I am pregnant and feeling unwell: Advice?

I an 17 weeks. I feel overwhelmingly full but haven’t had but 3 cheese sticks and 2 chicken nuggets since 3pm. It sounds odd but my right breast is hurting extremely bad not like regular breast pain. And way different than the left. It started a few days ago so did the unbearable nausea. I feel hotter than usual. I just feel awful. I’m not throwing up but it might feel better. Going to the dr Monday. Has anyone expirenced anything similar?


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I was sick my entire pregnancy. They prescribed Zofran.


I think you should go to the ER ASAP!


Your breast is it red or hot to touch as could be mastitis. The feeling full is normal, all my pregnancies towards end I snacked regular wasn’t many proper big meals.

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How is your blood pressure?

I have no idea if it’s normal, if you’re genuinely concerned, please go to the doctor. We all want you to have a healthy pregnancy that leads to a healthy baby but it begins with you taking care of yourself! :heart:


go to a pharmacy and tell them whats happening …they can also do your blood pressure …free …they may also know what to give you. We cant just ask endless questions to get info …just talk to them

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I’ve been like this almost all my pregnancy. Loss of appetite, vomiting, just UGH…talk to your Dr to rule out anything too serious (I have HG)

If your concerned call your doctor and see if U can be seen sooner or go to the ER.


Have you had regular bms? It doesn’t explain the breast pain, but everything else sounds like how I felt when I hadn’t had a bm is 2 weeks. Right around 15 weeks

Maybe your blood sugar is off since you ate so little, cheese sticks and chicken nuggets don’t have many carbs. You may be feeling hot from low blood sugar and feeling full since your blood sugar level may have over compensated and shot up, then bottomed out too quickly. Try some juice or fruit, but if you dont feel better soon you may need to get checked out. Also you can have what feels like chest pain if your sugar level is too high or especially too low.

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There’s this thing where some people are just sick as hell the entire pregnancy. I hope that isn’t the case for you, hopefully you’ll level out soon. Just make sure you’re hydrated and taking your prenatals until you can see your doctor.


Talk to your OB. I was hot all the time and “ Morning sickness lasted through the first trimester. I’d call the Doctor. My breast were tender.

Might be worth it to check your gall bladder

I had loss of appetite with my first child (I have 2). That pregnancy was horrendous… The beginning I was throwing up every day and when I wouldn’t I didn’t have an appetite. Literally the only thing I could get down was peanut butter sandwiches, just peanut butter. I can’t eat them anymore like I used to. Definitely get checked out, ik you said you are going. Ask all the questions you have. Could be an iron issue or blood pressure. I ended up having preeclampsia, but my “morning sickness” didn’t go away after the first trimester. My second pregnancy was a breeze lol.

I would go to the hospital just to be sure it’s not anything serious. Any time you feel like something is wrong get checked out. Better to be safe.

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Go to get medical treatment!

I was that way in my last pregnancy, I couldn’t take a bit of an apple without feeling unbelievably full. The bigger he got the worse it was. The doctors will caulk all of those symptoms up to nothing😕. Just try eating through the fullness, I lost 30 pounds and he ended up weighing 7 pounds

I wouldn’t wait til Monday. Go to the ER or a walk in clinic and get checked. Better safe than sorry :heart:


Don’t wait till Monday. Go get checked out.


I would say go to ER now do not wait go now

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Is the painful breast hot or lumpy? Does the breast or nipple look abnormal? If so, are these changes recent with the pain, or were they prior? Breast cancer can be related to hormonal changes, but also mastitis can occur during pregnancy.

Call your doctor’s office…they’re there for you!!


See a Dr…don’t ask FB


Get to the doctor before Monday!

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Call you’re doctor!!!

Sounds like Acid Reflux, it can make you feel full when you’re not. Try omeprezole, I took it during my pregnancy with my daughter and it helped a lot

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I never had this during my pregnancy but if I were you go to ER or walk in just to be safe

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