How to tell if you are leaking amniotic fluid?

What where some of you mamas hints that you where leaking amniotic fluid? It feels like i have been leaking all day but i want to be sure before i go in.


I will always say no matter what, if you think it’s a possibility even the slightest; get checked. However some tips are; it could have a sweet smell, when you do a deep cough you may feel a gush of fluid. (I had a scare and these were a couple of tips the OB gave me at that time)

You won’t be sure unless you go in. For me, it was little leaks that I KNOW didn’t come from the same place I pee. I know where it came from

My waterbag broke at 36 week i ignored it a whole day and the next morning at 9 i rushed to the hospital and had emergency c section… if u have any doubt just go to hosp