How to support someone with mental health issues?

My niece has messaged me saying she has mental health issues and she feels she can’t talk to anyone about it. My niece has developmental issues which means she can’t physically mother a child. Her youngish sister has just had a prem child for which she is receiving a lot of attention. My neice has said she has tried talking to grandma and other aunties but they are saying mum is to stressed to deal with her mental health! How do I support my neice? There are many precipitous factors to this


I would suggest you and her going out just the two of you at a place she feel comfortable and letting her just vent to you about what is going on. Yiu cant help her if you dont know exactly what is going on show her that there are still lots of people that love her and are there for her when she needs them! If she is suicidal it needs to be brought up to her mom or whoever her mental health dr is immediately no time to wait. All you can do is be there for her and show lots of love

Continue what you have already done… be there for her to talk to.

Get her help now. Church. School free state counseling. Help her