How to lose weight on birth control?

Hi mamas, I am looking to see if anybody has been through the same experience. I recently had a baby seven months ago and got an IUD Liletta, to be exact, right after. I have struggled with my weight but had been able to lose weight because I consistently work out. Pre-baby I would work out at least five days a week. I would only have cheat meals over the weekend but would also drink beer. Now, after baby, I’ve been obsessed with trying to lose weight that I eat mostly healthy, joined CrossFit, and I only have a couple of beers a week. But no matter what, the scale doesn’t go under my pre-baby weight. My clothes still fit the same as post-baby, so I know I am not losing weight, so I am thinking that maybe the IUD might be causing me to be stuck on my weight because this has never happened! I am desperate and am starting to lose my motivation.


I started the Xyngular system when I had the Mirena IUD. I was stuck at my weight and pant size for MONTHS, even exercised and couldn’t budge. Once I started the Xyngular system, I quickly lost 3 pant sizes, met my goal weight within my first 45 days. I continued the food suggestions and a few supplements thereafter to maintain. Its given me my life back. I decided to start selling it because of how well I believe in it’s ability to help ALL walks of life, from diabetics, to hypertensive, autoimmune issues, menopausal women, etc all have wonderful results on this system, without needing to workout to see the results. If you’re interested, I’d love to talk more about the system that helped me reach my personal weightloss goals all in just 1.5 months.

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Sarah Anne Krauser may be able to help you…she promotes this product called xyngular

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Weight loss is calories in vs out

Check with a tracker how much you are actually eating. Sneak bites…finishing up kids foods, even the beers can cause you to bloat. Weigh in AFTER you go to bathroom in AM.

Drink enough water for your weight.
Are you working out with a variety of things that actually push you and challenge you?

Lastly…optimal weight loss is one to 2 pounds a week. Maybe you are actually in plateau…

Also take an AVERAGE of your weight every week.
Every day do a weight. E very sunday calculate your average weight…you should have seen a little bit of loss…maybe even 1/2 a pound and that’s ok. When you weigh in Monday yoy might see a increase bevause of a cheat meal.

Having kids flips your hormones all over. I have been on several different types of BC. I gained 80 pounds with paraguard and it gave me migraines. I went to the dr cause my OB said that’s not a side effect… I had a seizure from the migraine meds. Took the IUD out and migraines stopped. All birth control is going to cause weight gain. Better off not having sex if you’re so worried about that

An iud can def do tht. really any bc can effect your weight or it could be unrelated to your bc
If you think its because of your bc maybe change to a different iud or different bc in general and see if that makes a difference other then that if it is because of the iud its prob. out of your control
Lossing baby weight isnt easy or fast either way dont push yourself too hard or go crazy over it

IUD doesn’t have the hormones like other bc…so unlikely. It’s more likely that you need to cut out alcohol altogether except very occasionally. I would discuss with my Dr. Also, know that your body takes a min to adjust after having a baby and you probably won’t lose weight as fast as you used to. I struggle with this too, but I just continue to try to eat right and walk and I will eventually work it off.

Hello if you are okay to pm me i may have a suggestion that may help you. :blush: have a good day

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It takes at least a YEAR for your body to recover from making that tiny lil human. Be gentle with yourself, talk to a nutritionist and your Dr. Also nursing helps as it uses 30% of your calories just to produce the milk needed for baby.

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Beer bellies are really hard to lose especially after a baby I would not drink beer at all I don’t touch it I might have a glass of wine every blue moon but anything carbohydrate related just causes the stomach to re explode I do Weight Watchers and it really helps me a lot I’ve lost 40 lb

The patch was was the only bc I lost weight on. I’ve been on most of them. I lost a ton of weight on the patch 80 pounds to be exact. Beer will make it hard to loose weight tho.

My kids are 17 and 13. I have had an iud since I had my youngest. I started ww Aug 2020 and started working out and right now I’m down about 50LBS. My weight has been up and down since I had my oldest. Slow process but it works but you have to put in the work. Also stop being obsessed on what the scale says and measure yourself. Weight always goes up and down. I only weigh myself once a week.

I got my daughter a Nexplanon, no side affects except the weight gain! She says it doesn’t bother her but she has gained about 50 lbs in 2 years. I have no idea what to do but remove it. We talked about diet and exercise, so I just pray she doesn’t become unhappy.

Only here to also to see :eyes:.
I’m 1 year PP lost the baby weight but I can’t get under . I was put on the arm one and maybe this is why?

have you checked how many calories is in a bottle of beer? Maybe the calories from beer is more tha n the calories you burn in your workouts.

Get off of it, birth control makes your body think it’s pregnant. Don’t want to gain wt, get on birth control that does not have hormones.

I gained with liletta too

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IUDs don’t cause weight gain… . If your clothes still fit whats the Problem . Throw away your scales, and maybe seek so councelling about your obsession with your weight.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum.

Get your thyroid checked out.


I have the same iud and the same problem. When i breastfed it wwnt down a little but now im stagnant in my weight. I had my son 9months ago

Hi love! I’m a registered dietitian and fat loss coach. You may need to reverse diet or do a refeed. Happy to chat if you have questions! DM me. You’re also welcome to join my free group for some support and fun challenges!

The Boujee Dietitian’s Inner Circle | Weight Loss & Wellness

I had to do a reverse diet. My body went into starvation mode as I wasn’t eating enough. It held onto every single ounce of food.

I lifted weights for 15 years before I had my son and thought I could do the same workout to lose the weight. Nine months later and I was the same weight without birth control. I had to add cardio (spin) which Cross Fit should take care of. Usually when people say they eat “mostly healthy” they’re taking in way too many calories not realizing hidden calories in what we imagine are healthy foods. Download MyFitnessPal, start tracking your calories and you’ll see a difference.

