How to safely co sleep with mobile babies?

For any moms who co sleep with babies…what did you do when your baby was old enough to crawl to stop them from falling out of the bed? My baby wakes up from naps or in the morning and immediately starts trying to escape lmao. I Always make it in in time to stop them, but I’m always anxious when they’re sleeping that they’re going to get up and I’m going to be a second too late. I would just like to have something that I’ll know for sure they’ll be safe. and to say ahead of time, Ive never been able to successfully transfer them successfully from bed to crib, they always wakes up, we used to use pillows but now they just crawl over the them, and we had one of those rail things but it doesn’t work with our bed it won’t stay secure enough


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I got a bed guard, put it on my King sized bed. Worked a treat

You don’t! They sleep in there own bed


You cannot safely co-sleep. There is always a risk of you rolling on them or suffocation. You need to work on getting them in a crib. I found a cot-bed really helped as it gave them more room. Ours converted into a convenient toddler bed which lasted until they were five.


Put them I their own got or bed safer


I have a feeling in a year you will be on here asking how to get your toddler to sleep in his own bed!


Either buy bed rails (Amazon has tons of good options) or put your mattress on the floor. I kept my bed against the wall for this reason. It was always just me and my now 2 year old (his dad worked nights at the time) so he got half the bed to himself (for safe sleep) and would’ve had to crawl over me if he woke up and wanted to adventure.


Best plan is to transition the little squirt into their own bed. Whether that be a crib or playpen or pack and play, it’s time.


I put baby in middle when they start to roll and become mobile. Or you can use bedrails on the side of the bed, pool noodles work as well. I’ve bedshared with 2 babies, soon to be a 3rd.
You can also make a floor bed. We don’t have a bedframe, just box spring and mattress.

Biologically Normal Infant & Toddler Sleep is a great group to ask!

I put my boxspring and my mattress on the floor

I would put the bed against the wall, and let baby sleep on that side. I co-slept with my older two children and am currently co-sleeping with my infant. My previous child has autism, so co-sleeping was a must for him.

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Put the mattress on the floor

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I just put my girl in her crib. Too risky

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Mattress on the floor so it’s low enough that if they do fall out it’s no problem :woman_shrugging:t2: also push the bed against a wall so that one side is already blocked in. you’re going to get a lot of co-sleep haters most likely but you do you mama. I have co-slept with both my kids (still doing so with my son). My daughter transitioned to sleeping on her own just fine.


I taught my son how to get off the bed feet first

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Just straight in to a cot, too risky.

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As soon as she was mobile I taught her how to get off the bed safely herself. She learned really fast.

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So many co sleeping haters out there and 2bh i was 1 of them my 1st 4 children slept in everything they was ment to and no sleepless nights was amazing. My 5th child came along and was a different ball game from the day he was born only slept if he was being hold only slept if he was being touched and after a year of fighting and crying for him 2 sleep in his own bed i gave up and was the best thing i did a year of no sleep for both me and my little man that was a killer. He was happy enough in my bed so let him be i put pillows all round the floor and made sure he was in the middle and 1 side of the bed up against the wall. He’s now 4 and altho he starts off in he’s own bed he always finds he’s way in 2 mine x but make the most of it muma cuz they won’t want to do it forever and ur bed will feel so empty with out the little feet stuck in ur back or little toes up ur nose x

We used a video baby monitor while they were napping.

I played with them on the bed showing them how to safely crawl down I showed them how falling felt not letting them hurt themselves obviously but they got the idea also some people put their mattress on floor to be safer

I always kept a gate on the bed so they wouldn’t fall out of the bed

I slept with my mattress on the floor for a good year. Now that he’s a bit older, I use bed rails on both sides of the bed :blush:

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I slept on the floor in their room. They seemed to like their own cribs, and never fussed to be on floor. Then moved and got rid of cribs getting a king size bed with very plush carpeting on floor. I do not recall them even wanting to leave. I slept same hours as them.

My daughter put her mattress and box spring on the floor and has it pushed up against the wall

Mattress on the floor

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If they are big enough to crawl they are big enough to learn how to turn on their bellies to get down. There’s no way to stop them. If you are that concerned put the baby in the crib

Once they’re crawling they figure it out quickly…It’s actually safer than the crib, which my kids were climbing out of by the time they were a year old…

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Baby in middle of bed

You should NEVER cobed.

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I would keep trying to transfer baby to crib it will take time

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