How to rid of bed bugs?

We live in a northern state.
My husband and i are just realizing we have bed bugs. We’ve had the “signs” for abour 2 years and could never ever SEE anything. 1 month before having our baby we moved into a new house with a roommate, with our same furniture, and have been here for about 4 months. We have personally found 3 since being here. Our roommate showed us bites when we first moved In. And thought they were from spiders and now we know. Our cat had fleas in our old place so it’s possible that’s what made us itchy before, it stopped for a bit. Now in our new place, the house is old, the trimming is sepperating from the walls, cracks in the walls. Old tenants were disgusting and trashed the place. I wonder if the house has bugs itself…
Im so scared. We have a month and a half old baby. 2 cats. Im a stay at home mom. I dont know what to do. We can’t AFFORD to just have someone do treatment any day any time. And even if we could, wouldn’t we need to leave the house for treatment? We have NO PLACE we could go with our baby and cats. Not over night especially.
Help :sob::sob::sob:


If you’re renting, it’s absolutely the landlords responsibility to get them taken care of. I would call them first. The place we live, every 6 months they have a bed bug dog come through and will treat if we see mice, roaches, ants, etc.

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go on line and buy “BED BUG be gone” you won’t have to leave the house and it won’t hurt you the baby or the pets, can spray on just about every thing…

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It’s a temporary fix but get rubbing alcohol and put it in a spray bottle. Spray the entire bedframe and mattress every day. Spray anywhere you have reason to believe they may be. Alcohol does actually kill them and their eggs on contact. I’ve personally had to do this. Wash everything. And bag it up. I literally washed things and vacuum sealed them in bags until I had things semi under control. Also clean clean clean. Throw the vacuum bag outside everytime you use it. Oh and things that can’t go in the dryer put in the car with the windows up. In this heat it will certainly kill them fairly quickly. Hope these things help a little!

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I’d start bleaching everything and washing with hot water everything that you can. Bag everything until washed properly. Also buy caulk and paint and try to seal all cracks and attach trimming around the house.

90% alcohol in spray bottle. Spray everywhere. Wash and dry EVERYTHING in hot water and high heat.

If it’s renting then the landlord has to sort it. If not, sadly nothing will get rid unless they’re exterminated and even then you have to wash or throw everything because they live in wood, walls ect

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Put dryer sheets in between the beds and just buy bug spray and just spray the whole bed

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Go to Home Depot and look for a spray called bengel for bedbugs and i know it souns crazy but throw evrything that u can away

It’s not the landlords responsibility since you brought them in even after knowing you had them to two years :woman_facepalming:t2:


The absolute only way to get rid of bed bugs is a heat treatment they heat up your whole house


Cheapest thing I found when we had them was Vaseline. Lube your baseboards and furniture (we had a leather sofa and wooden tables), this prevents them from crawling up your furniture and smothers them. Keep all blankets off of the floor and constantly vacuum. It took almost a full year to get rid of them. Also check your ceilings (especially in the corners). You might have to throw away your mattresses or buy plastic covers to zip around them. Wash all bedding consistently

Signs of bedbugs for 2 years and never even tried to take care of it? And now you brought a baby into that mess.


First thing is put the plastic zipper covers on all your matress and box springs so if they in your bed they cant get out. Might have to throw away some furniture that cant be cleaned or covered completely… Use spray every two weeks make sure you buy one thats safe for babys and pets. And clean all clothes and anything thats washable. Most importantly sweep and vaccam everyday including in the cracks and corners of the walls. Can also put baking soda on your carpets…oh and check under tables any dark area they can and will hide in.

I’ve dealt with bedbugs before and depending on how bad the infestation is you sometimes have no choice but to have it professionally taken care of especially when they get into the walls and if you’re seeing them that means it’s gotten pretty bad it may be expensive but these quick fixes dont work and end up being more expensive in the long run cuz you’ll keep having to get more to keep it under control and baby can get really sick from the bites especially at that young they should have gotten taken care of before baby came along and if you were having signs you should have taken care of it most extermination companies do a free consultation and search for anything and could have found them and taken care of if before you had your baby also if you brought them to the residence then your landlord isn’t responsible for taking care of it good luck.


