I am pregnant after tubal ligation - has this happened to others?

Get them burnt i didn’t have mine tied

It shouldnt did you follow all the instructions re after care following the procedure

I had a tubal 4 years ago had regular periods up until now i am 9 days late 2 positive pregnancy test and one negative

You know… after seeing this post - he can go get his balls clipped. :rofl::rofl::rofl::woman_shrugging:

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My moms tubal worked for 12 years until she just randomly got pregnant with me :woman_shrugging:t4:

I had baby #3 after one😂

Yes it has happened to me.

Of course it has happened to others :roll_eyes::woman_shrugging:

I think you’re the first.

Wow! That’s a miracle baby :baby:. Husband just had a vasectomy, I read that’s also not a 100%.

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it can happen, though its rare. :woman_shrugging:

I want this to happen to me right now :weary: :tired_face:

tube tying is only Guaranteed for 10 yrs.

I thought about getting mines done but now that I’m seeing these stories uhn unnnn I’ll pass I kinda didn’t wanna cut my insides anyway 3 condom method works good for me lol

Happens all the time. Even birth control isn’t 100% effective. Maybe next time get a hysterectomy.

I had mine 24 years after my tubal . He’s 5 about to be 6 in July

This is why I had my tubes removed.

My mom had hers tied and ended up with an ectopic pregnancy

Had a tubaligation after my youngest in 2007. Big mistake. Wish I could have another baby.

Removal…salpingectomies… are not 100% :woman_facepalming:t3: An egg can still work its way into the uterus & implant. But it’s more like to have an ectopic pregnancy if you do become pregnant. Yes they’re more effective but still not 100%

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Tringa Tafarshiku watch out😐

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Shamone Coetzee Shamone Coetzee

Sandy Dee you might have to make sure it is done right next month.

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Michael John Francisco Espinosa

Jacquelyn Bonnie :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed:

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Jamie Martinez wtf :unamused:

Jessica Delgado oh hell no

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I have heard of this

Amber Marie I’m scared. I don’t want anymore :joy:

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Yes it CAN happen !!

Omg please I’m too old I hope I’m not one of theses ppl


Happened to me!! Never say Never!!

I know someone that had 6 kids after having hers cut, tied and burned. They couldn’t do anything after the first procedure and apparently she wasn’t concerned with preventing it after she found out she could still get pregnant. Not sure if she’s had anymore over the last 7 years since I’ve seen her or spoke to her.


I had my tubes completely removed. Not only is it more effective but it also decreases your chances of getting ovarian cancer since most of the time the cancer starts in the tubes and it also prevents the risk of ectopic pregnancy. But I’ve heard a lot of stories about people getting pregnant after having theirs tied or burned. They can become untied or heal themselves.

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I wish I’d get pregnant :sob: I had my tubal 10 years ago and I haven’t had the luck to get pregnant again. I was 22 when I got operated and I regret it now


My mom got pregnant at 38 after she had a tubal ligation at 22 when she had me im now 33 my little brother who wasn’t supposed to be here is 18 if it’s meant to be that baby is meant to be whether you had your tubes tied or not God must have big plans for that baby if you’re pregnant that baby was meant to be :purple_heart::blue_heart:


I never had the sterilization surgery. I had 1 girl and 1 boy, I got pregnant with my 3rd and miscarried a few weeks into the pregnancy. After I had my son I didn’t take any form of birth control and only had the one that I lost. Never got pregnant again after that. I guess God decided I was done.

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Yea, I worked as an assistant in women’s health for three years. I lost count of the number of positive pregnancy tests from women who had a tubal done. It is possible.
I always say if you have your ovaries and your uterus there is ALWAYS a possibility no matter how small.

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My mother had me after having her tubes tied cut and burnt. They grew back together. You’re supposed to have them checked every 5 years and if necessary have it re-done. After 5 years 13 women out of 1,000 will become pregnant again.

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It happened to a friend of mine about 10 ish years ago wit her youngest. She had a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

I have an IUD so I can’t comment for myself on the topic

I got my tubes tied after I had my daughter. I was 24 or 25…now at age 30 I’ve been having baby fever. I wish I didn’t get them tied, I should have waited. I would have no problem if I was one to get pregnant now.

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I am a baby from that. My mom was actually fixed twice before having me. Had 2 boys, got tubes tied and about 7 years later, had a tubal pregnancy after the first one and it exploded her tube. Had the other one done again and here I am.

