How to potty train a child wit Autism?

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Any tips/tricks on potty training a child who is Speech Delayed, SPD or Autism?

My son is three years old and is still not potty trained. I’ve tried everything. He isn’t afraid of the toilet he just refuses to use it. I’ve tried the whole no diaper and pull up thing just undies but with his SPD, the wetness didn’t bother him and even slipped on his own pee. He knows what “pee pee” and “caca” means and knows what it is to use the toilet but NOTHING.

He currently goes to school where they are also helping him. I initially began in the summer last year in his potty and he almost had it down packed. Once school began and he saw the toilet, it confused him according to his occupational therapist. I just need some tips for those moms who have children with a disability. His occupational therapist advised I use visuals next to the potty and he did memorize it on the steps, just no progress yet.