I work for a pest company in Florida and to be honest the only way to get rid of bed bugs completely is to do a bed bug heat treatment… it is costly down here u might wanna call around n see if u can get pricing we have a credit place that is like a credit card for stuff for your home… and u can use it for bed bug treatments u can ask them about that as well I know a lot of pest places do it

Its not necessarily landlords obligation just depends what it states in your lease , they wont jus go away on thier own n unfortunatly u may need to get rid of everything furniture wise , get a bed bug cover for ur mattress if u cant get you a new bed , bed bugs can come from anyone anywhere , wether its a clean house or not , we are dealing w them now, the initial treatments are expensive but after u pay that large sum its much less monthly they are very hard to get rid of

And no one should judge bed bugs are not dirty they come from traveling around… your kids can get them at school… or you can get them from going to the grocery store … they love to hid and not everyone reacts to bites either. So sometimes people won’t even know they have them for years until someone comes to visit and gets bit.


You can sprinkle diatomaceous earth around your furniture, carpet where it meets the walls and get a bottle of rubbing alcohol and spray everything down, they like to hide behind light sockets. Bag up all clothing items and pillows and wash and dry them on hot. Get rid of clutter. Bag everything up and tie it shut tight so theyll suffocate. Look up the time frame it takes for them to die. I put everything in a storage unit over the winter months. They cannot survive really cold or hot. I honestly wasn’t able to get rid of them without the help of an exterminator…and moving all my stuff into a storage until for a few months in the dead of winter. The dietomacious earth cuts their bodies up and the alcohol kills them too though so it wouldn’t hurt to try it.


Ok get a big spray bottle get a big thing of white vinegar and a big thing of alcohol in the spray bottle mix 1/2 alcohol and 1/2 vinegar and u can add a few drops of essential oils to make it smell alil better shake well every few mins and spray every nook and cranny every single inch of carpet baseboards door frames mattresses couches etc underneath all furniture and everything. It’s the cheapest way to get rid of them but I gotta soak everything down everyday for like a week straight

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Get a bag of diatomaceous earth… I used it for ants and it got rid of all of them… it shows a pictured of bed bugs as well, so I assume it would get rid of them too… it’s a bit messy and I would recommend applying it when your baby is in another room because the powder goes everywhere… it takes a week or so do start working, but I feel it’s the safest thing to use… I have a 6month old and used it because it chemical free. I would also recommend getting bed bug traps for furniture, those are supposed to be very helpful and prevent them from crawling up to bite you. Good luck!


Peppermint oil & water. Spray everything everything everything. Repeat repeat repeat for weeks. Wash everything you can in hot water. Blankets, curtains, pillows, everything.

You can get these at Walmart , CVS , Walgreens etc. They have a pretty basic variety & they actually work pretty well. If you live in big house I recommend getting 3 or 4 packs to be on the safe side. & you would have to spend the day out at the park or maybe at a family members house because it’s not safe for you or your baby to smell all the chemicals. Read the instructions & you’ll be good to go. I hope this helps ! Good luck.:four_leaf_clover:

Are you renting? In my state if a rental home has any sort of pest problem before you move in then they’re obligated to treat the house. Check the state/local laws and your lease (if that’s the case) to see what your landlord is obligated to do.


Throw everything away, move, start over.

Idk how you dealt with it for 2 years, I’d lose my damn mind.

Talk to your landlord. He should take care of it if the house is infested from a prior tenant.

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Do your research on diatomaceous earth. Make sure it’s food grade. Use caution when applying it. It is cheap and can be purchased from amazon. If you research it you will learn exactly how to use it. Do not have your baby home when you are applying it because it is harmful if inhaled. Do you research!! It’s best to keep your home clutter free to clear it up as fast as possible. This is a slow process and it is best to just keep the DE down and inside couch and underside of mattress for at least 6 months. You can use essential oils to keep them off you and your baby also put bed legs in cups or bowls with DE inside the cup. Good luck. Research it and it’s not as overwhelming as it seems. DE will kill them slowly but surely.

Get rid of the animals

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If you rent, I would call your landlord and explain to them. I’m pretty sure they have to pay for an exterminator


This is my worst nightmare of life

We also use it for ants but anything that crawls lol we don’t have many insects in or around our home since we discovered DE.

This is what helped when I had them. Vacuum a lot! If it has a bag…get rid of it immediately after vacuuming, if it’s bagless…dump and clean right away.

Its unfortunately a very time consuming process and you have to be hyper vigilant. Bed bugs can live a long time without actually feeding.

Get rid of all furniture then put everything in dryer then bags and tie thrm. Then have a exterminator come

We had them when we rented and they hired an exterminator. We tried everything and nothing worked. Finally, we hired our own exterminator and bed bug free. They can literally climb, and live in the tiniest spots. I’d definitely ditch the furniture etc. they are probably in wood dresser etc especially if you waited 2 years to treat it!

