How to move across country on a budget?

However, I got a nice good vehicle last year. Low payments, so that’s not the issue. But the other two paid-off vehicles are iffy and run, but not sure how far they will go. So we were planning on saving this year and by November, with my husband’s profit-sharing, just put 10,000 on a 15,000 ish better truck. But this offer came at the middle of the school year, while his work vehicles are iffy and no extra saved at the moment. We do have emergency credit cards with about 10,000 limits between them but don’t want to be in debt moving. We can live off his income alone by budget while the house sits until sold. But the gas alone for the move is. And how to go about him asking if they can hold the job until school is about out? Also, all we are taking is the new bed we got last year, kitchen table chairs, totes of decorations, clothes, bedding, a few storage drawer carts, 2 55 gallon aquariums and stands, and all the tools and possibly a push lawnmower. It’s a lot of rambling, sorry, just trying to get it figured out.


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We rented a uhaul and pulled one car while I drove the van and pulled another car. We used our checks to move. We moved from southeast Georgia to Washington state. It wasn’t awful.


We rented a truck and trailer that towed my car behind the truck. It was fairly cheap compared to PODS. Especially if you don’t have a lot of stuff. Penske is way better priced than uhaul. I think it was under 2k for the truck, trailer, and insurance. And I moved about 2000 miles.


In most places right now there aren’t enough homes on the market to meet demand. Depending on where you live your house might very well sell right away.


The new job should pay a relocation fee if you ask. That Should cover the cost’s.


Dont let Stuff hold you back . My mom said you can get most everything you need at a few Garage sales and a few big stores. Sell everything that doesn’t make sense to pay to move then rebuy when you get there just take the few important things one truck full . Go experience a new opportunity.


A uhaul for sure. With a hitch for one vehicle. Get rid of the others. Why do you need so many? I was a military wife for many moves. Chose to move ourselves, for the extra. Take what you absolutely need, what you can build up on, drop it. as for vehicles? A toss. sell and move on. No need for extra valued income on something so frivolous.


Dump the beaters and use the money to move or get another in your new location, right now jobs are plentiful and housing is whats scarce so prioritize accordingly

Down size
You don’t need more than 2 bed sheets per bed.

Down size on towels

Cups, bowls plates etc.

Uhaul with towing.

But downsizing will help a lot. Especially on smaller items.

Sell the worst car
Start selling toys and other items for best offer

Also there is a huge demand for used vehicle so you might be able to sell your used vehicles to a dealership. And then you wouldn’t have to have all of those vehicles to get there. And then get a different one when you get there

You certainly need a mechanic because my old beaters can circle the globe with no problem.

Sell the stuff and replace only after your settled in your new location

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This post is all over the place.

i agree old beaters if maintained well can give you mileage way over the 100,000…my buddy has a f150 pickup that has 267,000 mile he keeps it up real nice…replaced a few things but no payments and it runs well…