How to prevent SIDS?

So new mom baby hasn’t arrived yet but I’m absolutely terrified of SIDS and I’m wondering what can I do to prevent it other then the usual things like no toys or blankets in the crib and sleeping on their back and sleeping in ny room also does the blanket rule apply when swaddled? I’m also trying to figure out the best baby monitor to get should I splurge and get one with a camera or will audio only be ok?


I believe swaddling is the only safe way to “cover” a baby and I have the monitor with the camera…literally been the best thing ever!


You can’t prevent SIDS. You can prevent suffocation, drowning etc.


Breastfeeding and having the baby sleep in your room are great ways to prevent sids. We used the amazon cloud cameras for a baby monitor and they work amazing, plus you can repurpose them when you no longer need a baby monitor


Also new study’s show binkys lower the risk of sids


My first monitor had just sound and I was always checking on him. I got one with a camera and I could see his breathing it’s worth the money.

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Camera one for me was a life saver

Get a monitor that you attach to their foot It detects their heartbeat and will sound if they can’t find the heartbeat


I’m very paranoid about sids too ! My 3rd baby is almost 4 weeks old and idk why but I’m more nervous with her about everything and with my sons not as much. She sleeps flat on her back in her crib swaddled lightly enough so it doesnt squish her chest. I keep the room comfortable but cooler than normal because they say getting too hor can contribute to sids. Her crib is right by my bed and I find myself staring at her for hours sometimes just watching her breathing.

Angel care breathing monitor works brilliant I’ve used mine for 3 of my kids I love it if baby does stop breathing the alarm will go off x


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STOP. Everything will be fine.


Don’t swaddle with a normal blanket, they can become unswaddled and suffocate. Buy a sleep sack, then they can’t unswaddle themselves.

Also, and I don’t know why because it’s never been explained to me, the use of a pacifier at night can reduce the risk of SIDS.

Do not use bumper pads, they can get ahold of the strings and strangle themselves or suffocate themselves with the pads.

Don’t let your baby sleep in their car seat outside of the car, and make sure when in the carseat their head is perfectly straight. My carseat for my son has little shoulder pad things that help to keep his head upright when the chest clip is in the proper position. I know there have been many people who have had children die from positional asphyxiation due to sleeping in a carseat.

Avoid bumpers in crib, you can swaddle or have baby in a comfortable onesie and avoid blankets or stuff animals. Good luck!!! I know it’s scary thinking about this. But u will be fine!!! Congratulations!!!

First dont smoke. Now or when baby gets here. And other moma have pretty much covered you everywhere else

Pacifiers help. There’s a little sock that monitors O2 stats that you can buy. I think it’s called Owlette or something like that? It’s pretty pricey, however.

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Camera is great wr had one that you could hold the button and speak to baby as well. Loved that feature.

RELAX!!! everything will be ok.


I bought an owlet monitor to monitor my preemie baby at night just to give me some peace of mind. They’re pricey so it helps to try and find someone selling their old one

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Breast feed! It helps reduce the risk of SIDS dramatically due to the sleep wake cycle. And remember baby isn’t meant to sleep all night for this reason so all the tricks of formula at night or cereal milk to satisfy them is not the best route!


Owlette baby monitors


Look at the Owlet sock and monitor. I am a paramedic and I have also seen first hand that they work when oxygen levels or heart rate are not within normal levels. I ordered the sock, and monitor for my son to be born in September. I am also not a co-sleeping parent.


No perfumes, no smoking, try to keep your babies air easy to breathe… basinet by your bed is great for a while I use the arms reach wooden Co sleep and sleep with 1 hand on the chest my first baby he stopped breathing in his bassinet several times that nothing worked so I had to have him sleep on my chest for the first yr he’s 3 n still sleeps next me cuz he stopped breathing again about a yr n half old n i never got over it sid is an issue until they r atleast 2 with baby #2 I’m using the snuza go to monitor breathing n keep him n his own bed an alarm will sound no phones or devices to connect to it n itz dummy/user friendly but I heard the owlet works great there’s really no way to prevent it just stay on top of it you know ur baby best so listen to yourself

You can not prevent SIDS. Not having a blanket or toys or anything in the crib is a way to prevent suffocation. But there’s no way to prevent SIDS. If it happens it happens. It has nothing to do with suffocation but a brain defect

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Pacifiers reduce sids because they are constantly sucking and breathing

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Do not put the baby in the bed with you. Dress him in layers and then swaddle so you don’t have to use a blanket…short sleeve onesie, socks, footie pjs, swaddle…depending on how warm it is where you live…I’m in Alabama so for bed I dress my son in socks, footie pjs, and his swaddle. He sleeps great.