Yes happened to me in 2010! It’s called an ectopic pregnancy! Unfortunately lost it when I was 3 1/2 months pregnant. But Dr told me most ectopic pregnancies don’t last.

It’s amazing how many this has happened to. Normally after a tubal, an ectopic pregnancy is possible, but to carry a child to term is a miracle!

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Yes just had a tubal ligation last December found out on march 1st I’m carrying our 4 th child. Definitely was not our plan but God had bigger plans

I got my tube tied when i was 25 in my 4th child… Luckly its been 7 yrs since then. Im still in good shape. But im experiencing side abdomen hurts whenever im having my monthly period.

Yes I had a girlfriend get pregnant again in her 40s with adult children. If they were just tied and not cauterized there is risk of an egg making its way

My Mom had hers cut and tied in 1972. She got pregnant with her 5th child in 1973. My Sister, now 47, 10 years younger than me :heart:.

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My doctor didn’t even offer to cut and tie he just removes the tubes. I had mine removed 3 years ago at age 22 , and my mama had hers removed in 1999 and it’s working so far!

I had my first at 18 then had three more at 23, 25, 27. Got my tubal ligation at 27. Now my periods are hell and i have so much acne. Idk if it was the procedure but I am completely regretting it because my husband wants another baby.

I had my tubes tied in 2016…got pregnant 3 months later but miscarried. Nothing like that has happened sense.

I had mine done when i was 28 and i regret it my new husband has 2 growen daughters and 2 grandbabies and i have a 26 year old son but we want one together i wish i would have waited on mine

Yes. Tubes tied and pregnant 8 months later. I had 3 more kids AFTER the tubal and got my tubes removed.

I had my tubes tied and burned when my son was born 48 yrs ago so it worked for me

I got pregnant after a tubal and had a miscarriage on Christmas 2015. I had a hysterectomy 4 months later due to hemorrhaging.

Had a tubal pregnancy almost two years later and had to have my tubes removed to prevent rupture.

Huge misconception is that this is 100% guaranteed to prevent pregnancy. It is not at all meant to be that way. I know many people that ended up pregnant afterwards. For myself I had no more after mine were tied.

I had an ectopic where my right tube was completely removed, I was told I wouldn’t get pregnant again… My non pregnancy (son) will be 7 in may

I was once told by a male GP that tube tying isn’t 100% effective as women always find a way around barriers. But men getting a vasectomy was more effective as males are too lazy to figure out a way around it :rofl:

Yes had to get it done again years later because of a tubal pregnancy

I had my tubes cut an tied 34 yrs ago and it worked.

I got preggo 4 years after getting mine tied. My daughter will be 11 this year

Woah wait what? I have had mine done 6 years NEVER ever any scares. Your doctors clearly didn’t do it correctly.

This is why my OB removes them rather than “tying” them

I had a tubal 10 yrs ago so far it’s worked for me.

Didn’t your doctor warn you about the success rate? My doctor told me about 1 out of 250 will get pregnant after the tubal ligation.

thus why they do removal now not tying

I had my tubal back in 2019 so far no pregnancies for me

Literally going for a consult with my obgyn today for this. I did not need to see all these stories :sob::unamused:

I’ve had nightmares of such a thing !!!

Mine better never grow together …

I wish :cry: forced to get mine done by abusive ex husband at 23

Now the anazing man im married to and i cant have 1 together

I’ve had mines done for 16yrs and I’m still good so far

Yes and she is 4 years old right now

My mom got pregnant with me 7 years after having hers tied cut and burned

Yes and I had 3 more boys

My sis had number 5 and number six after TL

Yes. My fallopian tube ruptured before they could get me into surgery (ectopic pregnancy). It was removed and my other tube was recauterized.

Shhhh don’t jinx us!

I had it done after my 1st kid due to medical reasons. 6 yrs later I had my wittle. I didn’t know I wanted her til I got her.

Not to me, but yes this has happened to others.

I regret getting my tubes tied… I want another baby

Phillip Billington :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::dizzy_face::exploding_head:

Aly Gault omg imagine. :sob:
I’d cry. Hahah.

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Jeffrey Todd read all these stories lol

It happens. Congratulations

I’m thinking of getting mine tied. And William don’t comment on my shit either.

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I’ve heard of this happening

DLisa Jackson Omg. Read these stories. :woman_facepalming:t4:

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