How to transition to toddler bed?

Hi. When did your babes start to sleep in a toddler bed, and how did you do the transition? My babe, who is 19 months has slept great in her crib since she started sleeping in it, but just recently, she started to not want to sleep in her crib. She will scream till I get her out of it. We have to lay her down when she is already asleep for her to sleep in it, and even then, around 4 or 5 am, she wakes up and won’t go back to sleep till I put her in bed with me. Should I try a toddler bed, or will the transition make it even worse? She still sleeps in our bedroom because we only have a two-bedroom house, and my 11-year-old sister unexpectedly had to move in with us last year and doesn’t want to share her room, and I don’t blame her. Any tips are appreciated!


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I started with just taking the side railing off because it’s easy to put back on if it’s not working.

I put my son in a toddler bed when he turned 1. He actually transitioned really well. He was excited to help his dad build the bed and helping me make it up. He knew that was all his and that it was for sleep. Its easy that he could just get in and out by himself.
He slept in it pretty well since the start.

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With my oldest she went directly from a crib to a twin size bed I’m with my youngest I took the side rail off his bed and he’s four and still in that

Our boy didn’t sleep through the night at all, until his 2nd birthday. We got him a toddler bed, and he’s slept through ever since. Wish we did it earlier but was so scared he’d be out of it all the time… he loves it though and quite often takes himself off to chill on his bed with his toys or books x

We transitioned to a queen size at 8 months. She was so long she kept getting stuck in the crib railing (and she is a wild sleeper). She is now 2 and has done great. No falls at all and can climb up in it and get down pretty easy.

She probably just needs to be close to you

I put the crib mattress on the ground with a rail and if they liked it and slept I got a toddler bed if not I put them back in the crib

Get her a toddler bed and let her pick out bed sheets for it! I did that for my son and it helped him be excited about being in the new bed!!

Imo toddler beds are just a waste of money & another thing to transition out of later. All my babies went from crib or my bed to a twin. Each child was different. My oldest was over 2 (closer to 3). He freaked out when I took the crib apart & put up his twin bed. I took him to pick out big boy sheets & a blanket. It was a rough couple days but he eventually just figured out the crib was gone & he’s in a big bed now. My 2nd never really slept in a crib. Got her a twin but left my bed open. She could sleep in her bed with her character sheets or a blow up mattress in my room. She went back & fourth for awhile. Everyone in the house including her little brother decided her bed was the most comfortable except her. So she’s give it a chance once in awhile but still ended up with me for weeks. In the meantime my youngest decided her bed was his. That was the end of it for him. No transition needed. Once she saw the baby (1& half) was sleeping in a big bed & she wanted her own bed. Every child is difference. My advise is to not have a lot of toys in her room. A few stuffed animals & books is enough. Too much stuff will keep them awake. Put a baby gate at the door so she doesn’t have the run of the house while you’re sleeping.

Both my boys went into a toddler bed right when they turned 1 and they did fantastic with it for the most part. Just occasionally have to tell then to go lay back down bit other than that it went well

Skip the toddler bed and go straight to double. You can then lay down with them when needed and the bed will do them for a very long time

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to transition to toddler bed? - Mamas Uncut

Definitely try toddler bed. My little girl was same way and we put her in toddler bed and stayed with her until she went to sleep. My boy didn’t have those issues like my girl and I thought maybe something scared her. Toddler bed was way better except she knew she could get out easier lol.

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I took the front off the crib and set it up like a sidecar to mine… then slowly separated the two over a couple weeks until it was separate, against the wall. Then got the kid bed :slightly_smiling_face:


We started when she was 2. She got up a lot at first but we just put her back I’m and told her she was a big girl and after about a week she wouldn’t get up anymore

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We are just transitioning. Honestly its more rough on us than her. Just be consistent in however you decide to do it and dont cave. They may take some time to adjust. They could also be going through a sleep regression right now but thats not a bad time to make the switch

I didnt do a toddler bed until they started climbing out of the crib. maybe 1 1/2 with my oldest. my twins are almost 16 months and 1 is about 2 get a toddler bed 2 keep from hurting herself. the other hasn’t started yet. They also have 3 in 1 cribs so I just took the front off the crib and put up 1 of those mesh rails 2 turn it into a toddler bed. It was easier 2 transition from that 2 a big girl bed.

