I am 38 weeks pregnant and it has been rough: Advice?

I’m 38 weeks pregnant, and this pregnancy has been really hard on my body throughout all nine months. I cannot wait until my daughter is born and am honestly looking so forward to NOT being pregnant anymore. I haven’t slept comfortably for more than 1.5 hours at a time in about two months. In my first trimester, I was throwing up and nauseous 24/7. I lost a bunch of weight. My iron is low, and I try to eat well (beans, rice, leafy greens, etc.) but constantly feel weak, and my muscle tone has completely depleted from being so ill all the time. I know to have a newborn, and depending on how hard the birth is, that will all come with its own complications, but what are some things that get better once you give birth? Are you able to get Comfortable once again while sleeping (even waking up for feedings, diapers, etc.) Can you breathe normally again? I just need something to look forward to getting through these last few weeks! Thanks, ladies!


Yes, once she is out you will feel better.


Yes lol! Once baby us born you will forget all the misery and have so much love for your new baby!

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The only reason you should lose sleep after the birth is from the baby needing something. Your body will feel better!

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First couple months are rough with breastfeeding and even if your not it will hurt to dry your milk up. I have a 5 months old and I’d say I was back to feeling more normal around 3 months PP. I also had low
Iron and was able to get iron infusions, it made me feel so much better!! I even got one in the hospital after delivering.

You will pick up weight once the baby come I was sick the whole nine months once I delivered I couldn’t stop eating

Yes you go back to normal. Except for sleep.


You will forget it all!! And you will love on your new babe, you will be healing as well but once that is done , everything will be nice with babe


I’m 12 weeks and one day and can’t sleep worth a crap neither and I pay for it the next day so I feel you

Yea i am 31 weeks and I have hypermesis and I have lost 34 pounds and I cant wait to have my baby girl in 9 weeks

You will feel better ! I was the same way . I would just cry third tri bc of how much pain I was in all the time . I told my husband I wanted to die lol. But after she was born the lack of sleep didn’t brother me because I actually sleep more somedays now that I’m not pregnant

Yes, the last couple months of being pregnant I couldn’t get comfortable or barely breath, I had to sleep sitting up pretty much. Even with getting up and feeding my son I was able to get comfortable an actually sleep for a little while.

You just described my pregnancy girl, I’m 37+4 but yes. Things go back to normal-ish. Sleeping gets easier, you get some of your energy back, your not nauseated anymore, and you get to cuddle with a beautiful newborn☺.

I was so amazed with my first how much better I felt once she was born and I no longer shared my torso with her. You have got this! Also when it comes to eating, don’t worry so much about what you eat if you aren’t able to eat much eat what you can. My doctor says if it’s hard to eat something eat anything as long as it’s food. Remember to sleep when baby sleeps.

Once that Baby is born you won’t care how you feel. You’ll love them so much, the pain won’t matter :sparkling_heart::blush: congratulations. Remember you didn’t work this hard for nothing. You must have a strong baby in there.

Everything feels better. Honestly pregnancy is a beautiful thing I mean your growing a life and it’s so miraculous. But I’m sorry I hate it. It’s uncomfortable and ur upset and it’s just tiring. Ever since I had my newborn I been so much better. I rather be tired because of lack of sleep with the baby then be pregnant tired. Totally different. I cut and burned my tubes I can’t do it anymore either. Ur almost done congratulations and you will feel better!!!

My entire pregnancy was awful. Like you, I was sick but mine lasted the whole 9 months. I was still having morning sickness while in labor. :face_vomiting::woman_shrugging:
I didn’t sleep well either. So much so that I would do laundry at night because I knew I would wake up when each load was done lol

All that to say, the SECOND my girl was out, I felt a million times better. The sickness ceased. I slept comfortably. I wasn’t out of breath anymore.
Promise, you will be the same! As soon as little one is out, it is so much better. Hang in there, you are so close! If you are that uncomfortable, ask your doctor to strip your membranes to induce labor. Rest up, walk, and finish last minute projects. Baby will be here before you know it. :blush:

Wishing you luck. Yes, you’ll breath normally again. You’ll sleep because you are exhausted. Your life will never be the same again and it’s so worth it! I can say this because my kids are thriving adults but they still turn to their mom occasionally. You will never stop worrying about them but you will rest easier knowing you’ve taught them the skills to handle life. Maybe your baby will be a sound sleeper and you can get some rest before she starts toddling! You’re going to be a GREAT MOM!

