How to unclog milk duct?

I’m currently 32 weeks exactly today and I woke up with my left breast in pain and there is a lump I called my midwife and she said it’s a clogged milk duct I went and took a 20 minute shower with warm water like she recommended and tried to squeeze out the milk but nothing came out did this happen to anyone else and what worked for them to unclog it at this point I will try anything just to take the pain away this never happened in any of my other pregnancies.


I would use my pump while pressed with a very very warm wash cloth. That usually helped. But it does take a day or so to stop hurting

I used a heating pad for a few minutes then fed on the breast I had issues with

Hot water, massage, pump
And if it’s still clogged have someone help you suck it out, weird but it works :sweat_smile:


Mine resulted in surgery after pregnancy hope you have better luck!

Soy or sunflower lecithin

No advice on your situation just here to say I’m exactly 32 weeks today too. :blush:


Yes. And I got mastitis while pregnant with the 2nd from that happening.

Mastitis, I was given antibiotics due to fever and pain.
Not sure if that’s the normal course of treatment though

If it’s a white spot on your nipple, it’s a harmless bleb and won’t go away until after pregnancy.

I had that in my first pregnency. I would just message my breast daily and squeeze out as much colostrum as i could each day.

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Just keep messaging it .

Dangle in an Epsom salt bath filled with hit water and massage the crap out of it!

It happened with me and my left breast. I went braless for a couple days, and switched to no underwire as soon as I could. I massaged the area and used a hot compress. It went away after about 4 days. No milk came out for me either cause I hadn’t had the baby yet.

Would a breast pump work? Never had it just wondering.

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