How to manage depression?

:exclamation::exclamation:trigger warning​:exclamation::exclamation:

I am 34 weeks pregnant.

I’m so depressed all the time, even thinking of commiting suicide many times.

I have 2 other kids and i feel like I’m not a good enough mom to them cos I’m always depressed and frustrated.

I just can’t do this anymore.

Broken mom


Find something you enjoy!!! Keep your head up I know it’s hard I had the same problem when I was pregnant … it gets better just think no matter what those babies need their momma and you are doing a great job!!!

Please get professional help… it sounds like you are struggling with antenatal depression, which can turn into a bad case of postpartum depression. Help yourself so you can be there for your precious babies♡


Go to the doctors immediately. You need help. Like now, dont wait.

You’re not broken. You just need help. It’s okay get help. Talking to someone or getting on medication doesnt mean you failed. Its means your finding way to help yourself. That amazing example to your kids

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Please find therapy! A post partum therapist will help you greatly. It’s normal & not your fault to get depression while pregnant.

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Go to your doctor. They can help you love. You’re not alone :heart_eyes: you got this momma

Get help asap
I’m bi polar and felt helpless when I was pregnant felt same as you wanted to just end it all
I got help and made it :yellow_heart: 12 years strong xo


Talk to your midwife or doctor as soon as you can. They can help you with that.

Take your kids to a family member or friend asap . Then go straight to your doctor, DO NOT BE ASHAMED ! JUST TELL THE TRUTH AND ASK FOR HELP ASAP .

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And worrying if you’re a good mom means you’re a great mom


Say a prayer. Go talk to your doctor. Get your butt in church. The Lord has big plans for you. And even if you can’t see it right now those kids need their mother. So if you live for anything live for your kids.

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Seek bbn professional help. This wont just go away on it’s own. You cant just “focus on the good” you’re depressed and you need help. Please get it before you do something that will hurt your children and change their lives forever…

You are not alone, please talk to your doctor! They will be able to help you so much!

Get help!!! I’ve felt that way so many times until I sought out help!!! Its scary thinking and feeling that way! Please dont hurt yourself! Your babies need you!

You need medical attention ASAP! You cannot help the way you are feeling and no fun family outing will help that. Its a chemical imbalance.

That pain will just be passed onto your children. Please reach out to a therapist for their sake, if not for yours. They don’t need a perfect mom… just a happy one :heart:

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Talk to your doctor or a family friend or even family, someone that’s closest to u & u trust. Your kids need u, they look up to u to know this thing called “life” & how to rock it out even when it gets hard. It’s alright to let your Crown slip but not fall. We are Women & We are very Powerful :heart:& it’s very hard at times but We are ALL stronger than we know. U have got this God knows & will help get through this​:pray:This is only temporary u can do it prayers for u during this time :pray::heart:

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Please call your doctor and ask for an emergency appointment! If they can’t get you in, go to L&D and ask for help!

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Get help momma there is no shame. I went through tthis I still go through this, I’m chronicle suicidal as a symptom of c-ptsd and chemical depression. Go talk to your Dr before it gets worse. Reach out to everyone near you who will listen with what your feeling. Talk about it like its your morning coffee. You need all the support you can get.

Dont be afraid to ask for help! You can do this!

I was the same way in my pregnancy. I have have bipolar disorder. Please seek help. If you need someone to talk to your welcome to message me. Sending love your way :heart::heart:


Anti natal depression! Go to your doctor chick! I had it during my 1 st pregnancy and never got it treated which left me with post natal depression which was horrendous!!! I arnt alone in this

Tell your obgyn that you have been very depressed and need help, you took the first step asking where to go and what to do, good job! Talk to a therapist or a friend sometimes just being around a trusted friend that will let you get all this out is good for you!

Text 741741. It is a text help line if you wwont go see someone in person. Please!!!

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It’s hurricane and hormones time! It is not the end of the world :earth_americas:… As long as the sun :sun_with_face: is still shining outside, there’s hope! Exercise routine increases your serotonin levels and eat yellow fruits :banana:… Smile :blush:

I’m 41 weeks and in the same boat. I’m miserable and just don’t fucking care anymore even. Dr’s office does even care and I have been saying this for close to 2 weeks!