Once she is out you’re gonna feel a ton better. Don’t beat yourself up afterwards tho, delivery can be rough, being up all night with a newborn is taxing and breastfeeding can be hard. But you’ll see, that little girl will be SO worth it.
This coming from experience- I had hyperemesis gravadeium with my first, lost nearly 60lbs, could eat nothing for months, in and out of the hospital, vomited every single day from h the day I found out I was expecting to the day I delivered… I also had a terrible birth with back labor and 3 failed epidurals and made so much breastmilk I constantly felt drained.
BUT! All worth it. Everything. In fact I’m now on baby number 3 and this pregnancy has been a breeze!

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I felt like I couldn’t breathe constantly with my first, constantly had a blocked nose I swear to you as soon as he came out I was better again :joy: xx

The first 2-3 days after will be a little rough but you’ll breath better immediately! After everyday you’ll feel more and more like yourself just keep taking your prenatal! It helps make sure you’re still getting all your vitamins

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Take iron pills before you give birth! It could cause issues with labor and delivery if your iron is low. Also, make sure to keep taking vitamins after she’s born. Other than that, you’ll feel better soon, you’re in the last stretch!

You will definitely feel soooooo much better! You will be able to sleep comfortably while baby sleeps. Your whole body will feel better inside and out. During pregnancy baby takes everything they need from your body, making you feel pretty crappy. That’s why it’s very important to take prenatal vitamins. You are almost done and it will be so worth it! Good luck and congratulations!

Bailey Anderson did you write this?

You will feel sooo much better after shes here. You will be able to breathe and move more comfortably, I wouldnt count on sleep the first couple weeks, but that will come too, in time. Plus looking at that sweet little face will make it all worth it. Just hang in there mama! Youre almost at the finish line. :blush::four_leaf_clover:

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The last few months of pregnancy and the lack of sleep is training you for the newborn time. Honestly, though…it is all worth it when you finally get to snuggle your little munchkin. I miss the days that my LO was tiny and cuddly. And, I really missed being pregnant. I’m sure hormones had a lot to do with it but I had a lot of separation anxiety. I kinda didn’t wanna share him with anyone since I spent the last 9 months with him. I cried a lot after he came because I missed feeling him move around in my belly.

Mine was too. I couldn’t stand being pregnant omg. I did castor oil when I was 38 weeks pregnant and nothing happened. Then I did it again at 40+2 and had her the next day

Im in the exact same spot you are! Im over it lol

It seems like I literally just wrote this post . Cuz I am in the same situation as you :heart::weary::thinking::pregnant_woman::two_hearts: my baby is due any time and since day one it’s been hard they had to Prescribe medication for my nausea and I can’t even move no more right now . But the good thing is yes everything will be back to normal once you have your baby !!! :slightly_smiling_face:

They last few weeks were horrible :frowning: for me. All my pregnancies. Just take a break when you need it. I took nutrition shakes. Good luck.

Make sure to tale iron pills now i was anemic and had a very horrible delivery and almost needed a blood transfusion. I was very weal after delivery so tale care of any issues now.

I don’t know if this is your first but no one really talks about the 4th trimester and what it does to your body due to the change in hormones. You quickly forget about the discomforts that come with being that pregnant but there are new ones that arise after having baby. I remember having such severe hot and cold flashes and sweating profusely in my sleep. It gets better though.


Try some magnesium 30 minutes before bed!

