How to wean from the bottle?

Hello fellow moms. Im a first time mom and my son is ten months. Hes dependent on a bottle to take a nap/go to bed. And my question is how do i get him to stop depending on it to fall asleep and also when do i give it to him if not before bed?

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If he only takes it to fall asleep and you want to break him of that behavior, then don’t give him a bottle at all.

I don’t give bottles for naps but my 18 month old still has a beaker/cup of water milk

I let my son cry it out and usually he passes out within 5-10 mins. Because he was also used to the bottle. Gotta kind of train them.

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Start out by giving him some food before bed or before he’s going to take a nap and make him maybe half the bottle that you would usually make when there is no food involved and give it to him before falling asleep and you laying him down to go to bed. He will cry for the few days and mostly because they fight to go to sleep ready will fall asleep. You could use a pacifier to keep him calm so he goes to bed that take it out of his mouth in mediately after he falls asleep and you know he’s in a deep sleep.

Change him to a sippy cup

Change the nipple from clear silicone to the old fashioned brown rubberized ones. They taste horrible and he will choose to not want it anymore himself. It took my son about 3 days.

Just stop giving it to him at nap time or start by only giving it to him every other nap (if he naps more then once a day)

This will settle with time and he is too young now obviously he needs something to fall asleep wait almost till he turn 2 years
Good luck mommy

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Feed him before bed sippy cup with desired drink milk/ formula an you put water in bottle once u start never offer desired drink in bottle only sippy cup eventually he will only choose cup Yw😊 Good luck

Give less and less in the bottle until there is nothing in it. Then take the bottle

Just take it away. I took mines away at 7 months old hes still alive lol good luck mama

Give them a sippy cup with a little bit of drink in it.

I started with no more at nap time for a couple days n then took it away at bed. Now she just has a sippy of water which she might take a few little sips from but its still always full when she wakes up lol then i gathered all the bottles n just threw them out

My daughter was like this, we started giving it to her like 10 minutes before bed, then would make a point to brush her teeth and brush her hair before bed, every few days we moved it back so now she has one about 30 minutes before bed and that’s good enough for her, when doing this I found I needed to do something extra to get her to go to sleep, I rocked with her in a rocking chair for about 10 minutes wrapped in her blanket then lay her down.

It’s ok if he wants a bottle bf his nap at this age. Giving it to him now will not create a forever habit. Only do this is you are wanting him to stop. :wink:

Hes 10 months. Give it time.

I gave my babies something to eat before nap or bed so I knew they were good for awhile. I then just didn’t give it to them at nap time. Instead I would sing, rock, or read a story till they were about to fall asleep. Then I would put them down in their crib. I would rib their cheek till asleep and then make my exit.

Give smaller amounts every time. And when he gets used to it he will just go. I did this with both my girls and even told my sis(who doesn’t take advice from anyone) and it worked on all 3 of her boys.

When my daughter was little she pretty much threw her bottle and passifier away by herself. After she turned a year old.

Wait til he’s a bit older. He’s just a baby and it’s probably comforting to him.