I had the same issue. But, I started losing inches before I actually started seeing the scale go down. Stay consistent and don’t get discouraged. It took a couple months before my weight actually started going down.

I really want to help you with this issue. I believe the birth control gave severe anxiety and depression. And with that came no motivation to eat much. Body held onto water snd fat. What u need to do is eat ontime and eat healthy fats. Detox ur body Becuz birth control causes hormonal imbalance and weight gain. I took tea for menopause even tho I’m not going through that Becuz I still had night sweats and a lot of emotional roller coaster :tired_face: anger rage and murder level thoughts also deep despair. I took St. John’s wort and vitamin D x2 everyday. Detox teas. I also used fat burning creams and pills to help and in 3 months from going all this I lost 9 inches in my waist, hips. My breast grew due to these teas. I finally lost weight. But after switching to 4 different b.c. My anxiety and depression would not stop and it was then affecting my blood sugar and heart rate so I stopped all together. Nw plan on, mini pill, pill, depo. 10 months later I feel better, mental health issues is a lot better. I maintained the loss of weight and of course the diet change. Eat. Depending on the metabolism u have will determine what u need.

Hi! I think this is pretty common unfortunately. I thought I’d have no problem “snapping back” :roll_eyes: but it’s been 2 years for me and up until recently, I had been stuck at the same dang weight no matter how much or how little I worked out. I stuck with it and am now down 8 pounds! 19 left to go.

This seems so stupid and annoying but it honestly just takes time. Don’t give up!!! I noticed the only things that have started to work for me are going for walks every single morning, working out for at least a half hour at least every other day, and making sure I get 10,000 steps every single day. No matter what. I’ll literally walk in circles around my kitchen island if I didn’t make it yet. Social interaction is also huge! Being around other adults helps so much.

Try really hard to be in a caloric deficit but be safe about it! Going too extreme can teach your body to go into starvation mode and start storing calories as excess fat. For example if you burn 2,400 calories in a day but you only eat 1,200 calories, yes that’s a caloric deficit but your body thinks you’re starving. Eating 2,000 calories would be much better if you’ve burned an extra 400. Be careful with “counting calories” because it can turn into an obsession. Our bodies need food. We need carbs. We need fats and proteins. We just need a bit more fruits, veggies, and dairy.

You’ll get there!!! Just stick to it and soon enough you’ll start seeing the results you want! Like I said it’s taken me 2 years to lose 8 pounds…. Lol make sure you’re doing things that make you happy too :white_heart:

I have the liletta and have gained instead of lost🥺 my son is 8 months and i feel like the weight isn’t going anywhere. Also, i exclusively breastfeed.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum.

If you’re breast feeding it can influence weight loss. Some women report rapid weight loss after delivery with breast feeding, and some experience the opposite. If you would like to lose body fat, the ketogenic diet is the most effective. People who have mobility limitations which prevent them from exercising still lose weight without restricting calories or experiencing hunger. If you are breastfeeding, it won’t decrease your milk production.

After I got my birth control I gained so much weight that I’m now over the weight I was 9 months pregnant, even with exercise and a healthy diet. Before pregnant I ate terribly and was very sedentary but somehow weighed 40 pounds less than I do now

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I could never go back on birthcontrol because it caused weight gain and vulvadania really hemmed up my body. I stopped birthcontrol altogether. My body went down all together. Maybe spermicide or the cups with condoms. Or female condom

Try less carbs in your diet

How much water do you drink? Do you drink sodas (pepsi, sprite)? Start taking walks before dinner. Dont skip meals. Eat healthy. More fruits and veggies.
Cut yourself so.e slack. There are many women who lose the prepregnacy weigh easily while it take more time for others.


Go to your doctor. Not interesting for FB.

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Sometimes when you to get to a weight where your body was for awhile its hard to get past it. It might take longer.

I could never lose weight on birth control, no matter the diet, no matter the exercise

Back to pre baby weight is good

Seven months is very little time considering you carried your baby for 9 months … why are you putting so much pressure on yourself to be back to where you were? It can’t be good for you to be so stressed about losing weight quickly and your stress might be picked up by the baby.
I think you need to see your Doctor for advice x

I had thyroid issues after my son was born. Pregnancy can cause temporary thyroid issues

If you joined CrossFit, maybe you are building muscle and that’s why the # on the scale isn’t moving?


It happens to some people after having a baby. They can never Lose the baby weight. 7 1/2 yrs and I’m still trying lol

Try intermittent fasting but you also need to realize that your body had to adapt to make a baby and it took 10 months to make it. So give yourself a break and eat healthy.

After baby is born your body still produces aot of estrogen. Estrogen lives in fatty tissue. Give yourself time . Stress causes cortisol which causes weight gain.
Just relax and enjoy baby.

I ate small meals several times a day. It kicked my metabolism in and I could see results.

IUD don’t usually do that Think about how old you are The closer you get to 40 the harder to loose. Think about your idea of body image for your age and number of child bearing yrs if you are over 25 no amount of exercise is going to make you look. 18 Try herbal teas cold save the beer for evening s when the temperature is 100 degrees. It makes you retain water

Give yourself some grace. Your body has been through a LOT growing a baby! That coupled with hormones, anxiety, and natural changes in metabolism can be an uphill battle. That said, try MyFitnessPal. It’s an easy way to track what you eat and measure progress. I also use a free exercise app called Lose Weight (super original lol) that gives you different options based on how much time you have and the area(s) you want to target.

It’s not the IUD. I have the same one. Stress can cause it. And you have to remember, it took 9 months to make that baby. It’ll take more than that to bounce back. Take it slow. And over working out can also do damage.

Ask your doctor…FB has none here to help

I don’t think you should depend on Facebook experts. Have you seen your doctor?