Congrats on baby!! I’m so happy to be reading someone trying to prevent SIDS instead of trying to convince yourself cosleeping is safe. You’re right about nothing in the bassinet. Also keep it cool. Between 68°-72°. Keep her bassinet in your room, never sleep with her. Not supposed to swaddle unattended so grab sleep sac. Just not the “magic sleep sac” those things are sketchy with how heavy and bulky they are.

You are doing great and will do great

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The monitors can give false alarms and even a false sense of safety. If you follow the ABCs (alone back and crib) then you’re doing what you should. No blankets even if swaddled, stop swaddling with arms in at 8 weeks, don’t let them overheat, pacifier is shown to help prevent and keep them in your room for at least 6 months in their own space. Either a crib, bassinet or pack and play. Don’t let them sleep on swings or bouncers due to the chin to chest risk. There is an evidence based safe sleep group here on FB but it made me more anxious so enter at your own risk if you find it and join!

Join this safe sleep group! Warning - there are extremely rude people on it but overall there’s a lot of REALLY good advice! I was beyond terrified of SIDS and am a bit of a freak about safe sleep.

The best advice is to follow the ABCs of sleep. Always alone, on their Back and in a Crib or other certified safe sleep space. A lot of stuff is marked for sleeping and it’s not certified safe. Like the dock a tot and things like that.

Safe Sleep and Baby Care – Evidence Based Support

Have you baby sleep on a dockatot. Or Amazon has cheaper ones which is where I got mine that are similar. Use an owlette sock, only swaddle baby instead of blankets and have baby sleep beside you but not in your bed. Make sure baby isnt over heated and also they say using a pacifier helps because the baby is continuously sucking.

Also, I would recommend you familiarize yourself with infant breathing patterns because they can be scary. Someone they breath really fast, or stop breathing for like 10 seconds which is completely normal but can be scary.

Also using a small fan in the room such as a ceiling fan or some other little one, just make sure it isnt blowing on baby at all.

If you have a ceiling fan in the room leave it on or put a big fan in the room to circulate the air.

If you can afford it, get an owlet sock. I got one for my baby shower and honestly it puts my mind to ease, especially since my son was 7 weeks early (due to severe preeclampsia) it also helps you know they’re getting enough oxygen when they’re congested / sick!

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Get a video monitor, but you don’t really need it until you are planning to have baby sleeping in another room alone. Swaddles are great the Velcro ones like Halo are the best and easiest to use. And all of the other things you said are all of the correct things when talking about safe sleep :blush: things like doc a tots are not approved for unsupervised sleep. Also no bumpers in the crib. Not necessary and very unsafe

You can not prevent SIDS.
Its called SUDDEN Infant Death Syndrome for a reason.


I got a video monitor for $80 at Walmart and it’s been used daily for 2 years straight with no problems

Safe Sleep and Baby Care – Evidence Based Support

Common sense is the main thing nothing in the crib first measure you can not actually prevent sids the majority of the time it’s some underlying breathing issue that causes the infant to pass


Owlet and pacifier. Nurses in the NICU use pacifiers for that reason.


I think when baby comes u will know exactly what to do. I was worried b4 my first came and everything was OK after he was born so i wasn’t even worried with the second

Ceiling fans running. It keeps air circulating. I’ve always been told it helps reduce the chance of SIDS.


Pacifier will allow their mouth to stay open enough for air flow. Use a Velcro swaddle, they seem to stay put better than a blanket swaddle. I kept my son in a bassinet right next to my side of the bed and would sleep with my arm in it so if he moved I would wake up. I also stayed awake for the first three weeks after I brought him home, staring at him while he was sleeping like a nut. I have the video monitor and also a regular monitor. The video one helped put me at ease for the first year.

I use the owlet baby monitor


I still don’t understand this. I was always told SIDS is unpreventable and undiagnosable. I was rold if you can diagnose the cause of death that it’s not SIDS. So I believe what people are trying to prevent is stranglation and suffocation. Pretty sure SIDS is where for some UNKNOWN reason your baby just doesn’t wake up again.

Why has SIDS changed since i had my first kid?


Baby doesn’t need a blanket if swaddled, I’ve always preferred the camera for my 2 girls… and from what I’ve read a fan running, giving baby a bunny, keeping baby on their back. The hospital also gave lots of literature on how to help prevent sids

Get an Angel care monitor!!. It monitors the babies breathing an if the baby stops breathing a loud alarm goes off. Best thing ive ever bought!


