How was your period after getting the IUD removed?

I plan on getting my birth control taken out (IUD) For anyone who has removed it, I need to know how long it took for you to have your period and if you bled alot. Me personally before I got my IUD I had a light flow. I’m beyond scared for some reason, i had it for 5 years. I don’t plan on getting another one, cause me and husband want to try for another baby. I know everyone’s body is different and I could be over thinking it.


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Mine was light the first month. I didn’t get one till 3 months after it was removed.

I didn’t even get a period after mine was removed just got pregnant :woman_facepalming:

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I had one for a year and my first period after having it removed was heavier, but it leveled out within a couple of months.

Mine was just as it was when I had it in for the first month. The next month it started going back to how it normally was before.

Mine went back to normal fairly quick, I bled for about week after removal, but it was light and a brownish color, it leveled out to normal by the next month. And my cramps are significantly more painful now though. I’ve had mine out for a little over a year now.

Is it a Mirena? I had mine for 3 years and had it removed to ttc. We tried for 10 months, I would get a positive test, then between 8 to 12 weeks later I would lose it. Happened several times over the 10 months. The 11th month I got my period and felt something scratchy in my you hoo, retrieved it to find a little shard of my iud. Month 12 i conceived, carried the baby to term and followed up with another 18 months later. The point is, save yourself a lot of heartbreak and ask them to check and make sure the thing comes out whole. Good luck to you!

Hope these comments has helped you in some way . good luck on your next pregnancy.

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Got mine May 4 of 2020, had my period May 25th, found I was pregnant in June :rofl:

I just got mine out yesterday and the doctor said it might take up to 3 months for your period to be back to normal. I stopped bleeding already though middle of next day or it’s really light. Thank goodness too cuz I’ve been bleeding pretty much non stop for the last 3 months with only like 4 days without a period each month hence why I got it taken out.

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