You aren’t broken, you are human. That fact you’re willing to admit these things is a big first step to getting help. Call your dr, mom, dad or someone and let them help you get help. We always try to do it all but sometimes we need to be a kid again and have our mom or dad hug us and help us. Mental health is scary but it’s important and your kids will love you even more for getting help

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If you don’t do something to help yourself now it will only get worse your kids need you so please do it for them and for yourself please if you need to talk just give me a text I’m just a mom so I know what you are going through

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We are all here for you. Do not be afraid to message me to talk. I know you don’t know me, but understand I will make time to talk with you. You are important. And you are loved.

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Do it for your kids, stay strong :muscle:t3:

Nobody is broken.
You’re not some object. You’re a living being. You can break a bone and guess what? It will heal. You can break a plate and then you’re stuck with two choices. Fix it or throw it away.
But you’re not a plate. You are a person. You have feelings. You matter. :heart:
I’m not your mom or dad so I won’t tell you to go get help, but what I will tell you is that no matter how bad something is or feels, it will blow over.
I hope you know you can always add me and message me to talk. My ears are always open for listening.

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Admin should be calling authorities to get this person admitted for help. If she commits suicide and it could have been prevented, then this group has failed a woman who was reaching out. There is zero shame in needing help. I attempted suicide while pregnant with my son. I has post partum depression that was never treated, so when I got pregnant it just amplified. This is not only a danger to herself, but her children and unborn baby. If you read this, you need help that an online support group cannot give. PLEASE SEEK HELP. I got lucky that my son and I both lived through 120 ativan. I have been there. And there is light at the end of the tunnel.


We all sometimes feel that we are not enough. Pleas talk to your dr…there are ways of feeling better.

Get help FAST as once the baby comes you will most definitely fall into postpartum depression which if left untreated, especially with pre-existing mental health issues, can easily escalate into postpartum psychosis which is very, very scary and dangerous.

Prayers for you to get help.You are a good person .Ask Jesus to give you strength.Prayers that you will have a healthy baby and know you are worthy of love💕

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I can promise you are not alone. I was the same way when I was pregnant with both my kids. I also have major depression, but definitely call your doctor and let them know how you’re feeling! You can inbox me, if you need someone to talk too! :blush:

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Oh please don’t do that we are all here for you ! You are stronger than you know please don’t do anything rash you have your children to love you xx

U have come this far! Keep going… ur children need you They are precious and so is the 1 inside ur belly. Pray!!! …God is real and only he can pull u thru this. I pray he comforts you and gives u the strength to keep going
God bless you!!

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I hope you know posting this was very stupid of you. Manny people will now call cas and your probably going to lose all three kids. Like. Omg. Women are so dumb.


Girl, no matter how bad you think it is- it is not that bad. Your babies need you. And more than you will ever know. Please reach out to your doctors or a counselor. It’s okay to be depressed. People put so much stigma on depression - and oh it’s so bad. EVERYBODY suffers from depression at some point or another. Please get yourself a mommy support group. I have a couple to moms we regularly text about the good, bad, and ugly. All of us. We are all going through it. It does get better.

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You have achieved the first step #ReachingOutForHelp :heart_eyes:you will get through this .


Please get help. I’ve had depression my whole life. I was medicated until I was 16 and was weaned off because they said I didn’t need it anymore. I got pregnant at 19 and thought I would be fine. “I can do this, I just got taken off my meds, I’m not going back.”
Long story short, when I was 22 weeks pregnant, I sliced my arms and legs in 7 places. They were deep enough to see all the layers of skin and muscle separating (it’s actually pretty neat to see-just not in that situation). And it was instant regret. INSTANT. I went to the hospital and got back on my meds. The point is, it could’ve been a lot worse. If I wouldn’t have been so stubborn, it all could’ve been avoided. My daughter is 4 months old now. She’s healthy, and they just took me back off my meds. I’m still adjusting, but I’m able to cope. Just avoid the drama of it all and get help. For you and your kids.


Hi there, I hesitate to post this because so many people have strong feeling against it, but I if I can help someone else I want to. I’ve always stuggled with anxiety and depression but was able to cope on my own. Cue my second pregnancy… I couldn’t do it alone anymore and made one of the most difficult decisions of my life to get on medication. I had always been so set against it, especially while pregnant. But it turned out I have antenatal depression. My life has made a 180 since I started it. It was so scary and hard to decide to do it but I’m glad I did. I hate that I need medicine right now to be okay, but it’s worth it and I just take it a day at a time


Please go talk to some one. You’re good enough for those babies. They need their momma. You have got to go get help not only for those babies but for you as well. Please seek professional help.

