How to teach toddlers colors?

Whats a good way to start teaching my 18 month old colors? And when did you teach letters and numbers?

Nows the time. :ok_hand: videos… Books! Repeat repeat Nd repeat. I started my kid at 1 year old (12mon) and he learned his colors and abcs before he hit 2. He is 5 now and knows 2 languages. Start as early as possible

Little baby bum. Is a TV series that can help
Flash cards made by construction paper
Wood blocks

Blippi on YouTube! singing fest and they pick it up sooo quick

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My girl knew her ABC’s, count to 10 and knew most of her colors by that age. I started her by showing her colors and teaching her the letters and numbers the day she turned 1. I simply taught her just by showing her the numbers and letters and colors. We used a whiteboard/chalkboard and I would write letters and numbers and tell her which ones they were, when she would color I’d tell her the color she had, and with her name I just had her repeat the spelling over and over and she got it within a couple days. She loves to learn and at 3 can count to 25, knows all her colors, letters, shapes, spell her name and can read a some sight words. I think now is the perfect age to start if your little one is ready and willing to learn. Also patience is key as they only sit still for so long lol

Now. Baby Einstein DVD’s. Flash cards & songs. Card games like Old Maid.
And just repeat every day during usual activities, ie “You’re wearing your blue - b-l-u-e shirt, let’s buy 4 f-o-u-r red apples”, that kind of stuff. Who cares who hears you at the store…
Educational Children’s TV without commercials. Classical music radio & CD’s when driving in the car.

My 3 are now 20, 18 & 15, 2 were in gifted programs in elementary school, (one was a preemie so he had to catch up), and my daughter was just offered a scholarship for her undergrad, & teacher’s college in Ontario (Canada). They were reading simple books out loud at 4 years old.

Books, kids movies, lots of interacting games. Bake cookies and get letter and number cutouts and spell different things with them.
Half him trace with his pointer finger over some practice sheets for alphabet and numbers, you can find them at the dollar store

Games, say colors when dressing her. Colored cars passing by when driving. Books. Numbers and letters around 2 and half.

My daughter will be 3 in july. She already knows all her letters, colors, can count to 10 in english and spanish, and can write her name and birthday. I work with her off and on for about 2 hours a day total on her letters and numbers, and we make it fun. Painting, coloring, making up songs to remember things. Its so much fun. Also i limit her screen time to 20 minutes while she eats breakfast in the morning, and 20 minites in the evening.

My kids watch all the tv they want. My 22 month old speaks in full sentences repeats what you say to her. She knows basic colors red blue yellow ect. She chants to five knows all her body parts.

Pinterest is where I got most of my ideas lots of fun stuff to do! And singing my girl loves little baby bum also.

Baby Einstein is wonderful

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YouTube my son knows alot of his letters(he knows all of those) numbers (he can count to almost 40 by himself) and colors now and he just turned 4 I also constantly test him and ask him to count for me say the abc’s repetition is key in my opinion

Repetition and bringing it into daily life. Think about young kids’ TV shows, they bring those lessons into daily life. With my son we would practice counting and colors at the grocery store. The ABC’s is a little simpler as you can just sing the song. Using food is awesome too (fruit loops help teach colors and cheerios vs different kinds of crackers help with shapes). I read somewhere that it takes something like 20 times for a child to hear something before it becomes learned and that number drops to like 6 if you incorporate it into play. Be intentional, but don’t stress.

Just by using the names in every day play. Like grab the blue ball, sit on the yellow chair, wow look at the blue sky. Etc
Books, flash cards etx