I am a single mom and at my breaking point: Advice?

Hi, I’ve been following this page for some time now, and I’ve reached a point where I can’t keep it in any longer. My son is two years, and he frustrates the life out of me. I’m a single mom. I lost my job due to covid, and it’s hard. I really don’t know what to do anymore. I’m trying to study, but it’s the hardest thing. I don’t know how much longer I can do this. My bills are piling up, I’m losing my cool what to do any advice… I’m at my breaking point


I am sorry love. Do you have family to help you out when you feel you are drowning? Find someone to lean on.

I feel your pain. I was a single mom of twins and in university. I had no family support and had barely any money. You’re not alone in how you’re feeling. I wish I could offer more comforting words but all I can say is just keep going. It WILL get better eventually. Toddler years are tough.

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You are frustrated with life and your son feels it. Take a moment to breathe and remember all will be ok!


Just breathe. Its not your child’s fault this is happening. And I’m guessing you get no help from the father either so my advice is to go to your local dhhr and see what they can help with. Even if it’s state funded daycare at least that’ll give you time to find a job and perhaps work some place not oriented with your degree ex: gas station, fast food, grocery. And still remain focused on your schooling as well


It’s okay to ask for help! If you have family or friends that are willing to watch you child. Ask! Everyone needs a break! There should also be local resources that will help with child care expenses if you don’t have anyone personally that will help. Just remember, this too shall pass.


Are you friends with any other single moms? Maybe you could each take a day during the week to watch the child for the other mother. Your child will have a new friend to play with when they are at your place and she is playing with a friend for a few hours while you have a little me time each week. :heart:

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Get help! Go to the WIC Office for support, the DTA office for help, job training help you with your bills and get childcare through them. Talk to your doctor to see a therapist you could be going through postpartum depression. There’s the RAFT program that will help you pay your bills. Go to church they have a lot of help and look for God he will clear your path. He did it for me and now my son will be 5 years and pushing forward in life. Don’t give up! That’s what the devil wants you to do but you are a child of God remember that. :pray::pray::pray:


Just try to remember that you are doing this for your son. Ask for help if you know someone that can babysit even one or two days a week. It’s amazing what a few hours here and there can do. Being a single mom is really hard. It might get harder. But you are a woman and you can get through this. We’re tough like that. You need a support system. Even if its just like a mommy and me group. Find your tribe. They will be essential in finding a balance between being a mommy and having your own separate identity.

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Find something you both enjoy and try some family bonding sometimes a change of emviroment and rountine alleviates the stress. I was a single mom, a job and going to school. Its hard and requires alot of time management. My inbox is open if you need to vent. Just remember he is worth every tear shed, every stress felt, every failed test, etc. There is always a storm before the rainbow. Comes down to it look into govt agencies for support such as daycare and do what you need to for him. Worse case scenario if you feel your unsafe for him find a family member to help out or something for the long term. It can escalate fast if your at a breaking point. The inevitable can become possible. Its okay to ask for help!! I will be praying for you

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If your state offers assistance u can apply for that. Can u apply for unemployment? Sometimes losing a job can be frustrating, depressing, or heartbroken for years of dedication, but don’t give up. When theres a will than theres a way. Let all frustration out than after that move on. Remember us woman might look weak in the beginning but at the end our weakness brings the best of us. Make out a plan thats all u need to ease ur worries. Good luck!

All your baby needs is you. It’s so hard to be a single parent. Remember to breath and try so hard not to take it out on him. It’s the stress and fatigue getting to you. It happens to all of us! But it’s so important not to let that affect how we treat our kids. When he’s sleeping try to sleep. It’s so important. Absolutely take advantage of government assistance. Food stamps whatever you can. You deserve the help! That’s why it’s there. Who watched him while you were working before? Can they help at all now? I agree to try church as well. At the very least they will give you prayer and support. And that’s not small. Praying for you. Hang in there!

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U will survive but it is hard I feel for u

Hang in there. Ask God for help.

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Please listen to these people and please don’t take your frustration out on your child get help

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Breathe. Two is hard in the best of circumstances. Ask for help from friends/family. Apply for all help you may remotely qualify for. Trade things with neighbors for child care (ill mow your lawn if you watch my kid or whatever). Maybe a pretten or teenage neighbor could be a mommy’s helper a few hours a week to help you have time to study.

You can get through this.

Breathe… parenting is hard definitely when they are 2!! Best advice I can give is if you have local family/friends ask for help!!

I don’t have any local family or friends to rely on so my kids all (4) are on a set routine. This way every night I have at least an hour to myself.

You need to get out… even if it’s just for a walk around the park or maybe a part time job at the local gas station. Social in person interaction is soo good for the soul.

As for your child… kids seriously feed off the parents. If you are stressed he will be stressed. Try to keep him entertained with activities that are more calming like playing with play dough or coloring… singing songs… doing puzzles… work on counting… heck my 2 yr old loves it when I give her a spray bottle with water and a towel… just small simple things.


Hey I completely get it I’m a single mom of 6 ages 15,10,7,4,2 and 1 first thing is everything will get better ! I suggest looking into w2 until you can find a job they will help you with child care if needed as well while you work I was on it for a couple of months when I was out of work I know our state will also offer specialty training classes as well so you can be certified in a field . Kids are tough it’s not an easy job being a mom but it’s the most rewarding you will weather this storm mama !!

Unemployment.pay? It has helped ny friend alot

Just venting like you did here is a good place to start. Im sure you feel all the support from reading the comments. I agree with everyone else, get help from anyone who can give it. Family. Friends, the state, the father, who should be paying child support. Also, remember to take one day at a time…you’ve got this!

Does your city/town have a Crisis Nursery?

I am a single mother of two. My 11 year old son lives with his dad f/t and I have a 6 year old daughter f/t. I can relate. My daughter has been diagnosed with anxiety and a mood disorder. It is so hard to deal with. I fortunately have supportive friends and family. I see a counselor and my kids see a counselor. Two is a hard age. Terrible twos. Just know this phase will end. It’s exhausting for you I’m sure. Reaching out on here is a big step. Keep your head up. Can you make time for you. Find something you can do for yourself that you like. Hope something I said will help. :smiley:

Ask one of your friends to help with your Two year old once a week and a family member once a week so you’ll have two days a week to yourself. Things will get better. Look into support for childcare, take mornings off to rest and look for a job. Try a hospital. They have many positions available. I always tell people to try EKG/ECG monitor tech. There are schools that are 4 days to get certified. It only costs about $300. You can work 12 hour shifts once or twice a week. Full time in a hospital is three 12 hour shifts. And you’ll never be laid off at a hospital. Good job and hang in there. It gets better, I promise.

Do you have any friends or family near by? If you do try and see if someone can watch him for a little bit and take a break. Sometimes you need time to restart.

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Mommy I feel the same way. Please message me

Hang in there momma. Message me if you need to talk. I remember being in school with my babies and just sitting on the floor crying at the end of the night crying sometimes. It gets better. :heart: you got this!!

U proubly can draw unemployment

Believe it or not things will get better you got this. Also toddlers can like sense stress and they play up on it xx

Do you have any family or friend support? Where are you located? Look for a local mom group or maybe you can find others close to you in this group who can help you to get some time to yourself. Like my comment and I’ll link some assistance programs. Help is out there, it’s just about finding it. Look to local universities for therapy programs offered at discount or through study programs. If you list your location we may be able to find you some help. I’m sorry you’re feeling so stressed its definitely been a very very hard year. Hoping we can help u find support.