gf with separate living spaces. This is where you see who people really are and if you do not like it or think that it is healthy then you should change it.

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First off you should have never stopped your medication and that is the first red flag bc that is dangerous to do. Second red flag he gets angry at you over little things - sounds toxic. Re-evaluate your situation. Sounds like you two were better together by not living together but just being bf/gf in your own spaces. Step out of the situation and go back on your meds and find yourself again and stay there - sounds as if he may need some counseling/medication as well. Good luck.

Sounds like you already know what to do, you’re just needing validation…

So I will repeat what others have said.

Get out and take care of yourself.

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It’s obvious to you that you need your meds and you are in an unhealthy relationship. Get out and save yourself


I agree with Krista. You didn’t mention a child so I am hoping you haven’t had a child with him. If he treats you this way it will only get worse. Young women so often believe that if they have a baby, things will get better. It won’t Leave while you can.

Get back on your meds. Find a way. You can’t just stop medication like that. You won’t be able to figure any thing else out till your brain is in the right place


I don’t think either one of you are ready for a relationship.

Sounds like you need a relationship with Jesus first