How to save money?

Our family consist of a 2 year old, 1 year old and 7 weeks away from delivering our 3rd baby! I just recently stopped working due to the pregnancy and we are looking for any ways to save money, (apps, couponing tips, etc) any good apps or tips on saving the most money possible ?!

Also- if everyone could please keep us in your prayers. We recently moved a few months ago and have not be able to get approved for a place to live due to credit so we have been staying in a hotel. We have just 7 short weeks to get approved somewhere before the baby gets here! Please send us Prayers please! This mama is stressing out!!!

Thank you in advance!


Lord God please help them find a home and help them get it all back together. Amen.

Coupons, bogo, ibotta!!

There’s lots of Facebook pages for couponing

Download store apps that u go to they always have rewards and coupons

This helps a lot. Especially if you’re wanting to get into couponing

Join this group!! It is an amazing group! She does FREE live classes and she teaches how to coupon the right way and not the wrong way. Yes you can go to jail for coupon fraud. It says Walmart but it’s for every store you can think of. Very helpful people. But they are also brutally honest when a person is misusing a coupon. But still a great learning group. Most stores like Walgreens, dollar general, family dollar etc have apps that have coupons on them where you just type in your number at check out and bam instant savings. Go to your App Store and search a store to see if they have digital coupon apps. Rebate apps such as Ibotta are great too

Sending prayers your way