I am having issues holding in my bladder: Advice?

Hello! I’m a first-time mom, and I’m still in my teens, I’m almost 21 weeks and alright having issues holding my bladder, TMI, but I sometimes have to change pants 2-3 times a day, have any other small framed moms had this issue?? Is there any way to help ease it a little? I’m at a loss bc I’m carrying my baby SUPER low and weigh only 100 pounds, any help will be appreciated


I had to buy some of the bladder pads when I was pregnant to avoid accidents. Do Kegals to strengthen the muscles now and it will help!


Kegels help alot. I had a 12.lb baby naturally. They helped. TMI, but you pee and try to stop, pee and stop. Working those muscles. Good luck and congrats

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Welcome to motherhood. It’s just part of being pregnant. Kegals and bladder pads.


Make sure to do your kegel exercises.


I would say its pretty common… I was not really able to hold it when I was pregnant… and I still have a weak bladder… I would talk to your ongyn of course but other than that, pantie liners and kegels

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Welcome to motherhood! :blush:

Just do some kegals & get some bladder pads.

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Always keep spare pants/underwear in car

I eneded up buying the sports/active pads, or on a good day just used panty liners, your midwife will also be able to give you tips.

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That’s normal, just do kegels and get bladder liners or maxi pads because i can almost assure you, you will not always make it to the restroom lol

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Wear panty liners bladder pads and kegels you need to strengthen up your muscles

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You will probably need to do some exercise that can help that area but probably best to go and see your doctor about this too

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It only gets worse. Get some panty liners, I have to wear them now even after I gave birth. My bladder will never be the same lol.


Talk to your doctor and see if you can get a referral to a pelvic floor physical therapist!


Its kinda part of it… I have two kids. I have been trying for my third for about 7 months now. :pensive: and here the past week i have been going pee like crazy. Idk why… I thought j might be pregnant so i took a test but it was negative. :disappointed_relieved: idk what is making me pee so much lol. Anyways i know this has nothing to do with your question just thought someone might be abke to anwser my question too. Congrats!! Babies are a wonderful blessing

I had this issue w my first and ended up I had a UTI and bladder infection, talk to your Dr and KEGALS all day everyday lol congrats and best of luck

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When I was pregnant with my daughter she would kidney punch and bladder kick me frequently (didn’t realize what she was doing until further along) and would just have very sudden urges to use the restroom and couldnt get to the bathroom fast enough. It will get worse the farther along you get, pads worked wonders. Kegels work just it takes time to build up.

bladder infection from the sounds of it. if so drink heaps of water and go see your doctor. If you do have it the first 24hrs requires you to only drink water nothing else. And lots of it.

Kegals and research other pelvic floor exercises. Also make sure to talk with your obgyn before starting anything to make sure nothing will stress the baby.

Kegels help, also wear pads to help with leaks so you aren’t changing pants as often.

Also ask your doctor about getting tested for a uti. You can have one while pregnant and not even know it. Utis during pregnancy can be bad for you and baby so it’s better to get checked and not have one than have one and not know.

I had bladder infections when I was pregnant with my first, so I had to pee allllllllll of the time. After I went in to early labor at 7 months from a kidney infection, he told me if I open my legs and lean inward and down while I use the restroom it will help empty my bladder more. I still do it to this day.

Welcome to ur body will never be the same part of the baby growing process

See your dr to get checked for a UTI. If it is not a UTI ask for a referral to see a pelvic floor physical therapist. Pregnancy can weaken your pelvic floor muscles which can cause bladder issues. A pelvic floor physical therapist can help you strengthen those muscles.

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you need to do exercises to help strengthen your pelvic floor that will help you a lot it probably won’t eliminate the problem will together but it will definitely help

Absolutely normal. I coughed and peed my pants at work one time when I was about that far along. Lol. Your baby is positioned on your bladder, more than likely. Just as a precaution, I’d maybe see if you’re having a zero symptom uti (I had two I didn’t know about until they became kidney infections) but its not abnormal.

When you say holding your bladder, do you mean you are leaking or do you mean when you need the toilet you can’t hold it long enough to go?
Have you mentioned this to your midwife? Everyone is saying this is normal but to be honest I have carried 3 children and only had this issue when I had a UTI :woman_shrugging:t2:

I would speak to your doctor get checked for a uti and also speak to your midwife to check you are not leaking waters or anything

I’m definitely not small framed. But I have issues with my bladder also. I also had a problem with it with my first pregnancy I was also in my teens.
This baby is pinching my bladder and I can’t hold my pee even just a little so I’m in the bathroom every 10 minutes. It’s pregnancy don’t worry you got this :relaxed: it’s definitely hard to deal with but I suggest getting pads for bladder leaks they’re life savers

Sounds like a bladder infection. Maybe see if you can a urine test done.
And also if it’s so much maybe get checked and see if your amniotic fluid is leaking

I am super tiny like 4’9 about 100lbs I have had 3 kids and during all of them if i sneezed or coughed to hard I had leaks while pregnant I wore poise panty liners. If it’s more than that then you may have a bladder infection talk to your OB or midwife. Full on peeing is not normal while pregnant or right after birth.