Look for home remedies online then. Have someone babysit the little one for an hour or two…and clean the F out of that house.
We had bed bugs once…I used pepperment and lavender mixed with water and I SOAKED THE BED. you may have to get rid of the mattress all together…they go deep inside and stay there until night time. They sick so bad. One of the hardest things I felt with. Took about 6 months for them to be fully and properly gone. And I didn’t have anyone come in to spray. You can buy stuff at the store…bed bug spray that will kill on contact. Use rubber gloves and have baby in a different room that’s very well ventilated.
Good luck.
Gotta spray EVERYTHING and look everywhere. They hide so use a flashlight or the flashlight on your phone.

Also, like stated above bag all clothing, pillows, etc. we took it all to laundry mat and dried it on high settings for a half hour. Dolls etc need to be treated. We lived out of bags for months. We also avoided the room until treatment was started. You are not suppose to tho and are suppose to continue sleeping there so they cross the poison and die

Fan adds

Update to clarify if you dont mind adding it:

My husband and I are young and have never ever had an issue like this before to know what it could have been. No family or friends that have gone through this to show us what to do or what to look for. To my knowledge, bed bugs are NOT a common thing up here other than at hotels. And we have stayed in many hotels in the past few years.
It started when we moved 2 years ago when we got our cats and most deff thought it was allergies or fleas. The slight itching even went away after we had our cats treated until we moved!. So it’s very possible that we havent HAD bed bugs until recently. As stated, we have never SEEN a single bug until we moved into this house. We have torn apart our furniture in the past to search and did it recently and still did not find anything. We even tore off the material on the underside of our box springs. Even if it came from here, im having a hard time believing our landlord would do anything about it. We did not actually SEE any until late night feedings with our baby over several weeks. Obviously killed the ones we found.
And side note: not every one can afford thousand $ treatments when struggling in other financial areas and not every pregnancy is planned. Why the fuck would we purposely bring an infant into that situation?


We moved into a flat years ago when my child was a baby too. Moved her to her own room when she was about a year old and she had all these bites…it was in the room…the skirtings they would climb in the bedding and curtains once they infect furniture you can get rid of it destroy it. Babe can get sick after long time of these things biting baby. They mostly come out at night and specially when hot. We had to get rid of everything in her room and then moved.

If you listen to me I will tell ya how to kill them I have dealt with them and poison does not work at all
First thing go buy bags for your mattress and box springs they must say they are bed bug rated get them at Walmart about forty bucks and be careful not to rip them installing them zip them up nice and tight then inspect your bed frame with flashlight look for them they can be small as head lice when they are baby’s take the bed frame outside and wash it with bleach and scratch brush and leave it in the sun all day now wash all your bedding and dry shit out of it now when you set your bed back up no sheets hanging to the floor for them to climb up on put sticky traps under legs of bed to trap them they sell them at Walmart also insect boards flat white glue trap essentially and that keeps them off bed if you got head boards and foot boards get rid of them if possible they will get inside the wood
Now that’s it for bed do same for cribs and all other beds in house

Then couches flip over they live in cracks and crevices and legs of couch unfortunately if they are in your couch bout only thing you can do is throw it away unless you do what pros do and heat it to 130 degrees for two hours to kill them it’s not easy to do but onward dresser and night stands must be thoroughly clean and searched baseboards in cracks take butter knife to scrape in to kill them and find if they are there if you have carpet might as well pull it out and the pad throw it away or burn it now that you are attacking them they will get on move to other parts of house so if they are located in one room seal it off with tape around doors so they can’t get away and get big ass heater and heat them out use vacuum to suck them up as they come out around 110 degrees they will begin to run around eradically and just keep watch because nothing kills the eggs they have hidden to hatch out so reinfestation is possible months later so you must constantly stay vigilant and inspect with flashlights at night is best time to look for them because they only are active after dark
They are attracted to body heat and one trick I used to do was put towel in dryer and then throw hot towel on the bed and wait twenty minutes and then run in room and grab it and throw it in trash bag then take it to dryer and throw it in and see how many I killed if more than a few then you’re still at war and best step it up

I know this is a lot but it’s personal to me and I want to help you

Here’s a little bit about them to understand how they live they start out as a little clear nimph and they will have to eat blood to grow they shed their skin each time they grow like once a week and after the sixth time they are full grown and then they can lay eggs and they are asexual so only takes one to lay thousands of eggs they typically live close to the bed or on it so the babies are close to food but the older ones move farther away and start colonies and they will travel to eat and then return to the den usually u can spot it by all the poop they shit outside of the den bunch of black dots around like hole in wall or pictures etc

But once you attack them they send off bugs that go away from the attack and lay eggs to insure survival of the colonies it’s crazy how advance these things are pretty sure they been around since Egyptian they are not stupid bugs they are actually very clever but I wish you luck and just know not everyone will show bites sometimes certain people will get bit and nothing and then some people get a red rash from them so if you got babies be careful use the sticky traps so they can’t get to them

Bedbugs dont come form your cats. More likely another person brought it with a sleepover…

The landlord wouldn’t actually know for sure if they were already hiding in the house or if you brought them with you. I would go the landlord route and see what they can do first. Then figure it out from there. A good landlord wouldn’t let their place get infested and not do anything about it. I’ve used those bombs for fleas before and they worked good enough. I don’t know about bed bugs. Never had that issue. But wash and clean everything. Bleach, hot water, vacuum. Diatomaceous earth works too.

