How to transition to a toddler bed?

When did yall transition your little one from crib to toddler bed? Just curious my s.o and I said once our son figures out how to climb out will switch it but hes 2 and still hasn’t


My son was 19 months old cause he figured out how to climb out… If your son hasn’t figured it out yet I wouldn’t worry to much wait a little longer…

Same boat. My munchkin turned 2 in January and has no interest in climbing out. She wait patiently (most of the time😂) till I come in and get her.

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I think rule of thumb is as old as 3yrs they can stay in a crib. That’s just what I hear though, he’s safe there!

When you feel like ur baby is ready, are they climbing on and off the couch without hurting themselves? Are they still wobbly when they run around? Id wait it out for awhile.

I never waited for them to climb out, too risky. I transitioned when I felt they were ready & so it wasn’t an issue with them defeating bedtime

Now is a good time time to do so

I agree with your husband

My son was 3 and my daughter was 1.5… depends on the kid

Ours is a little over 2.5 and we just went from crib to twin bed and he’s done awesome. Hasn’t gotten up once even when he wakes up in the morning he waits for us to come get him!

He also never climbed out of his crib which is why we waited so long!

My son was in his crib until he learned to crawl out. He was just a little over 2.

Mine was 3 when she figured out how to. Nows she’s four and won’t stay in her own bed

Mine didn’t climb out at all so we waited till she was closer to 3 and understood more about staying in a bed and had no problem switching over.

14 months. Had to, was having a csection and I wouldn’t have been able to lift my daughter in and out of her packnplay

My daughters were 3 years old. My son will be 3 in December, we’ll transition him around then

I did 2yo but in hindsight it might have been a little early.

We switched our son to queen bed with a rail at 22 months out of necessity because his baby sister needed the crib. He did great! We would’ve left him there otherwise. If he’s not climbing out, leave him in there. Less stress for you. I was so paranoid when we switched him that I considered putting a doorbell on his door :joy:I was told you can put the mattress and spring on the floor (still inside the crib) to keep them in the crib longer… provided he can’t pinch any toes/fingers between mattress and crib frame.

if not climbing out of crib dont worry to much.put pillows or something by crib if does. i had the climb issue had to put my now 8 yr old in toddler bed at 15 mths.because of. and because i was also expecting my 3rd and needed the crib.

My son is 18 months still in crib but still not sleeping thru the night. We are waiting til he sleeps better to transition.

I did at like 13 to 14 months cause he kept getting his leg stuck and climbing out honestly when he was tired we put him in the bed n he slept all night have had absolutely no issues


My son is almost 2 n he just learned to climb out so we r bout to switch him this weekend

I switched my daughter at 16 months. She never crawled out of her crib she just didnt like being in her crib.

I think my daughter was about 2

My daughter is 14 months and is in a toddler bed

17 mos climbed out continuesly. Took out metal frame and put mattress on floor inside the crib. Now he can’t reach to climb out

All 4 of our kids were 2 went in a twin bed with rails.Never had toddler beds for our kids.

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My son in 2 and not climbing out so I have no plans yet, he sleeps 12/13 hours a night so I’m not messing with it, lol. He has a big boy bed in his room though and does lay on it and play on it. I will do it when he is ready I guess :woman_shrugging:t2:

Off the bottle and big girl/boy bed at 1. But they were alllclimbers and could get out anyway

My daughter was 13 months

My daughter would have never tried to climb out. Not her personality. We switched her around 18 months. Switched her crib to toddler bed. Then at 2 we got her a twin bed and out a side rail up. She loves her big girl bed!

I wouldn’t care how old they were if they couldn’t climb out :woman_shrugging: my daughter was almost 3.5 b4 she came out of the crib she never once climbed out we converted to a toddler bed around 2 and she wouldn’t stay in it at all she hated it, we hated it, so I put the side back on for another 18m lol my 3 boys were standing on the edge and kamikaze jumping by 18m-2y so they came out then.

1 year old

But I had been training them to fall asleep on their bed a few months before and I’d put them in the crib for safety.
They still walk their happy butts to our room and get on our bed :rofl: and sometimes I’m too tired to walk them back.

Everyone is different. If your baby often rolls off. If your baby isn’t trying to climb out of the crib. And isn’t too much taller than the crib when he stands and he’s happy and sleeps through the night then meh it’s ok. It’s not like a pacifier or a bottle or diapers where it could damage their development if they’re not out of it by a certain time.

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2 but only when he started climbing up

I bought a toddlers bed and used the same mattess from his crib.

When they figure out how to crawl out OR about 2 and 1/2- 3yrs

We switched our kids either when they figured out how to climb out or when they reached two. Whichever came first. We let them pick out the toddler bed and really hyped it up. Seemed to work well.

My daughter was 4 before we switched her. She had a big girl bed set up in her room for about a month but she was content with her crib and didn’t attempt to climb out so we left her. Then her room got so messy because of the bed, crib and toys and we were running out of room so we decided to just get rid of the crib.

My little guy was 18 months. We transitioned him because he is extremely lanky and kept getting arms and legs stuck in the rungs of his crib, even with bumpers. He actually slept much better in the big boy bed because he could move more freely to get comfortable. He is 8 now and already 4’10".

Bought one, baby never slept in it. Guess it was to late to switch her when we got it @age 2.

My daughter is 3 and still in her crib. Took the side off briefly when she turned 3 but she wouldn’t stay in it.

All my 4 where different, 1 was 1 1/2, 1 was 3, 1 was 2, and the last one is 1 and 1/2 and still in crib so far. I switch when they started climbing out.

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Toddler bed just after 2, but he kept rolling out because he wanted to sleep with too many animals so we switched him to a full bed 4 months later

My daughter was 2 a month ago and still hasn’t tried I’m riding this train as long as I can stand it :rofl: she has a 4 yr old brother who leaves his room at will during the night I don’t need two wandering the house or to my bed 🤷🤦

I switched straight to a twin. Toddler beds are honestly a waste of money lol


Our younest turned 2 Jan 23rd and we have used a pack n play since she outgrew her bassinet and we just cut one sode out and she loves it. She is having a hard time staying in bed all night tho. Our older 2 hardly ever slept in a crib. We always bed shared but our youngest has always been the most independent of the 3

Mine was 2yrs and 3 months. He got one for Christmas. He can’t climb out. He prefers his big boy bed

Leave him in the crib

Keep him in crib as long as you can

I switched to regular bed at 2. He could climb out faster than I could leave the room…lol…just go with a regular bed…they don’t stay in a toddler bed very long

We made the switch for his second birthday

If you think he’s getting too big for it you can go ahead and switch but I never did until my son started jumping in his
He didn’t climb out I was just afraid he would bounce out and hurt himself

My youngest son is almost 3, still in a crib. We tried moving him to the bottom bunk of our other sons bunk bed and he will not stay in it long enough to fall asleep. And he gets out of bed constantly and runs around when you put him in it. But my first son was 2 when he went to a toddler bed from bed sharing, and my second was just over a year when he went from a crib to toddler bed because he was climbing out. My third is 5 and still sleeps in my bed or ends up there most nights.

When they started crawling out of their crib is when I switched mine