I’ve never experienced a vaginal delivery so I can’t say anything towards that but I’m currently in my 3rd pregnancy (last few weeks as well) and I’ve only had C-sections. All 3 were/are boys. I’ve had Iron deficiencies with this one and my 2nd. Currently taking 2 types of insulin as well (gestational diabetes) 4 times a day and this baby has ZERO CHILL :joy: he’s up most of the night and it’s hard for me to sleep as well due to the pain of switching sides, front heavy, aching hips… all the above. This is why they usually say the last 4 weeks or so takes 84 years to get through lol but once baby is out your body works hard and fast at regaining strength to help take care of the little one. It’s remarkable really, how the woman’s body can adjust the way it does. You are almost there my dear, and it will all be worth it.

You will forget about it all the second you meet her :heart:

You don’t have to wake the baby up for feedings .unless there is medical reasons or underweight . believe me the baby will wake up and let you know when they are hungry

Yes! You breathe normally again and you’re not nauseous anymore. All of your pregnancy negatives will go away! You’ll just be a little sleep deprived in the beginning but it’ll get better with time.

I had a pregnancy identical to yours and wondered the same around this time. I also had gestational diabetes which was very stressful and was SO happy once the placenta was out lol. I know it’s insanely uncomfortable right now. Home stretch, mama. You can do it!!

God yes even when waking up to feed it’s still better sleep than when pregnant I’m 32 weeks now with my 3rd and can not wait to be able to sleep again. Not to mention all the frequent bathroom breaks stop.

When I was pregnant I was so used to feel icky. Heartburn, nausea, vomiting, and I also had low iron. It was my first and I never thought I would know life again without heartburn or fatigue again. You forget what your normal body is supposed to feel like, and then boom a couple weeks after baby you start to remember. There is hope !

I am diabetic (T1) so I had a very difficult pregnancy throughout. As soon as my epidural wore off, I left like a new person!

I felt complete relief once my daughter came out. Immediately. All the discomfort was gone in a second. I was tired the next couple days but felt great. Felt so good to be able to move more freely again.

Take iron supplements
Prenatal vitamins

You get comfortable enough to sleep yet you don’t get enough sleep! It’s a whole different kind of tired lol

This literally sounds the exact same as my pregnancy! I used to spend hours at work throwing up down the toilet and I’d be up all night with heartburn and the second I gave birth I felt like a new woman! So much so within 4 days after having surgery to remove her I was up and about going for a walk around our local park! You’ll get into the swing with a newborn as your instinct will kick in and just remember no matter how sleep deprived you are or how crap you feel these moments don’t last a lifetime and one day you’ll crave that time back xx

The end is always the worst to help if u dont have a body pillow I suggest putting a nice big thick comfortable one in between your thighs…but once it’s over what your feeling will be back to normal

I was like this with my first, thankfully not morning sickness but always shattered and sleep was awful!!! I ballooned and they thought I had diabetes then pre eclampsia. Ended up just being a big baby so emergency section!!! It took me a few weeks to get back to normal sleep as I ended up on iron tablets and antibiotics for infections but I got there and you will too xx

Im 29 weeks today with baby no2 i know how you feel constantly feel tired , sick heartburn kills me at night ive been prescribed cocodamol for pelvic pain which im not used to taking had my worst night ever last night with round ligament pain and back pain thought i was contracting was that bad , it does get better once you have baby i was ill with my first one constant heartburn , no sleep morning sickness couldnt eat low on iron like yourself but once baby is here you can breathe normal again you can get comfortable sleeping i missed sleeping on my tummy , did find it the sorest when my breast milk came in as i didnt breast feed 1st baby but hoping to this time round just find what works for you and baby xx

I know just how you feel. They say your lack of sleeping is getting you ready for those night feeds baby has. The sickness was awful. I could barely eat anything when pregnant. Best not eat during actual labour. I was sick then too. I found chicken the best meat. Or white fish. Mashed potato . Processed foods tinned or frozen l couldn’t eat. Nor have sweetners . coffee l couldn’t have either. I was expecting a girl. With my boy l wasnt half as bad. Try to avoid fried foods too. Only have one baby book. Too many can be confusing. But a book of baby names as well can be fun. Planning the nursery too.

