How to treat tooth pain while pregnant?

I am 33 weeks pregnant and yesterday morning around 2:30am I woke up with horrible tooth pain(the worst I’ve ever had and pain off of the scale) I normally take two extra strength tylenol and do salt/water when I get a toothache but that was NOT working, in fact i think it made it worse? Anyways it started to feel like the pain was radiating up into my ear, felt like I had a ear infection and pain radiating down to my neck as well, it hurt to swallow. The right side of my face literally felt like I had been punched in it, lots of pressure and it was red and hot to the touch. Around 6:00am I started having contractions (pretty consistent) and it felt like the room was spinning, I even passed out.

I called L&D and told them everything that was going on and they said to come in immediately, when I got there there were no rooms available and the nurse whom was checking me out in triage said kind of rudely “OH, you’re just having a tooth ache, you know that has nothing to do with baby, right?” I told her that actually it did because I was having consistent contractions(very painful compared to what they were earlier that morning) and I think I had a tooth infection that caused all of it. She said “oh ok” and checked the babies heart rate, and my vitals then sent me out to the waiting room. (Btw, I was already in crying pain for a couple hours at this point, the dental pain was killer and mixed in with the contractions I thought I was dying!) They finally got me in a room and put me on the contraction monitor and saw I was having consistent contractions going off of the scale, she started off with giving me IV fluids, which oddly enough seemed to have made them worse?

My husband ended up telling her they needed to give me something for pain and she said she’d call my dr see what she wanted her to do. And she came back and said she only wants to give me codeine with tylenol 3, I told her that I didn’t know what it was just give me something to STOP my pain, I also Expressed my fear of an infection and I was told kind of rudely that I was not hear for that. They gave me the tylenol 3 and it didnt help the contractions but it took the edge off of the tooth pain for maybe 45 minutes, well maybe 10 minutes after giving me my pain medicine they realized that the IV fluid was not stopping the contractions and decided they were going to give me a shot to stop the contractions (not sure of the name but it caused my heart to race like crazy and feel very off) I was in so much pain again at this point I was screaming.

She came in there and told me I needed to calm down I told her I was so sorry but the contractions were worse at this point and the tooth pain has came back, I had been up since 2:30am not ate any food or anything and no sleep and it was 4:00pm at this point. My blood pressure was also extremely high from the pain and was dripping swear. She looked annoyed when I told her and said ok well I will tell your dr, she talked to her and came in saying that my dr said she was going to be in here in 30 minutes (took an hour) and see if these contractions have done anything and see if I was dilated, and if I wasnt then they were going to send me home.

My dr she finally came in and checked me, i was not dilated, and told me she didnt see a reason to give me another shot to try and stop the contractions(that were pretty strong at this point) and she also didnt see a reason to give me anymore pain meds she said, I told her that I couldn’t go home in this much pain and I also Expressed my concern of having a bad infection and that’s what’s causing the contractions. She told me she knew nothing about tooth pain and would be sending me over to the ER department.

Now, the ER department where I live is extremely slow and I asked if there would be a room ready and she just said idk blah blah blah and good luck. I got there and was signing in and told them L&D sent me over there and they kind of looked really confused. I had to sit in the waiting room for probably a hour before i finally got back into a room and the dr came and checked on me immediately and he checked everything and I told him what was going on and he said as he was walking out to the nurse that he didnt understand what my DR was thinking, he told me he was going to give me something strong for the pain and get me out of this pain immediately bc my BP was also high. He said I did have an infection and he told me that I was being sent home on antibiotics and pain meds and he also said that my dr could have done the same thing, you could look at my face and see I had a pretty bad infection. I finally got some relief, still lots of pressure on my face and some contractions but no where near as bad as it was.

My question is, how do you guys feel about that? Was my dr really in the right? I feel like I was not taken care of properly and they made me feel stupid for hurting that bad and being in the condition that I was. :disappointed:


I would be looking for a different doctor asap!


Bloody hell… makes my blood boil…I agree find a new doctor… all the best hun :revolving_hearts:

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Put some ground cloves in a little olive oil and rub it on your tooth. It will make you feel better and is safe for you and baby

A new doctor is in order

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Find a different doctor ASAP. You already seen how she is. No compassion. She didn’t even seem to care about your baby’s health. God forbid something happens during birth because of her lack of care & then you regret it… Find someone else!!!

