How to potty train a boy?

Hey momma’s my LO recently started taking his diaper off after a single pee just wondering what y’all did to help with potty training? and how you get them to keep the diaper on ? (hes in a pull up diaper)


My almost 2 year old has started doing this. He absolutely hates his diaper now and will take it off almost immediately. We have started taking him to the potty atleast hourly and now leave pants on him all the time so that he will leave his diaper alone.

Theres other signs to look for as well just not taking off diaper.

I waited until my kids showed all signs of being ready and did the 3 day potty training method. I threw away all pull ups/diapers completely and just went straight to underwear even for nighttime. I had them fully night and day trained in just those 3 days.

My 15 month old will do this but not everyday n sometimes it’s usually a dry diaper he just wants to be naked lol

I suggest getting rid of the pull ups completely and try regular underwear. Take him/her to pee OFTEN. It seems the child know the wet feeling and doesn’t like it. Good sign for potty training readiness. It might mean extra laundry for a time but shouldn’t last long

U wouldn’t want to wear a diaper if u peed in it either !? What do u mean a single pee how long to u leave it on before changing :thinking: sit child on toilet constantly every 20-30 min , give rewards and buy underwear !!

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If you’re going to potty train get rid of the pull ups and go right to underwear…pull ups and diapers feel the same the kids don’t know the difference…if you’re not ready to potty train go back to diapers and put the diaper on backwards so he can reach the tabs to take it off and also make sure he has pants that are tough to get off

Underwear, start potty training.