If you’ve got an extra 300, an owlet offers quite a bit of peace of mind


Get a video monitor just not one that uses wifi. If my baby is sleeping and I’m doing the dishes it’s nice to be able to look at the monitor and see that they are okay.

Get an owlet, dont use blankets, lay on back only, use the swaddlers with velcro so they’ll stay in place.


The owlet monitor was literally a life saver for our little guy. We will be using it from day one with our next little guy in a few weeks!

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also no smoking around the baby

Angel care baby monitor

Get one with a camera, binkis can help reduce risk of sids because if your child is making a sucking motion there’s no way to stop breathing. Air has to be circulating to suck. Also a little fan by their bed to continuously circulate the air around them

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Sids is unpreventable. Also, theres been studies on swaddling and that it can lead to sids due to the child not being able to jerk itself awake. Or into a sense of awareness. If i can find the link I’ll comment it on this.

My pediatrician told me pacifier is good too. Keeps them “active” at night.


Our daughter slept in our room until 4 months old. She slept in her bassinet and we did swaddle her but stopped at 2 months. After we stopped she only slept in a onesie (it was summer) you can use sleep sacks depending on your weather. But you basically named all the precautions, back sleep, no toys or blankets and swaddled is okay until baby starts to move/roll.

A blanket does not apply when the baby is swaddled! And they have foot monitors you can buy that you keep on the baby when they are sleeping that will start beeping if their heart rate drops not sure how much they are though. I never used a baby monitor for either of my kids.

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If you’re that worried…and there is NoThInG wrong with that!! Get an owlet monitor!


Get an Angel Care monitor. Best thing we ever did. It only alerted us one time that my daughter stopped breathing…and that alone may be the reason she is still here today. It lets you hear a click for every breath they take. Its so much reassurance I don’t know why they aren’t the most popular monitor.


The owlet moniter is a life saver. Helped us and baby to relax and sleep better


I got a angel care monitor about a week after I had my first child and it was the first time I was able to sleep without waking up in a panic.
They have all kinds of monitor equipment now. It saves my sanity. Usesd for both kids and will us for my third when she gets here.

Pacifiers the are pretty much the only thing known to help prevent sids, Google it. Also make sure baby is always put to sleep on their back with nothing in the crib, no blankets, no pillows,no stuffed animals, no bumpers. There are also those wearable monitors like owlet amoung others.

I’ve read to not have temperature of house too high.

I’m not sure what it’s called. My older sister is deaf. So when she had her son, she had a baby monitor that kinda went under him as he slept. And it would sense if he stopped breathing, started crying, etc. and the other part to it went under her pillow and it would vibrate like crazy to wake her up so she knew. I never used a baby monitor because I was super anxious and put their crib in my room till my kids were older to move to their own rooom. But if I did use one, it would be the one she got. It was pretty cool.

I had a video moniter for all 3 kids. Was a big relief having it. I used blankets when they were swaddled. But when not swaddled just used nice warm onesies. And like others have said a dummy. Helps keep them sucking and the air ways stay open. Theres only so much ya can do tho mumma. Dont let it stress you out.

If your really worried buy the Owlet from Walmart. It will keep your babies heart rate and send messages when anything declines past a normal heathy zone. It notifies you Straight to your phone.

Angel monitor 100%, alerts you to any change, when I have another one I’ll deff be buying one.

We used sleep sacs❤️ I also overly compulsively checked breathing, until my kids were 4 years old. ( I know a bit over board but there are cases that SIDS have occurred in children up to 5 years of age) My friends baby died of sids, in which made me even more worried. I do not know how effective they are, but there are monitors that will alert if the baby stops breathing.

We have an angel care monitor, monitors breathing audio and has camera & was second hand £20. Empty cot, use grow bags instead of blankets, feet at the bottom of the cot & sleep on back. Baby is ok on front if they put themselves on their front. X

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And Safe sleeps/sleep wedges

They have baby oxygen and heart rate ankle monitors that monitors 247 on Amazon let me see if i can find a link

Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor - Track Your Infant’s Heart Rate & Oxygen Levels
Heart and oxygen monitor sock

It will help mommys with SIDS anxiety but its a wallet breaker

Mine slept in a bassenet ( I had two) a mobile travel one, I would bring around with me in other rooms in the house, and one that stayed by my bed. I also use a video monitor, it has a hand held video motor that I can carry with me and a bigger one that was set up in our living room, still use them. Once they all started to sit up or able to pull them selfs up, I moved them to a crib, still in my room as easier to get to if something went wrong. Then about 2 they go into there own room, and again video motor is set up in my room (the big one) and when napping I have the carry around one on me.

also excessive heat is bad for them