How to wean from breastfeeding?

Trying to ween one year old from breastfeeding.

I’m trying to get my 1 yr old off breast. She chooses beast over food. She only likes rice and soft carrots and maybe a couple of other foods. But I really can’t get her to eat anything else. And even tho she only like those foods, she really doesn’t eat enough to fill herself up. She doesn’t like a bottle either. My question is, is it possible to stop breastfeeding completely? Will she starve herself if I do? She is very picky about her food. I just want to know if it’s safe for her.


She wont starve herself. At one she should be drinking from sippy cups at least. Pump and just give it to her in a cup while you are weaning her. Lots of picky eaters are fine it is important to keep offering different foods.

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Ya I’d say try more foods, you’ll find some things she will like if you give her a variety.

My dad, Who would have been 110 this year, tells the story of saying, " my mom is weaning me"

They eat when they get hungry enough. I had this issue w my daughter and the pediatrician gave me a script for pediasure (so my insurance would help w the cost, it’s over the counter drink) and she drank one daily. Helped me worry a lot less about how picky she was when it came to food.

To wean my youngest daughter I had to put vinegar on my nipples but that’s another story😂


Put the milk in a cup with a straw… a few times a day don’t offer her the breast and give her different foods to try every day… she will adjust after a few days
My son was the same way the doc advised this method but every child is different but worth a try

My pediatrician and therapist both said, if he gets hungry he will eat. We started with mixing milk and breast milk together in a sippy.

I read that a child might need to eat something after they tasted it 30 times. I never knew. So I guess you just need to continue offering it

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Just keep trying. It took me 3 months each for both of my daughters to be completely weaned.

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She won’t starve herself but unless it’s a personal issue with you, just keep breastfeeding. It’s got more nutrients than food anyway. She may like the taste, she may just like you coddling her. She is only 1. She’s still a baby, why are people so anxious for their kids to grow up? Yes, it’s hard but keep her your baby as long as possible, breastfeed, cuddle, hold and love her as much as you can.


I would keep breast feeding :breast_feeding: if she isn’t eating enough

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she will eat if she is hungry enough… she will drink if shes thirsty enough… she wont let herself starve… she will just wait as long as she can cause she knows momma is gunna give her what shes really wanting… everytime she goes for the breast… offer her something else… eventually she will get the clue of ok moms not going to give me what i want i better just accept what moms offering… best wishes


If she’s not ready she’s not ready. Maybe just pump and use a bottle only. Give her some time.

Well you shouldnt just breast feed you should of pumped and used bottle once in awhile. No shes not going to starve. Try some ice cream to

Keep in mind it may be a teeth thing too- so keep offering solids but maybe stick with softer options. I’m only suggesting such as it sounds like the solids she is enjoying are softer. As for weaning, I’m unsure if you’re saying you want to stop completely or just cut back. That being said either way I’d start with removing one feeding a week (you could do one every 3 days or so but I found stopping one each Monday helped me remember). Sometimes my daughter would try to go for it anyway and redirection was necessary but she got the hang of it and I’m sure your little will too.

She’ll eat when she’s hungry enough. Good time to introduce sippy cups

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