My last pregnancy I could walk and fall without warning because the baby pushed on my muscles and nerves. When contractions began, I was almost running in the hospital, my legs were working again! Pregnancy can be hard. It is ok to say it… remember you are making a baby. This is not a small task! Yes, things will get better :slight_smile: not always as soon as the baby comes but they will. I would suggest you and your baby get checked up by a physio/chiropractor/osteopath (any or your chosing) after birth. It is an Olympic effort you are both going to make so it helps to start on a good note :slight_smile:

As soon as that baby is out you will feel SO much better. I don’t love being pregnant… with my first at the end I had such bad heartburn, insomnia, SPD and tons of back/hip pain etc. As soon as the baby was born I felt way better even though he was huge. Your whole body will be a bit sore but in a different way. Im 20 weeks with my second and already uncomfortable… Good luck!

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I could immediately breathe easier when i had my son. He will be 2 weeks old tomorrow and i still have some sciatic pain on one side and feel stiff getting out of bed sometimes bit it’s so much better then it was before i had him. I haven’t been to the chiropractor since the day before i had him so i feel like that will be fixed too once i get an adjustment.

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After you deliver you can breathe and it feels AMAZING. The back pain persists, but the weird legs pains feel better. The first few nights you will sweat SO much in your sleep that you’ll have to change in the middle of the night, but after that you finally regulate and you aren’t overheated anymore like in pregnancy. Before kids I was unable to get back to sleep once I was woken up- since kids I can fall back to sleep in minutes. Also…sleeping on your stomach. If you were a stomach or side sleeper before pregnancy it feels so good to be able to get that back.

You will feel better bcos your baby is here so less anxiety and more excitement. Yes u will be able to breath better bcos no baby pressing on ribs. If someone else is helping with the baby then hopefully u will get more sleep as well. Xx

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Awe. You will feel better again. Think of all the women who have had multiple pregnancies. Some day you will forget how hard this time really has been. I promise that you will find getting a shower after delivery amazing! It will take time for your body to recover but it will have created a whole new life! I wish you well!

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I’m almost 37 weeks with baby #2. I also was super sick in my first trimester and was on meds up until my 3rd trimester where they had me take over the counter acid blockers. Sleeping hurts. Walking hurts. I take lots of hot baths/showers and have to use the little trolley carts when i get groceries. My birthing experience previously was very traumatic so my anxiety has been way up to but so ready for baby girl to be here.

Right after birth sucks. The pads and being achy from birth and your body recovering takes time so right after just remember you gave birth and are recovering. Once that’s over it gets a lot better because your energy comes back and you can breathe and move freely. Having a newborn is hard though so waking up frequently and if you are breastfeeding it can be struggling and painful. But I’ve always felt being pregnant was harder than handling a newborn.

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You will be a brill mom.do your best.lots of cuddles.if you are not sure ask questions.neaver feel alone.good luck.

All of what youve been going through is god getting you ready for having a new born. No you wont get more sleep. Once you get comfy baby will wake up. On the plus side you can breathe better… i felt like pooo for a few months. Good luck

Oh you poor thing. Please don’t ever feel bad because you “don’t always enjoy your pregnancy”. I have the absolute worst pregnancies, they downright suck. Miserable the whole time but you will feel so much better almost immediately! My first had a rough labor that involved lots of stitches, a broken tailbone and a donut seat for 4 weeks but even through all of that it was soooo much better than how I felt pregnant. Pregnant w #5 now… they all suck but its so worth it.

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You will feel so much better! (In my experience) I remember walking out of the hospital telling the nurse I can’t believe how much my body hurt during pregnancy compared to how great I felt walking out! Of course it’s not all wonderful but there is so much to look forward to. You are so close!

