How to sleep while pregnant?

seeking advice for sleeping while pregnant.

I’m so tired and am going to lose it. I’m at the tail end of my 2nd trimester. I have constant back pain which makes it hard to get comfortable for bed. Also, my room is extremely hot and I only have a fan in my room, no ac. This is because I live in an apartment with my mom and the apartment we live in doesn’t come with ac. At night my feet feel so hot like they’re on fire. I have a small dog that sleeps with me but she needs to be touching me which makes everything worse. I use a body pillow to try to help me but I’m still uncomfortable. I wake up multiple times to pee and then I’m wide awake in the early morning. I won’t fall back asleep until hours later. Help! I’m going crazy.


Unisom works wonders!

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I am dealing with the same thing. I cant sleep at ALL. I cant get comfortable. Then by the time I get some sleep my alarm goes off and I’m right back to work. I pray you get some rest.

Welcome to Parenthood! I have two already and 30 weeks pregnant with my 3rd. What is sleep?


Chiropractor and massage.

I agree with Holly Lang. I had to use benadryl multiple times while pregnant.

Window unit?
When the electricity see to go out, my grandma would wipe a cold towel on out forhead, the back of our knees, the elbow creases, and the bottom of our feet, it kept us cool

It’s called being pregnant LOL that’s what happens that I’m trying maybe a another fan or window unit

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Lol good luck, the back pain and sleepless nights only get worse from here!! I have a 10 month old and am 35 weeks pregnant. Tons of pillows all around me is the only way to get semi comfortable.

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No AC, I slept with an ice pack wrapped in a tea towel-made a big difference

Eventually, you’ll have the baby… and you’ll sleep more comfortably… for short bouts of time. Lol.

You will get sleep again one day. This is just one of those unfortunate things about being pregnant. Even with my house at 62 degrees and my husband and daughter freezing in the house, I was over heating. And my AC gave out in the middle of July and I live in southern Nevada. It sucked. Being pregnant really sucks. But the kids are usually pretty cool once all the awful pregnancy stuff is done and over with. I like mine at least. Lol.


Girl hopefully it will get better.:pray::pray::pray::grin:

Use ice packs hun, put them on your pulse points, between your legs on your lady parts, on your neck, get several and rotate them cause they will warm up quick.

Ice packs wrapped in wet wash cloths! Only so much you can do for sleep and comfort unfortunately. I think it’s just part of the “journey”.

Get one of those ice packs with velcro, you can velcro around your neck or head for some relief at bed. An extra fan or 2. Maybe one or 2 nights at a cheap hotel with ac? Your body is preparing you for the lack of sleep you will experience over the next 20 years of your life. You’re gonna have to get on board baby doll.

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Buy a fan and put it near you. My grandkids sleep all year with a fan going. Make the dog sleep on the end of the bed…

Sadly this is normal. My midwife had me take half a tablet of Unisom every night and it helped wonders! I mean I still owed every 2 hours like clockwork but the aches and hot flashes didn’t wake me anymore, just peeing.

Chiro, chiro, chiro! Only thing that ever helped me - take magnesium with your prenatals. Cold shower before bed to cool off; sorry, girl, I can’t imagine not having A/C while preggers

Put ice packs or an open cooler with ice infront of the fan and it will blow cooler air!

Literally me right now!! I have AC but my fucking boyfriend won’t keep it cold!! My dog always sleeps with me. She is always on my face and my pillow. Currently my boyfriend has also been sleeping in the middle of the bed kicking me off always. I’m 28 weeks on Sunday and my patience feels like it’s slowly leaving me constantly

I used to sleep sitting up …it was my only comfort do you have a recliner chair that may help

See if you can find a cool gel mattress topper on EBay

Unfortunately this is pregnancy…
What til labor …

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