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Tooth infections are not to be taking lightly when you’re pregnant. She doesn’t have to be a dentist to know that. Try clove oil on the tooth, along with the antibiotics. The clove oil is gross but will help. I’d say find a new dr but you’re already so far into your pregnancy. Is there another dr at the same office, that you can see?

I would be getting me a new doctor! Fuck all that

I feel so bad for you pregnancy can cause huge tooth pain and tooth accesses for some women. I was one of those women. My teeth literally broke off to my gums with each pregnancy. Please take triple the calicum, find a new GP asap and keep up the antibiotics. Xxx

Shocking. Where is the compassion and duty of care in that?

A Obgyn is not a dentist it’s not their specialty they can’t prescribe medication for something they have no knowledge about. That’s why they sent you to Er for tooth pain (you should really see a dentist) but they didn’t have to be such A holes about it.

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I’d get a different dr, yes a pain but even giving birth with an on call er l&d dr would be better than that. They at least have compassion and treat whats needed! I ended up giving birth with an on call l&d and she was amazing!

I would be finding a new doctor
She COULD have given you the medicine and didn’t my doc wrote me prescriptions for antibiotics when I got sick and yknow what that had nothing to do with a baby poppin out of my hoochie hole
I feel like you were really neglected by your doctor and I wouldn’t feel like continuing with that kind of smartass


Sounds like she has a horrible bedside manner and that is not the doctor or labor and delivery unit I would want delivering my baby. Hell naw! I’d find a whole new doctor and hospital.


Most of the time regretfully it’s hard to find anyone besides a dentist who will do anything besides antibiotics or pain meds for a toothache.
You do need to get to a dentist ASAP since you are pregnant.
There may be a dental clinic associated with a college if there is one close…


New ob and a new hospital for delivery. You can also ask for different nurses. Ask to speak with the charge nurse and express how you are unsatisfied with your care. They should change your nurses after that.


You need to find a new doctor and warn every damn body about the one you have now!! I don’t know you but I’m beyond fucking pissed!!

Your dr and that nurse need to be reported for not listening. Only YOU know how much pain you are in and it’s their job to figure out why. You also need to consider finding a new dr and hospital asap for your delivery.


I’d be finding a different doctor in so sorry you had to go thru that

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You should find a new doctor asap girl thats Crazy

Your doc sounds like an idiot. I’ve had tooth pain so bad my whole body was shaking and sweating. I couldn’t imagine having contractions on top of it. I’d get a new doctor and see about going tuna new hospital also.

New dr and new hospital.

I would definitely get a new OB and a new hospital… both seem pretty neglectful

You need a dentist. If you are in Michigan I have a great one. You can call his cell 24/7. That’s what you needed.

Tooth infections can be really bad
They can go to your brain and be deadly
Please see a dentist as soon as possible

OMG! Very unperfesional, I’d definitely be getting a new Dr., And Report this pos. I will pray for you and your family, God Bless!!!

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(Dentist)Go get that tooth pulled out if it’s infected it could be a nerve
Your nerve might be getting attacked causing the infection
I was like 20 weeks when I had to have one pulled out cause I was always on panadol and all I could think of was what it was doing to the baby
But got into a dentist they pulled it out straight away after doing X-rays on teeth they found the cause ect it was the best thing cause all I was thinking if I go into labour with this pain god forbid it was horrid

What a bunch of absolute assholes! I cant believe they wouldnt take you seriously and that your own Dr didnt feel any kind of urgency, especially at your blood pressure being so high for so long!
Definitely get a new Dr and after thats secure, go to her web page, Facebook page, every place you can and tell this story so others will know.
Once you do go into actual labor, be sure to refuse that particular nurse!
I’m so sorry hun. They just made a bad situation worse. I’d be raging if I were you.
Some people do not belong in the L&D dept.

For the dr I would get a new one

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Find a new doctor. My step daughter is a OB nurse and she said they have had women change doctors at 38 weeks and other women come to their hospital for the first time when in labor

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About the toothache…are you sure it wasn’t an ear infection? I once had BAD pain like that on the side of my head and down my neck, thinking it was an issue with my neck. Luckily, my chiropractor recognized that it was a different neck pain than I’d had before and sent me to my primary care doctor Turns out, I had a double ear infection!! Besides all that, sounds like your L&D staff does not have the kind of bedside manner they SHOULD have. Sometimes hospital staff forgets that these kinds of things are not the norm for regular folks. Good luck!