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I just had my third baby 4 weeks ago. I immediately enjoyed being able to take a deep breath, not peeing every 45 min all day and night, being able to reach my feet to tie my shoes without wetting myself or nearly falling over from lack of oxygen, being able to sit up without rolling off the bed or couch first and not being beat up from the inside everytime I tried to rest or sleep :grin:


Have someone help you for the first few weeks. A lot in the beginning and tapering off after 2 - 3 weeks. You will be like any new Mom…tired and unsure of yourself. It does get easier every day! Best wishes to you and your baby :heart:

Once Bubba is here, you can eat again, sleep again, breathe again, bend again, lift again (pending birth experience - might need some healing time)…its AMAZING!! I have a 3 week old and this pregnancy was far harder. Constant discomfort, sickness at the beginning, breathless all the time etc. You are meant to reach the ‘oh my God get her out of me, I’m done’ moment so you go into birthing/meeting your little one pumped and ready! These last weeks are indeed hugely uncomfortable but they will be forgotten so fast once she’s here :two_hearts:
One tip which enabled me an incredible birth this time around, is remembering you are both journeying the birth together. With my first I almost felt that he was something I had to force out to stop the discomfort…this time it was all about us sharing this process and working together. Sounds v hippy but wow, it changed her birth and it couldn’t have gone any better :heart_eyes: So much love and enjoy your amazing little girl…that moment you first hold her, stays with you FOREVER! :heart_eyes:

The first few weeks can be hard so take all the help possible. I found bf easier and then had husband and family help with household things. Attend baby groups when it’s possible. Meeting people in the same boat makes it easier. Your body also needs time to recover. It will have just grown a human. Give it time and be kind to yourself

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Congrats! I completely understand what you’re going through, I’m pregnant with my fourth at 32 wks I’m over it :grin:. Yes it gets better!! I can’t tell you how because it’s different for everyone but hang in there momma! :heart::heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

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From my experience I learned that most of the uncomfortable side effects go away after birth, but the first few weeks getting used to your precious little one are hard. Once you too get to know her more, it gets much easier. Sending love and prayers :heart: you’ll get through this so much stronger.

Honestly no. I had post partum anxiety and insomnia for a couple of months following the birth of my son. The insomnia was making the anxiety worse and vice versa I also was recovering from a c section so that was tough. Also I started to feel nauseous, I actually thought I was pregnant again but basically what happens is as your hormone levels drop back down to your old normal you can go through all the same symptoms your started with in early pregnancy as your body gets use to the lower levels again. It took me a good couple of months to feel completely normal again unfortunetly.

Almost everything I suffered from because of pregnancy got immediately better after birth. I am now 9 weeks with my 4th and already miserable from being sick. It does get better!

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I had a c section and still felt 10 times better once the baby was out! I had non stop heart burn. Once she was out never had it again. I could sleep on my side all night long with out having to roll over. Being pregnant was misery.

I took natural calm magnesium to help me sleep and restless legs, and in my 3rd trimester I drank rasberry leaf tea i barley bleed after my c section. Also take warm baths with epsom salt

My last pregnancy was rough, it was baby #4 . I had him last Aug, at 34 weeks, and I was super uncomfortable and tired week 32, 33 and 34. Within 2 days of having him I felt like myself again, even after an emergency csection. Almost everything feels better once baby is born.

U will be fine once u give birth…if but too run down u may not be able to breastfeed , so do what u can and what u feel is best for yourself. ((Hugs)))

Once I gave birth my RLS and heartburn went away, and they were killing me every night! My daughter is 3 weeks and my foot swelling is now gone too.

This sounds exactly like my pregnancy! I want more kids but I honestly don’t know if I can do it again! I threw up almost every day the entire pregnancy & felt nauseous all day everyday no matter what & I tried EVERYTHING recommended & nothing helped, swelled up like a balloon & gain about 75 lbs bc I was always trying to eat to settle my stomach. It was the absolute worst ever. I also had several people pregnant at the same time who had very easy pregnancies & I felt so angry that I couldn’t enjoy it. :sweat: the best thing for me afterwards was when the nausea & swelling went away, but that did take a few weeks after giving birth to go away. It took me a long time to “bounce back” … I suffered with PPD for a while & just how different my body was afterwards. My daughter is the best thing ever though & so worth all of the agony. Holding her for the first time was like, ok, I see why people do this again! It’s been a little over a year now & almost have all the weight off, but for me it’s been a very slow process adjusting to everything & finding a groove again.