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I had tiny leaks being pregnant but for sure not that bad. Call your doctor. In the meantime they make bladder leak pads similar to period pads might be an idea to try

I had to buy depends at 19 with my second. No shame in it. You’re creating a baby.


I was a first time mom at 22. And very tiny. I am now 46. Still a small person. I hate sneezing standing up. You will be ok.

it leaks … it all hurts… im 28 yrs old with my 5th pregnancy & 31 weeks.

I had to wear thick pads because that happened to me. Still happens from time to time and my son just turned one. Your bladder is like a pancake so there’s really no controlling it right now and then it’s gonna take some time to bounce back

No matter what your age is or what your size is when. You get pregnant and have a baby… carrying a child changes your body. Your body almost always does not fully go back to prepregancy condition all the way.
I was 29 & 220lbs when I had my 1st and only child. I am now almost 42 and still piddle sometimes and have the urgency to pee all the time.
My pregnancy hormones also made my body to grow cysts and stones ( I now have kidney stones) and I had to have my tonsils removed less than a year after delivery because I also grew tonsils stones during pregnancy.

Wear panty liners babe! I had the same issue even after the baby it took time for my muscles to get back

Google ways to tighten pelvic floor and use athletic tape to help support your belly. Panty liner for bladder leaks. Kegel exercises help too.

Try Kegel exercises. They will help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that also support your bladder and uterus.

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I’m not small but when I was pregnant the same thing happened. I used pads and kegel exercises.

always discreet boutique! best ever for pregnancy and postpartum recovery… i didn’t find out about them until my 4th baby​:joy::joy::woman_shrugging: but omg it was a game changer

Um it’s not a “small framed” mom problem

I had to use pads was 18 years old when I had my first and I’ve got 6 kids had to use them with all 6

My daughter is three and I still have to cross my legs when I sneeze.

Girl, get some depends… I’m not even joking :heart::heart:

Had a little bit of a problem with it when I was pregnant with my first child and after she was born, but now with my second EVERYTHING makes me pee. Coughing, sneezing, laughing too hard, or even just having my baby kick me a little too hard. I have to wear pads full time now. Now shame in wearing pads or even depends for that matter. Definitely easier than having to change pants every five minutes

To be expected, it gets better

Very normal. And it can last…like 12 yrs after birth and cough makes you pee- kinda lasting lol.

I was 97 with my first born at 21 weeks and mannnn they rest on the bladder so bad lol! Yes it’s normal BUT if it’s that frequent you may want to make sure it’s not your water leaking

I’m 39 with three boys that are older now but lately I can’t hold my bladder throughout the night anymore I go about twice at night I even stopped drinking things around 830 pm I have no idea what’s the problem

Has happened with every pregnancy no matter what I do. It’s normal just make sure to use the bathroom often and continuously empty your bladder, it helps.

I still have that issue…im 37…and my youngest is 11. They don’t tell u all this beforehand! And the sneezing…or laughing too hard…gotta cross my legs for that too!

I’m 40 and still have issues, Coughing, sneezing, jumping (jumping jacks are the worst) all make me pee. We were playing a family volleyball game and I jumped to get the ball and felt myself pee. I excused myself and ran to the bathroom. Luckily it wasn’t too bad and the clothes I had on didn’t show it too bad. It’s embarrassing but I think almost every woman that has kids has the same issue or at least a lot of them do.

Get a pregnancy support band to help with the baby being low. You can do Hegel exercises to strengthen the muscles to help with the bladder issues

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Kegals but my obgyn had me doing sessions it sends electro waves to tightening the muscles my insurance covered it

I use Always pads for incontinence. After 4 kids my bladder is a joke. I just gave in and wear them all the time now.

Use pads, love. I was small in the beginning with my first child. I was 21. (I’m 37 now and have 3 kids, not tiny anymore.:rofl:) This is a normal pregnancy thing. Just try to empty your bladder as often as possible even if it only feels like there’s a little bit in there. If you need any advice from a seasoned non-judgmental mom, don’t hesitate to shoot me a pm. :heart:

Talk to your doctor, wear a pad for leaks.