I would definitely find a new doc stat


Find a new dr and get yourself to a dentist ASAP


I had a horrible tooth ache when I was around 28 weeks pregnant and had to go to the ER also. No labor pains or anything happened but I was bawling my eyes out and they gave me strong pain medicine! I’ve never been in that much pain in my life. I would think they do whatever they can to get your BP down, mine was also very high. That should prove how much pain you’re in!

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I just had that same tooth problem last month. It was an abscess. Was given antibiotics and hydros. Have to wait until September to get it pulled :woman_facepalming:t2:

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I wouldn’t have that doctor anymore in fact I go complain about him just can’t believe it’s all about money they want to send me back to the ER and back here and back there just to make extra money who gives a s*** if you’re in pain that is so what is so amazing about I just don’t get it all I got to say is I wouldn’t have that doctor

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I would say she was rude however, in L&D they handle just that- labor and delivery. When you go in for one thing, even though you said I think my tooth is infected, it’s causing my contractions. So they did their part and took care of the contractions. For any other issues, they have to send you down to the ER or wherever depending on the situation.

So un called for! Your LD sucks! I’ve had 4 babies and everyone i had tooth problems to the extreme. Every time. Infections and sickness can put you in labor. Definitely get to dentist as soon as possible. And at first signof any tooth pain get to clinic or er as soon as possible to get on antibiotic. Stop the infection=stop pain

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Get a new Dr. And go to the dentist

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Dr. Tichners its a medicated mouthwash at Walgreens. Read the label

That was very unprofessional! As soon as I read it, I myself knew you should’ve been given antibiotics. Tooth infections can get in your blood system. It could’ve been harmful to you and your baby. I’d look for another doctor. Id go back in person and tell them they was wrong and show them ER papers.
I pray you get better. Tooth aches suck, Horribly!


Your OB is an idiot. The pain was spiking your BP which was likely what was triggering your contractions. I know you’re a bit late in pregnancy, but I would honestly look for another provider.

That’s just horrible! Even though you were in L&D, your doctor should have been concerned enough about your baby to give you antibiotics for the infection since a healthy mom is key to a healthy baby. So sorry this happened to you!

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You need to go to a dentist. Your doctor can’t help you’re not taking care of your tooth problem.:woman_shrugging:t2:


New dr. They put you both at risk.

You need to get a new doctor ASAP

Change Drs. If thats who you have to deal with your Labor and delivery.

You need to have a dentist take care of your tooth. That could kill you and your baby if left untreated. Ask for charity rate, go to a dental school, ask about dental mission programs if money is a problem. Yes, get new people/places for labor & delivery. Relationship, trust w you & your Dr., nurse has already been broken.

You need to write a complaint to the administrator in charge of the hospital you went to. You also need to write up the nurse that would be to the nurse manager. You also might want to send the er doctor a thank you card and after you do that you should change doctors

Nursing should always be about compassion! I agree antibiotics and pain control are first here. Take care of your teeth right away and you can avoid all the rest of these problems. I say this from my own experience with dental pain. I’m also a nurse and I would never treat a patient so poorly. Learn from this experience. God Bless and good luck!

Get a new dr. iOS should hv been taken care of better. Then get to dentist

Sounds like an infection had a bad one on my left side had tooth pulled antibiotics when I was pregnant with my youngest it was so bad my ear eye neck throat hurt and it kept triggering my all ready chronic migraines it sucked bit once I got the antibiotics I was alot better

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Sooo unprofessional…very rude…the infection if not treated could have passed onto your baby. I’m glad someone helped you with it finally!!!

Find a new doctor. This, doctor clearly isn’t interested in taking what you say into account. It may be late in the game but it goes a long way to know the doctor is in your corner. Especially since L&D from my own experience has a habit of not taking the patient seriously.

Yes your OB is an idiot.

New doctor, new hospital and get the tooth taken care of. Orajel can numb for a while but tooth may need to extracted or Destroy the roots and cap. That is a dentist job to do. Your current OB is not worthy to care for you. File complaints!! Praise the person who helped you!