I’m back to sleeping and breathing normally. The third night I slept super well in the hospital!

You will feel so much better and when the baby sleeps you sleep, your main goal is baby care,if someone asks what they can do for you, dishes vacuuming, load of laundry, if your house is messy it’s ok, you will not be able to do it all just know that going in, oh have someone watch the baby while you take an unrushed shower

My first pregnancy was extremely rough. 65lbs+ and PUPS at the end but the weight really came off well with healthy eating and nursing and PUPS went away. You’re so close!! You got this!

Not gonna lie, I HATED being pregnant all 3 times but it’s was totally worth 9 months of discomfort for a life time of firsts & seeing things through your children’s eyes. You will feel like crap mostly for the first month or so because lack of sleep dealing with a new born but your body getting u up like that ( it did me to) will prepare you for all the feedings & such. I promise you will get it down & feel normal again except normal will be a little different because you will be a mom. PLEASE read about postpartum depression if you haven’t already. I had it BAD with my first born. At least you will know what to watch for & know when to ask for help. Asking for help, is ok, don’t feel you HAVE to do it on your own. You got this mommy… Just a few more weeks. Just rest as much as you can. Lay back & watch t.v. or read or whatever. Pamper yourself, because once baby is here, it will be awhile until you get to do that again.

It felt so good to sleep without the added pressure! Your boobs hurt as they are now filled with milk but you stomach feels so much lighter and you can breathe!!!

I have gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, low blood and low iron. Its my 4th pregnancy. Im 32 weeks and have 13,9 years old and 11month old baby. I feel alot of pressure down there. Which makes it hard for me to move now. Good luck to us! :crossed_fingers:t3::blue_heart::grin:

Your heartburn goes away overnight! You CAN breathe again and it’s the best thing ever!

Potassium infusions at the hospital may help?

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Peanut butter crackers were my life. And bean burritos. That’s how I get my iron even now.

I’ve felt better within a day of birthing my two kiddos (pregnant with number 3) and it’s things like heartburn was gone, I didn’t ache from head to toe, my lower back felt better, I slept much better, I didn’t get nauseous or have headaches every evening etc. Depending on your support system, having a newborn is tough but I would much rather a newborn than the last 8-10 weeks of pregnancy hands down. My husband and I “traded off” 6 hours on/6 hours off for overnights (we did bottle feeds) so that the other could sleep for the first 2 weeks or so until baby got used to sleeping at night. It’s exhausting for sure, but personally I don’t enjoy being pregnant at all and much prefer the just exhaustion of a newborn to the exhaustion plus symptoms of pregnancy.

I was like that when pregnant with my second and restless legs all night. I felt way better once she was born. I did wanna put her back inside once or twice after though lol

I had horrible heartburn and acid reflux while pregnant and that got better so fast after giving birth.

I understand 39weeks with #3 but we are almost there…hang in there thats all we can do

did you think it was going to be EZ. just wait the best is yet to come.

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Look forward to hold your baby for the first time

Not peeing so often. Lol

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Green tea after delivery is a blessing! It helped me relax and get back to normal! Also your body goes back to normal at the tip of a hat! Don’t worry too much your body knows! And green tea helps you sleep!