We do our babies at daycare at 15 months. We put them on cots

Idk what kind of crib mattress you have but they do have a memory foam type now that feels more like an adult bed instead of a plastic crib mattress. One side is to use for an infant and you can flip it over for a toddler. Amazon and eBay have them

My son is 14 months and could easily get out of the crib. He transitioned so well to his toddler bed. I would give it a try. Everyone has given great advice

When my youngest was 9 months, he started refusing to sleep anywhere but in our bed, or in his older siblings beds. We got him a toddler bed after a week of fighting with him to sleep in his own crib, and he took to it immediately. It’s been a little over a year now and I’ve not had one issue.

Do yourself a favor and save some money by getting a full size mattress. I’m little and I couldn’t lay down with my son in a toddler bed so he wanted no part of it. We have a bed frame but until he gets a little older (he’s three) we are keeping the mattress on the floor in case he was to fall off.

My first, a boy was just over the 2 yrs. We moved and he just got a twin bed instead, rails on it. My second was 16 months, moved to a twin bed easily. He wanted out of the crib, just wouldn’t stay in it. He never got out of twin at night.

My daughter is 2 and has never tried to climb out of her crib. We have not yet transitioned to a toddler bed…I’m so afraid to because she’s not easy to get to sleep these days…

Go straight to a twin lol it’ll save money in the long run. Kids outgrow toddler beds too quickly usually.


I have 5 children, all of them got a twin size bed for their 2nd birthday. We never put side rails up. Children learn very quickly not to fall out of the bed. They fall once and never again. They are amazing little people and can do amazing things when expected.

We transitioned my daughter at 2 years old directly from her crib to a twin bed with bed rails on each side. She loves her “big girl bed” and got used to it within a day.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to transition to toddler bed? - Mamas Uncut

That age I wouldn’t mind co-sleeping.
I had 5 kids all co-slept until 5-7 years old.
She wants that bonding just like you expect from your spouse.


With my son I had the twin mattress on floor with toddler mattress on top. For 2 nights I layed on twin with him on other mattress. When we got the bed set up he was fine and slept in his bed. I was actually shocked it worked as easily as it did.

Mine transitioned around 2 because the next baby was on the way and we needed the crib. I baby proofed the whole room. I essentially made it as safe as a crib. Anchored all the furniture, got rid of cords etc and I would put a baby gate up to keep them in the room. Then I would leave them in the room. At times I would have to go and lay them back down and retuck them in but eventually they stayed in their bed. Once they were asleep I would take the gate down.

My oldest was 10 months when he went to a toddler bed and he loved it, because he was climbing out of crib at 9 months bit yet stayed in his toddler bed, my 2nd son was 12 months, my 3rd… my daughter was at 13 months and my last daughter was 11 months

A toddler mattress is nothing but springs. It’s not comfortable. my grandson recently started climbing out his bed to sleep on the couch.

My son was 1 and we went straight to a queen bed . I put the baby rails on each side of his bed. He loves it , now he is two .
I also had to leave a baby gate up until he learned to stay in his room to sleep , after a month i didn’t have to use it. I also sprayed my perfume on one pillow and my husband on another pillow Where he could smell us .

Make it cool with lights maybe, (out of reach of course) pics or wall stickers, cozy, stuffed animals, etc. Make it exciting, maybe let her pick out the colors/bed set and be a part of it. Also persistence is key. Sending love and good vibes!!

Both mine transitioned to a toddler bed at 18 months and probably 6 months later to twin beds. You can always try it and if you need to go back to the crib you can.

Try just taking the front off, maybe having an open bed will be less stressful

Daughter climbed out if crib by 2, through the toddler bed and into mine. Growing up wouldn’t sleep in a twin. Tried a full, then a queen. Sleeps in the middle surrounded by pillows.

