I am struggling with housework and being a mom: Advice?

Lord have mercy :roll_eyes:
Put the baby DOWN and do what you gotta do. You have others that rely on you as well. Invest in a walker or something. But you CANNOT cater to that baby crying just to be held 24/7.

She needs to cry a little or you are in for it as she gets older. She has to learn. You can’t focus on her 24/7. As long as she is fed.and dry and you are talking to her while you are working, there is no problem with her crying. She will eventually realize and retrain.

At 8 months I let my girl cry it out now. Been doing that since about 6 months because i have to get things done. If i have tonight place her in the walker so she can follow me (although she crawls now) so she can follow me whenever. It’s hard to hear her cry, but she needs to learn that mama cant always pick her up

My little guy is soooo busy, he’s been crawling since 6 months he’s 10months now, however he has a strong obsession with the wiggles so if I need to get something done and he’s being nosey I’ll put him in his jumperoo and put the wiggles on for him! :woman_shrugging:t2:

Do what you must and let the other go…crying a little is good for there lungs also helps them self sooth…plenty of time to clean when they grow up…left my cluttered house and took kids to park…love those.memories

How old are the other two? We always entertained our siblings. I was 4 when my sister was born. I kept her busy Mom didn’t breast feed though. My son I put in a play pen and later a Johnny jumper. He was a hard baby though and had colic so crying was pain for him. At 8 months can be on stomach in playpen with toys and just talk while doing cooking or keep TV on for noise. Napping I did vacuuming and dusting I just closed his bedroom door so just a crack so I could check in on him. 24/7 no, 8 month old can be brought into a room if you have a walker maybe?

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Baby wear or playpen with toys or Johnny jumper

Whatever happened to play pens? I used to be able to put mine in playpens with activity toys where I could work and keep an eye on them. Mo


Nobody’s harder on us than ourselves so do what you can when you can and be proud of what you do don’t worry about what you didn’t get to just take some pride in knowing that you got some stuff done and that you were able to spend time with your kid


Try babywearing. It saved my life when my kiddos were tiny.

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It’s okay for babies to cry! When I was doing something that takes 5 mins like folding I would let my daughter cry she quit herself after a few mins. That’s how kids get spoiled jumping for every little thing and they know when they do that what you’ll do it’s a little early discipline of who’s boss lol I pry sound mean but hey my kids aren’t little shit asses either!

Either baby wear or let her cry it out… you have others who depend on you, you can still accomplish stuff around the house and be a parent.

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When you are cleaning or cooking, sing to her. You can engage her without having to physically hold her. If you are folding laundry, you can easily play peekaboo while folding, just pop out from behind whatever you are folding. If your husband is getting fed up with the mess then he has 2 choices, clean the mess or watch the baby🤷‍♀️


How did you survive the first 2?


Tell him if he doesn’t like it to help you out then.
Playpens, walkers, jumpers, or fold towels when she naps.


Dont stress yourself out I know it’s hard but if you can change your mindset a little bit from “you dont HAVE to get everything done” to “it would be nice if I got everything done” set priorities and dont overload yourself. It’s ok if theres some toys on the floor or a few dishes in the sink. You and your mental state is more important than a perfect house. And if your husband complains about it sit him down and explain that it’s to much for you and sometimes you cant get everything done that you need help. I go to a councilor and that’s what she told me and since I tried it I havent been as stressed.

What I would do is sit my kid down with me while doing chores like if I was folding clothes I’d sit my baby next to me and put a few clothes on her and she’d “help me fold” keep her busy and include her in what you’re doing I’ve been doing that with my baby since she was 6 months old and it makes it so much easier to get things done around the house

Put her in a play pen and with toys and if you have to take her in whatever room with you… Most of them have wheels so you can pull her around if seeing you helps. I would say you can wear her but i have a 6 month old and she gets very heavy if I’m trying to clean with her on, I don’t like to do that so if babies heavy that may not work out. You’ll find your groove and something that works for you, try not to stress. Another thing would be to try to get her on a schedule, both mine have been on schedules since they turned a month, and when they take their long nap is the perfect time to try to get stuff done.

That’s the problem…u r doing it all by urself

Husbands can help too
Ur baby can be held by u and hubby as well

Delegate chores for ur other children
Even as simple as putting toys away, making bed, clothes in basket, clothes away
We teach our almost 3 yr old to dress himself
He goes potty by himself and we of course help a bit
He puts toys away

Chore chart
Earn stickers
Earn a prize who’s the most stickers in that week or month.

