How to potty train a girl?

I never spanked my kids for that. When it eas time I told them you’re abig girl now or big boy and I had each one put the package of pull ups in the dumpster. Not the trash can and it worked with all three of mine. Did they have an accident here and there but only one out of two of them. I did the same thing with the bottles and binkys. They put them in the garbage bag and they put it in the dumpster. When they woke up I reminded them and they were so proud and they always got an ice cream treat. I don’t believe children learn by getting a spanking. I lived my entire childhood that way. I have a 28 year old that graduated from culinary school at worked as a chef at Disney World. Never reprimanded her physically and she’s my best friend


I had the same problem my daughter was two though for the life of me she would not pee in the toilet. My mom took her over the weekend and boom she pooped for her and she potty trained her literally. I’m not sure how to help you. Ask your family support for help?

Someone needs to give you a bashing, to realise that you don’t need a PHD that she is isn’t ready yet! Why would you use physical punishment?! What is wrong with you?! Pause the training and give it a couple of months and try again. She’s 3 , not 33!


Punishing her will only scare her more.
Try to keep a close eye on her. My son always went and hid in a corner and got really quite so we would redirect him to the toliet.
Try a sticker chart. Or a sticker book she can play with on the toliet.
Try making it fun. Make up some songs to encourgae her. Our is ’ lets go potty lets go POOPPOOP’ like the chant from sports games haha. But you can get creative.
Also potentially have a laptop or phone available to keep her on the potty longer .

Good luck! Patience is key


both my daughters were potty trained by 2 yrs 4 months…but my youngest regressed when we moved and guess what? i dealt with it, was supportive and encouraging and she was eventually ready again. patience is the key!

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No diapers only underwear. Have her clean the panties out and clean her self. Take her potty offten and stay consistent stop switching back and forth from panties underwear. That’s confusing to them.


My daughter was 3 when she would hold on to her poop and refused to do it at all causing all sorts of problems. The fact that your girl used to but won’t now could mean that she’s had a bad experience, maybe pain from slight constipation?? I would just persist with the idea that doing it on the toilet is fantastic and rewarding. For my daughter I left the door open when I went to show her that it was nothing bad and she finally gave it a go… I put a reward chart in place and when she got 10 bugs on the chart she got a gift. After 4 months she didn’t even care about the chart she just goes. Good luck muma

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She’s 3. My daughter still isn’t fully trained at almost 4. Kids take time w these milestones. And to spank her is outrageous.


Shes 2 you cant smack her for having accidents!! Maybe she isnt ready yet. Wow :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


First of all stop spanking her. Have more fucking patience.

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Wow! Maybe someone should spank you. She’s 3 and clearly not ready. Keep reinforcing her positively when she does go and when she doesnt, that’s okay. Try again next time.


My son one out of 4 was like that. I took him to a mommy and me class that had other kids and on potty training. Forcing it will only keep stressing you out and your daughter, she might not feel her bowls yet, as for skid marks they happen weather potty trained or not at times. Maybe she’s trying to push it out cause she’s forcing her self to try and go which isn’t good for even adults. Stop and and try again in a few months.

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Every kid is different. My boys potty trained easy. My daughter is the middle child and she had poop accidents til she was 6 years old. She is about to be 8 and still pees on herself randomly throughout the day, most days. I have just learned to accept the things I can’t change. I did take her to several specialists to make sure something wasn’t wrong with her medically. Your daughter may have constipation which will cause her to poop and pee on herself. That was/is my daughters problem. I give her activia and it helps, some days she doesn’t pee on herself. You could set certain times for potty time, they have potty watches the peep to alert the child to use the restroom. (You set the frequency) but spanking isn’t going to help, I tried that when she was around 4 or 5 years old. It only made the situation worse.

I know this sounds gross…but if she already thinks it’s nasty is the best time…make her clean it up! My daughter did and she cried the whole time…but she never pooped in her panties again!


I dont think u should spank because she’s not using the potty on ur watch. Children are all different an are human they have their own way of learning as we all do. I always supported my son. He was 3 when he finally let go of his diaper an never used the restroom in his underwear. I told him we couldn’t take his training wheels off because he still has to have a diaper lol. He flung the diaper aside an never had an accident… jst remember your child is special an learns their own way. So sad u spank for that. Brought a tear to my eye.