I in the same boat but he is my 3rd and the hardest so far my girls went to toddler beds then within months to a twin sooo with him I did a twin next to mine, a body pillow with my shirt on it…right now I lay with him and he’s out in 10 min then slide the pillow there

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to transition to toddler bed? - Mamas Uncut

Don’t switch until she can escape. It’s hopefully a phase of wanting to be in your bed. My boy is almost the same age and half the time he lovesss his crib other times it is lava and he ends up in my bed. I feel like he was half climbed out last night and grabbed him lol

I moved my little guy into a twin-sized bed with a soft rail so he can’t roll out of bed before age 2. It was super easy and had no incidents with him falling out of bed.

I moved mine to a full size mattress on the floor at 18 months. They wanted room to roll.

We transitioned my son to a toddler bed at 17 months. We simply took the crib out of his room and set up the toddler bed instead and started having him sleep in it. He did fine. He likes his new bed more than he ever liked his crib.

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We transitioned my 2 and a half year old to our own house in hos own room in his own toddler bed a month ago and he did great. It took a week for him to realize that mom is still there even if he cant see me and another week for him not to cry and need me to out him back to sleep in the middle of the night. To put him to bed he has his own tv and we let him watch something for 1 hour before bed and when it turns off he goes to bed. We dont have very good air circulation in the house so we put a baby gate on his bedroom to keep him in there and all the toys in his closet to be closed when bed time approaches.


Mine moved into a toddler bed at 15 months she still didn’t sleep too well in it at 26 months I put her in a twin bed with pillows in the floor in case she rolls out she sleeps so much better now.

I am in your same boat! We are moving in a month or so, so I am waiting to transition my 22 month old out of his Mini Crib into a toddler bed we have for him. He wants out now, but there is no room now.

Put her in a toddler bed, she likes the idea of freedom. Start out by putting her crib mattress on the floor next to your bed

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We are fixing to get a toddler bed for my 14mth old but I’m more concerned about him roaming around the house while we sleep and tearing things up then anything and he can get over the guard rails so I’m just kinda holding on to the crib a little longer .


All the beds I. Our house including his are on the floor with no mattresses. He’s bed. Climbing in and out if beds since he was 10 months old.

Lower the crib to its lowest setting and take off the front rail. It will look like a daybed. That will extend the use of your crib for awhile. If you’re sharing a room with her, put it next to your side of your bed, that way it will seem like your “sharing” a bed.

started my son 14 months took about week get use to loves his bed now 7 months

both my girls were about a yr and half almost 2 they hated thier cribs bought toddler bed they both transitioned no issues

Try a toddler bed & put a baby gate in her doorway ….wait til she is tired & lay her in bed & sit by her til she falls asleep….put a nightlight in there, too. Or go straight to a twin bed w/a bed rail. Good luck!

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All three of my kids went into a Toddler bed when they turned 1 year old. I also took them off the bottle and started potty training shortly after.

We never had toddler beds. Went from crid to twin. Or sharing with subling.

My son was 15 months but he HATED the crib and refused to sleep in it once he outgrew a bassinet. My son also was already the size of a 2 year old then. But do what works for you. If she seems ready do it. I had my sons at the foot of my bed so when he woke up he could just climb right up for cuddles

When my son started escaping is when I moved him… First few nights were rough. I let him pick out a bed set for it, cocomelon of course and that helped him feel like his own.

I took the side of my sons crib off at 14 months, it was a little bit of a transition at first, once we put him in bed he would just come right out. So me or my husband would sit with him until he fell asleep, over time we just put more distance between him and us when waiting for him to fall asleep. Up until the point that we could put him in bed and walk away. Once he was 18 months we moved him to a twin bed with a bed rail, he moves around a lot and the crib just wasn’t doing it for him anymore, he was rolling out of it. This is the best he’s slept his whole life, the bed is pretty comfy and he’s got plenty of room to toss and turn until he is comfortable.

23 months he’s still sleeping with me it’s quite annoying to be honest