Mine hubby doesnt cook. So I cook and he washes the dishes. I fold clothes and he puts loads to wash.

Toys in playyard
She needs to learn how to self soothe…it takes time

House is going to be messy most of the time
Cuddles r very important for baby Development
Stop trying to be perfect
U r doing great job as is


We wear our kids or strap them to our backs using a baby carrier si we can do other things that do not need you to bend a lot.

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Wear the baby while doing your house work.

Get a baby carrier. Sit her down with pots & pans & utensils. Give her things to eat in the high chair & sit her right next to you. Laugh, sing, play music.

My grandson just loves listening to Justin Bieber & Ed Sheeran lol. & Playing in the pots & pans so that’s what he does while I get things done. & When he wants held while I’m busy we use the baby carrier!

Put her in a play pen with some toys and get what you need done. If she starts crying (and you know she doesn’t need anything) then let her cry.

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This is why i never breastfed… clinginess…

Hand baby over to dad or older siblings…

Or better yet let dad or older siblings help out around house.

Just because she cries. Doesnt mean you gotta pick her up…


Been there, it’s rough. I did the babywearing thing, it wasn’t always optimal, but it helped some. Just focus on the essentials, and it’s ok if the less important stuff has to wait for a bit. Maybe your husband can entertain baby for an hour or two a few evenings a week so you can get a few things done and get a little time for yourself. Don’t stress, just do what you can and enjoy your family. When the kids are older they won’t remember a few chores left undone, they’ll remember the time you spent with them.


I did everything when mine naps. I’m lucky and my one year old still takes two 2 hour naps. First nap I’d clean the house up and second nap I’d do school work. I’d suggest daddio help out some more.

Put her in a highchair. She will be okay. Give her some toys or some puffs/teething cookies. Have your husband have baby time for an hour while you get things done. So many choices…let the baby cry for up to 10 minutes. Show her she is okay. Show her you come back.

Baby carrier, bring a playpen into the room, or do your house work when she eats, bring the highchair Into whatever room your in, it’s hard but just take the time when you have the time :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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When your cleaning or cooking in the kitchen put her in her highchair with a few toys. Move her with a few toys on a pallet or in a playpen from room to room while you clean. Play peek a boo so she learns that when she can’t see you, you’re still there.

I used to put my first in his highchair in the room with me and gave him a toy or snack and that worked for him!

We used playpens with toys. Kids must learn to entertain themselves

I don’t know anyone who balances it tbh. Something always has to give. Take care of necessities spend time with the family and call it a day.


My youngest is about to turn 1 and the high chair has been my best friend when I’m cleaning. I also have a 2 yo and he “tries” to help lol.

Wear baby, or do smaller batches of chores when hubby’s home (or ask him to do them) or do them when baby sleeps.

Baby carrier, play pen, high chair. If I had to fold clothes I would sit on the floor and fold clothes onto the couch while my son had tummy time. When I hanged up washing my son was in the Highchair in the shade eating or playing with toys. When I did dishes then my son was in a play pen or in the bouncer. I restated the activities so he didn’t spend a lot of time doing one thing. I do my dishes at night time after dinner and I sweep or mop before bed as well. Divide chores into days example: I mob on Monday and Friday nights. I sweep on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights. Dishes are done every night apart from weekends unless needed.

Husband could help,or there wouldn’t be no more sex and no more kids,why can’t ur baby’s daddy help…DON’T THESE MEN SEE THAT THEIR WOMEN NEED SOME HELP…I don’t understand why all these men on Facebook are all blind…should their women tell then they need help.Sorry,good luck

Play pin same room as u with toys or w.e u have. shes going to have to be force to find out mommy put me in here to play I can see her I’m ok, before shes comfy …they gotta cry it good for them anyway

If it’s during her awake time, put her in a highchair with toys or an exersaucer!! Make sure she is fed, changed, etc before starting. You may need to start with short periods of time at first if she fusses about it, but talk with her and soothe her as you work.

Her nap time is a great time to get things done, but also a good time for you to rest if you are able, so find a balance where maybe you do house work and spend alone time with the older kids during 1 nap and then nap yourself during the other. Prioritize housework, do the most urgent things first. I don’t know the age of your older children, but get them to help where possible. Also, get your Husband involved. Maybe he can clean up the kitchen after supper, or do the bedtime routine with the older kids or laundry.

get her to watch cartoons

I have 3 young kids and I put cartoons on n they fell asleep watching Mickey mouse.

Let her cry for a bit…it won’t kill her