Please God is with you … please get help. I am so happy that you asking for advice. Please ask for help .Listen to this other mom. Your see, everything is going to be alright… I am praying for you .:pray::pray::pray::pray:

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You can do this. How is your support system? Friends. Family? Feel free to message me if needed. Feel better

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It is ok and completely safe to take antidepressants while pregnant. Seek help now because the surge of hormones after birth usually make it worse. If you ever feel that way, please go to the ER. They will help you.

Please get help from a professional. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help. Think about your kids, you would be leaving them behind and your family and friends.suicide is a easy way out but you break your family.

You really need to talk to your doctor

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Get help!!! Go seek someone!! Your life is important and your kids need u!! :heart::heart: good luck to u. Prayers


Get help ASAP. Go to an emergency room and tell them you have these thoughts and get yourself inside somewhere where the correct doctors can help you. You can’t pour from an empty glass.

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Thinking of you :pray::pray::pray: please reach out for help. You can do this.

Your homones are going nuts. Plus you might have post partum depression which actually could kick in before givin birth too

You reached out here and that’s great. Please call a suicide hotline number. I dont know if you’re in the states or Canada or wherever but a hotline can help you to find someone yo help you.

I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me Philippians 4:13🙏
Sweet momma we have all felt as though we are not enough please don’t believe the lies of satan you are equipped to be the mother that God has called you to be call upon the name of Jesus and he will give you the reassurance that you need it’s found in the laughter of your children flowing from the other room praise God for the blessings he has given you and find strength in the love you have for your children and keep going you got this​:pray::pray::pray::pray:
Lord Jesus wrap your arms around this mother she needs you now comfort her make her deaf to lies of Satan help her to hear your voice and follow you give her strength Change her perspective help her to see the blessings that you have given her and fill her heart with thankfulness send your children to Love on her and encourage her in the name of Jesus amen :pray:


You need help now! Your carrying a child who’s needs come first. Call a hotline for suicide! Good luck honey.

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Prepartum depression leads to post you need to seek medical attention. :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

Please see your doctor. They have pills for what you have. you need to be there for your babies.

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Please talk to a professional about this. You are good enough for your babies. Please take good care of yourself.

I feel this way daily as well, I hope it gets better for you

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I know the feeling! Push on, sweets! Counseling and CBD oil helps me a bunch!

Reach out, talk to doctors seek help for your children that love you dearly. Breath … mama. :heartbeat: take a bath, do a mind puzzle … anything to occupy your hands and mind!! Snuggle your baby’s and tell them how much they lighten your life regardless of the hard moments there’s gotta be blessings that come as well.

Yea definitely seek medical help. You’re not alone.

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I had severe depression with my daughter before I gave birth and anxiety. I ask that you get help now because I lost so much time enjoying my child because I was so busy focusing on the fact that I thought I was a failure as a mother.

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Either talk to your OB/Gyn or go to the ER.

YOU CAN NOT LEAVE mama!!! You will be okay one day I promise!

Please, Please call someone and get the help you need !! I’m begging you. Your two little ones need their Mommy and the littlest one needs you even more. Please don’t do anything to yourself. Your life will get better. I swear it will. Just call 1-800-273-8255. For the sake of your babies, they need you.

Go to the ER now!! :heart::kiss:

I just posted this on my Facebook less than 10 minutes ago… and it feels appropriate for this post, too. Please read. This was my day today.


I didn’t know her. I’ve only talked to her maybe four times over the phone. This person is a customer of mine. She needed someone. I told her that she matters. Her best friend cares, someone cares, I CARE. I told her that she is worthy of living. She is enough; more than enough. She’s doing a great job and she can do this. She can heal. I listened to her and heard the hurt. I felt it. My coworkers overheard some of our conversation. I felt compelled to stay on the phone with her until she calmed down. And I stayed there until she could breathe again. Then I made appropriate follow ups to presumably ensure her safety after the call.

Some days my job is less than great. It doesn’t always feel very fulfilling. But today, today was different.

I’d do it all again. Over and over. Despite what I do with my degree in the future, today I know why I am a Psychology major.

I HATE the stigmas surrounding mental health. People are embarrassed and ashamed to seek the help they need because of it. People are dying because of it.

People need to know IT IS OK TO NEED TO TALK TO SOMEONE; ANYONE. Reach out to family, a friend, a trusted colleague, neighbor, church member, ME. Message ME… 200% judgement free, I promise. ANYONE to help you through until you can get the help of a professional.

This needs to be talked about. Life is hard. Being strong all the time is hard. But you don’t have to do it alone. Most people are more understanding than you think.

It’s worth the 60 seconds of courage to send that message, make that call, and reach out.