I’d shit my pants too, if I was getting spanked! Hell, you are confusing your child by doing that.

Going from knickers to nappies will confuse her all the more. Its either one or other. She will get used to it and wont like been dirty in pants. Some kids only take few days, other few mths


You don’t hit a child for having bathroom accidents. It could be completely out of her control. Consult your physician. Don’t just go hitting a child when they’re an inconvenience. I’m not down for mom shaming, but I’m genuinely concerned and upset after reading this.


My daughter used to do this. She had bowl movements that were to hard and big for her to pass so she would hide in a corner. I had to go to the doc for stool softener. when she went missing and I would find her pooping. I agree that you should maybe back down off the punishment a bit because if she is not in school than she still has time. You want her to poop regardless. I would start off by wearing some underwear and then when you notice she hasn’t gone poop for a while just put a pull up on her until she goes. Then put the underwear back on. You and her need to go to the potty and dump the poop in it, than make her flush it. You need to tell her that this is where the poop goes. She will get it

Try an award calendar, at the end of each week get her to chose her reward. Or this might sound mean but make her clean her undies. That’s what I had to do with mine after trying everything and it worked. She never did it again

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YOU DONT PUNISH A CHILD BECAUSE THEY HAD AN ACCIDENT! For fucks sake people! Stop bribing them with shit and maybe they’ll actually use the bathroom without thinking they’re getting something out of it. How ever did we make it thru life without someone giving us things just cuz we took a shit? :unamused:

Regression is a BIG PART OF POTTY TRAINING. :crazy_face:. Stop spanking her.


Why are you throwing away the under ware? Clean them out and wash them just like a cloth diaper. Spanking is NOT the answer


Stop punishing her . Wash her underwear and reward her for good behaviour !


Why do you throw away underwear? Do not wash it out? I mean thats money in the trash come on… Throw on some gloves and wash that shit out… Pun intented… Also… I had the same problem i had to start making my son take luke warm showers and make him wash himself. It took a few time but he got it.

Is she constipated? A lot of kids don’t like raw vegetables also does she drink a lot of water? Hope it works out for you guys

Some children will hide under the table or other places because they know they are doing the wrong thing. My child thought it was great to sit facing the wall and this is how he stopped going in his pants also he loved to throw the toilet paper out the door and holler come wipe my butt. At least he went to the bathroom.

That is very common to go backwards. She will get back to it

Just chill. She will do it when she is ready. Sometimes you have to give them space and they will surprise you. Both my girls did it on their own. Taught them the process and talked about it, we made the bathroom suitable and accessible for them and their little bodies, we made it look child friendly so it didn’t feel so scary and then out of nowhere they just did it. You cant rush these things, it’s a process for them and sometimes it takes a little longer than you would like.

Had same problem. He wasn’t pushing to go he was holding it back. And it is a problem. Lots of kids have it. Don’t remember what it is called but they don’t want or can’t go. Talk to your Dr. Tell the Dr. to tell her she has to go and maybe he/she can help.

Never punish a child for something like that. It can make matters ten times worse. A child will potty train when they’re ready but it’ll take it longer if they’re punished. And may give life-long issues

some kids get afraid of part of them being flushed away… quit pushing, they will only resent it! why are you punishing her? and quit being lazy! wash the underwear! never reward with candy or toys… that is what is wrong with children today… they feel that they can be rewarded with material things. Hugging and loving are the best rewards you can give any child! they will grow up to give the same.

Good luck she use it when shes ready . It can be a long time not all kids get it off bat. #momof5

You can’t punish/spank/take away toys from her, for going a poop in underwear!!
No wonder she is scared to go to the toilet… in her eyes she is being punished for pooing!
She doesn’t understand that you are doing it to teach her to use the toilet ( even though it’s bang out of order ) she sees it as if you poo you get spanked or punished.
My son was 3 when he was dry and night, and 3 and 3 months when he was dry day and night. It took until he was nearly four to do a poo on the toilet. And it was because he was scared to go. I didn’t punish him, I didn’t shove the poo stained pants In his face and have a go, I said it’s ok we will try when you’re ready. It takes time, and not all aspects of the training happen at once