How to move on from a relationship?

I have been with a married man for almost five years. In his culture, they have arranged marriages inside the family. I have been able to justify the situation since it was never really his choice & he has never had a physical or emotional attraction to her. Over the past five years, we have had more than just a physical connection. We were best friends. We would vacation together, laugh for hours, tell each other our deepest secrets, talk about our life goals, etc. I know he is not emotionally or physically attracted to his wife, but he has an obligation to the kids, etc. Anyways after five years, I just decided I couldn’t settle anymore & left him. I am heartbroken, completely shattered. Yes, I’m already aware of what most will say, but you can’t help who you love. Will I ever move on from this?

You’ll be alright :rofl::rofl:. Just do what you’re doing now and stay away from married men. You can’t help who you love but you can help not sleeping with someone else’s husband for 5 years smh.