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Trust me. None of this will even matter. My Daughter’s pregnancy was an absolute nightmare… Firstly PTSD flashbacks became an issue after losing my son neonatal after being born at 38 weeks, then GDM, Hypermesis Gravidarum (which kept causing Diabetic Hypos every few days), Obstetric Chloestatis, SPD and Peripartum Cardiomyopathy. I wanted to kick every glowing pregnant woman ever and those who said “pregnancy isn’t an illness” as for me it literally was quite a few of them. I only made it til 36 weeks but once she was born I instantly felt better. She will be 4 on Tuesday and if it wasn’t for the fact I’d be unable to look after her if I got pregnant again with the same bunch of complications, I’d do it all again cos she is totally worth it x

Pregnancy was hell, I absolutely hated it. There is nothing beautiful about it to me. And yes you can hate pregnancy and love your baby at the same time so anyone who disagrees and wants to be a jerk about it can shove it. It’s weird though after birth, you realize how much you had gotten used to. It’s also like this big sigh of relief like omg I’m free, my body is free again! Lol

You’ll be able to get comfortable, you’ll definitely be able to breathe better too.
Just take your time and rest as much as possible to help your recovery after your baby girl is born. It might help to talk to your doctor about vitamins like B12 and D along with iron to help you get a little strength before birth as well.
Stay hydrated and try to rest :heart:

It gets so much better. You might not have an easy pregnancy, neither did I. But you will miss being pregnant one day. Just to feel her kick. Take lots of videos of her doing flip flops in your tummy. You will be glad you did. These are my two boys. Now 16 & 19. Still proudly displayed. You will forget all discomfort but will have this new strong beautiful bond with your daughter. You will love it. Congratulations.

Once u give birth to ur baby will not remember any of the bad. And yes having a new born will hard at times… But treasure each moment in a few months u will look at ur baby and wonder how did she grow so fast… Nothing is more important than u and baby if she naps u nap all other things can wait… And new born babies sleep alot… Good luck n all the best

I could have written this myself and I’ve been wondering the exact same thing. I’m 34 and pregnant with my 3rd with a bit of a gap between my elder 2 so ive completely forgot everything and I too am worried that I will never feel normal or even anywhere near healthy again. I’m 33 weeks pregnant and had just about every pregnancy symptom, health complication and vitamin deficiency you an imagine and I’m currently lay in bed in agony on strong pain relief. I didn’t have a single problem with my girls, expecting a boy this time tho! Im sure I will feel normal again but I keep thinking I won’t so it’s good to read some of these stories. Good luck atleast you don’t have long left xx

It’s been a bit since my last baby, but I remember clearly all the positives. When i was pregnant with #6 I was so worn out. I would get winded going up and down the stairs, my hips felt so sore all the time, I was cranky and in so much pain…AND i had 5 other kids under 10 to take care of! Pure insanity! But, after he was born, my mom was waiting at home with the kids when we arrived home with our son. I let her take the baby while I went upstairs to unpack. When I came back down stairs, I skipped down…like with energy like i hadn’t had in a VERY long time! My mom was on the phone, presumably with my dad or one of my sibs and I heard her say, “well, I guess she’s feeling better because she just ran down the stairs.” And I did! I felt So relieved in every way! Also, hormones really help with midnight feedings. I usually did fine with those after the birth. I was a little slower to recover after my first baby, but I still remember being so excited to NOT have to pee for like 4 hours in a row. All those plus baby snuggles make life wonderful with a newborn!

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I’m in the same position as you expect I’m going on 13 weeks this is my 3rd pregnancy and I’m still nauseous here and their I just ate and I feel a bit nauseous and I myself have low iron I take a supplement of a higher dose of iron with my prenatal in the beginning I was so sick I thought I was going to pass out for my 1st child omggggg I was anemic I seen starts passed out and all but this is not the end when you give birth it will be beautiful but you will kind of feel like your pregnant for a little without the baby inside you but sooner than later you will definitely be back to how you where when you weren’t pregnant don’t worry sometimes pregnancies are like that.

All the things that are bothering you are normal during pregnancy. And the nausea/vomiting for the first trimester is normal with girls. I had every single on of those issues with both my girls. Now I’m pregnant with a boy and it’s completely different. He is a bit heavier and I still can’t get comfortable when I sleep but that is just a pregnancy normal. You will have a bundle of joy to look at in a few weeks.

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Everything gets better, quality sleep, comfort levels, breathing etc I had very low Iron levels too, hospitalized twice and got Iron drips put in… just hang in there :heart::heart: My daughter is 7 months and its all good :blush: