How to prevent nose bleeds?

Do any of yall ladies have nose bleeds not bad ones but your nose bleeds while your pregnant


All the extra blood can cause nose bleeds. Completely normal :blush:

It could be your sinuses drying out due to the weather

Yes, completely normal!

Place bowls of water at your vents to help moisturize the air

Yep I had nose bleeds bad. They only lasted seconds but it was always alot of blood.

Be on safe side get blood pressure checked…

Towards the end of my pregnancy I had them quite often

Not personally but my midwife did warn it’s very common!

Yep. Only time I ever had one was with my last 2 pregnancies.

I did. Just make sure your blood work is fine the next time you go to the doctor. Let him/her know. Might be a sign of anemia. Might just be dry sinuses.

It’s just like getting nosebleeds when you’re on your period. It’s a hormonal imbalance, not harmful.

Yep, 1st trimester with my son.

Yes I am pregnant now and getting them often. Doctor said its normal and to help them she told me to use saline spray like have used for my kids when they were little. Mine is from all the extra blood and sinus issues I have this time of year. I am also on blood thinners so it drives me crazy but nothing to worry about.

I have had them this whole pregnancy and all my blood work and everything is completely normal.

No never did had four lost one no nose bleeds here

You early in my current pregnancy i randomly got nose bleeds they stopped tho

I never have, but it is common.

That’s how I know I’m pregnant lol I get nose bleeds… Weird but it happens.

Yep!! That was part of how I knew I was pregnant the last time.

Mine did in beginning