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Use heavy period pads, it will help absorb whatever you leak.

The baby is growing and is sitting on your bladder. Not anything abnormal. Congrats on the little one :baby:

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I would try urinating more frequently so you’re emptying your bladder sooner. For example, Try urinating every 2 hours and see if that helps. If it does then increase to 2.5 and so on until you find out how long you can hold it without leaking. Once you identify this time frame, set a timer to urinate at the identified time to hopefully empty before you leak. You’re going to be urinating more often but will have less leakage. Hope this helps. If the problem persists 6 weeks after delivery, look into pelvic floor stimulation to help strengthen your muscles back up but I would think it will resolve after delivery. You got this, girl

Wear a pad. My first baby I was super tiny too. And carried super low no stretch marks for that one. She was healthy 7lbs 5oz. I wore all my same pants just unbuttoned. But I had to wear a pad so I didn’t worry about peeing my pants in public. Congratulations :confetti_ball::balloon:

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There are a lot of washable pads that are great for leaks. But I think you need to see your doctor. At only 21 weeks pregnant, not overweight, and with youth on your side, you shouldn’t be having this as an issue. Do lots of kegels also.


Its common. The baby is weighing ur bladder down. Just wear depends or pads. Try having 5 kids, sometimes I have issues making it to the bathroom on time.


This happens to almost every mom regardless of size. For whatever reason, baby always seems most comfortable sitting on the bladder🤣 not much you can do besides wear panty liners or pads depending on how much leakage you experience. Also, try to make yourself go more often to help keep your bladder empty and wear loose fitting clothes so there’s no extra pressure on your stomach and bladder. Good luck, momma!

You must do the keagel exercises

Try getting a belly support belt too. It takes pressure off your back and somewhat off your belly too. And like others said, try and use the bathroom often.

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Kegel exercises and thick pads.

I wore pads, lived in leggings so I didnt have extra pressure, and used the bathroom every half hour/hour whether or not I felt the need to go right then and there. If i waited until i felt the need i knew i only had 30 seconds to make it somewhere so it was just easier to go when I was around a bathroom.


That can be an indication of a bladder infection even if you have no other symptoms. Definitely discuss with your dr!

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I found it really helpful (and sorry if this is duplicating advice or already doing) but rocking & sitting super forward when you pee helps to fully empty. :100: to anyone who has also recommended kegels. Those are super helpful after birth as well when your pelvic floor is getting back into normal. Congrats!

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Also while you’re peeing lean forward and touch your toes while pee is still flowing. It helps empty it all out

I do panty liners/pads and CONSTANTLY do kegels.

I had this in my second pregnancy. Doc said it was normal and she had problems with it too.

Yep I agree get some pads and or liners and keep up with those Kegals after having 4 kids my bladder is far from perfect but kegals def help

Ask your OBGYN about a Physical therapist who specializes in pelvic floor PT! They will help you immensely! I work for one, and she helps so many women!

Kegel weights will help with that!

I had this with my both pregnancies i carry low too and im about 152cm but still get tested as it can be uti or cyctisis

Wear a pad owe more I was 92 pounds when I had my first and 20 years old he was big and if I laughed sneezed I peed just go per always don’t try to hold it

Ive been losing it in my pants since 12 weeks :joy: (2nd pregnancy) Dont feel bad, sweetie it happens to all of us at some point. Get yourself some panty liners or even pads if the liners arent enough. Make sure you have a spare pair of undies on you at all times and maybe some wipes and just accept defeat. 19 more weeks to go. And even then theres no promising everything will go back to normal right away. But you will be ok :wink:


Welcome to motherhood!!

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Check for UTI. And welcome to your days of wearing overnight pads in case of a sneeze.

pads/pantyliners. kegels. not a lot you can do til baby is off your bladder. welcome to motherhood!

I was 19 when i got pregnant with my oldest who is now 7. I was just under 120 pounds and im 5’2 so I was pretty little. Once i became pregnant, my bladder was never the same. And it just got worse after my 2nd when i was 23. I believe they do have some excercises you can do and also a panty liner will be your best friend now. I used to make fun of my mom when she had to cross her legs to pee… I completely understand now.

I was 17 with my first and I’m having a second one now at 18. The best thing to do is to use the bathroom as often as possible and wear pads (or adult diapers I know that sounds horrible but it works). Also don’t wear clothing that puts pressure on your stomach or bladder. My baby came out as 8lbs 5.6oz and she still enjoys jumping on my bladder. Congrats on your little one. Also be weary when you laugh, sneeze or cough.

Kegels and making sure u pee or try to pee frequently