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Sorry this is going to be very direct and i know how much these suckers SUCK… this is a wellness matter for your baby. you have to charge it or figure out how to afford it because otherwise that’s neglectful and while it sucks, you’ll see soon that being a parent sometimes sucks and while you’re young you’ll see that these things still need to be taken care of even if you don’t “have” the money- you guys need to figure it out and pay it off and as new parents, you’ll see this happens a lot and we all do it… you can too. if you have an infestation, you can try to look at this to see if it has been reported and try to get out of your lease legally depending on your laws before they infest all your items and clothing- EVERYTHING needs to be taken care of which you can try to DIY How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs | DIY Bed Bug Treatment | but ultimately it may save you sanity, time and health to get it done despite the unwelcome expense. either way, i’d get a quote from an expert who can tell you how bad the infestation is, okay? you need to see what you’re up against. we didn’t plan our first either, i was “young” too- it’s no excuse, you’re a mom now, you gotta make things happen and I know you can. coming to the forum was a good start, but check out those sites and the laws in your area after you know from the experts how bad it is and make your decision from there. don’t waste more time explaining yourself to us, and be mindful of visiting other people’s homes- last thing you want to do is take bugs to their home too

Bed bugs are so hard to get rid of my husband had got them from a roommate before we lived together we tried everything and nothing worked we even steam cleaned his furniture. In the end we were lucky they didn’t follow him to our house. but unless your roommate is willing to do their room too all at the same time it will just come back. Also depends on how bad the infestation is. Good luck to you I hope you find a remedy that works for you.
There is sprays and bombs you can buy but again they only work if everything is treated at the same time and that is if they work. They hide in cracks of all furniture so male sure you spray EVERYTHING. Take all of your clothing, bedding pillows basically anything that fits in a dryer and put them in the dryer on high heat for at least 30 minutes i would do it at a laundry mat and bag and tie them don’t tale them i the house until fully treated

:grimacing::grimacing: good luck I burned everything literally everything not the house down but moved out. Tried everything including DE exterminator things of water with the feet of bed in it washing and extra drying everything … yup nope… Burn the house down if you brought them in the landlord isn’t going to pay

So you had the signs for 2 years but done nothing about it … also cats shouldn’t get flees is regularly treated …
wouldn’t be questioning the cleanliness of the new house and question the cleanliness and responsibility of an adult and parent on your part .


unfortunately you’ll need to find the money for a professional. especially if they’ve been there for 2 years. now it’s likely a bad infestation and that will need expensive treatment. you will have to find a way to pay for it. i know it sucks but it’s the only way

Harris Diatomaceous Earth Crawling Insect Killer (4 lb.) with Puffer - PF Harris we had them in only one room this is how we got rid of them but we also caught them very early

Indarkness use flashlight and check around seams of your mattresses should be able to see the little varments

Put everything in bags, and tight them after you wash them. Then put OUTSIDE in sun for at
Hours, AND don’t bring back in until you do the following: get. A few big bottles of 90% alcohol because you going to need a lot since EVERYTHING nids to be really REALLY soaked! Spray every INCH of matress and all furniture including legs. Then spray soak carpet and beard floors and walls specifically in corners, also make sure you remove all electrical sokets, and cover with tape. Spray all the cracks on walls and frames, arround the windows. Take all drapes outside after spraying. Moovewasher and dryer and spray. Don’t forget the bathroom s , and shower curtains. Spray any plant, and take outside. Wash EVERYTHING wahable specially blankets. Dont forget under sinks. An iside all cabinets. I know it is a LOT of work,but it it is the ONLY way and the chipes way. I had them, and i tried everything. And NOTHING work UNTILL i did ALL this, it has been at five years and have not had them againg.again, i KNOW it is a lot of work but your only other choice is the professional way, and i have KNOW them to come back after they do it. It you are not able to do this, at leatt SOAK the babys matress and crib, take it out in sun all dayand put Vaseline on ALL the wood on crib. GOOD LUCK!!!:blush::blush: